HIDDEN (hide or die)

Author: Bluerings
Contemporary Romance
Completed · 12K Views
  • 36 Chs
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What is HIDDEN (hide or die)

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Kyle has been forced to hide his whole life with no social interaction whatsoever. He knows the rules stay HIDDEN OR DIE but 17 years old Kyle wishes to be seen, not by the world but by Andrew the boy he watches from the shadows. I'm sending special thanks to my bestfriend Bonnie for helping with the editing of this book and also, moral support. Much love!

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Genuinely the best story I've ever read its so captivating and mesmerising. Anyone can connect to Kyle easily. Unique and interesting plot. Everything is so perfect and clean. Good luck author😊💜


Even though there's only a few chapters so far this book has really captivated me. So we'll written and looking forward to what will happen to Kyle!!!!


The story is great and I can easily relate to the story. The author knows how to capture such interest to reader. It's as if you can feel me.. Two thumbs up...


Ngl, this was a very interesting and an amazing story. The correct use of words that made it more attention catching to the reader! I was eager to read the rest of it once I've read the first chapter! Kudos to the author!


This is a great book, well written and it's easy to fall for the main character as you read through the words that escape his lips. And the Author has taken his/her time in ensuring that there aren't errors that can be easily spotted. A great read.


A good book Nice writing style and story idea Intriguing from the first chapter The suspense is enough to keep you going Thumbs up to the author



Captivating and wonderful. A story that can captures everyone's attention. I love how it flows and how the character show their emotions. Interesting.


This is easily one of the most interesting books i have read. What makes it different is that the writing style is easy to understand and relate to. The author did a great job of continuing the plot in a smooth manner as well, loved the character development!


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