Hi today I’m going to share a realistic story

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What is Hi today I’m going to share a realistic story

Read ‘Hi today I’m going to share a realistic story’ Online for Free, written by the author ZARA_ZEESHAN, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Return of the Unknown Swordsman

Please note that this novel is fictional, and as such, the characters and organizations within are merely the subject of the author's intellectual devices. The year is 1009 A.D. Huanzhi Ren is the Unknown Swordsman, an assassin with over 37 years of experience in murdering adversaries. He has been the death of countless young warriors, 1200 to be exact. Among those who have fallen to his blade is even the former king, Qinluo. This man is considered by many to be a villain. His closest companion, you ask? A man named Suntao. His blood brother since abandonment. Huanzhi, also called Zhi or Zhi-zhi, has the aspirations to be the greatest warrior the martial arts world has ever known. By the way, screw all of these titles, I'm not gonna lie... that's pretty long to remember. "The Greatest Warrior the Martial Arts World Has Ever Known." Think that fits on a name tag? Hell no. In any case, Huanzhi is told of a pill by his blood brother that is rumored to give the absorber of it the amount of qi cultivation of 89 years of isolation training. The only problem? It's guarded by some of the greatest warriors to walk the realm... and Zhi-zhi can't fight with his right arm. Just before dying from his wounds from a fight with Lu Gongfen "The Falling Lotus Petal" (Seriously man, who names these stupid titles), Zhi regrets all the vile acts he has committed. As such, he is given a second chance at life. A chance to redeem himself. The only problem? It's 2023, and he doesn't have a blood brother around to keep him in check. Please read the prologue for the background! Thank you for taking the time to read this pathetic little excuse of what I consider a novel... AND FOR GOD'S SAKE SOMEONE LEAVE A REVIEW! I'M CHOKING ON MY LATE NIGHT COFFEE IN SUSPENSE AS I WAIT FOR ONE MEASLY "You suck!" OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES! THROW ME A BONE HERE! Thank you all for your votes!!!! If you enjoy the novel, then please read the WSA Version. Thanks so much! YOU GUYS HAVE INSPIRED ME TO DO SO MUCH! I've written over 40k words in only two weeks when my previous and first novel took me one year to write 80k! I am so grateful for you guys motivating me to keep me going! Thanks so much for everything! I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU ALL A KISS!... WELL... NOT THAT MUCH, BUT STILL THE GESTURE SHOULD BE APPRECIATED FROM THE STATEMENT! Additional tags include: (Martial Arts) (Taoist Warrior) (Dark to Light) (Evil to Good) (Cultivator) (Regret) (No-Harem) (One Love for Life) (Kills For Good) (Man Hunt) (Organized Crime) Updated Regularly (Usually, every 2 days, however, can be longer or shorter depending on my mood). Enjoy, and if you don't... Zhi-Zhi'll be after you soon... Don't you worry. I'll call him off.

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The Dark night in the village

One Day in the north of Afghanistan which had a dark house in a village on there the full meaning of dark house is on there never people can inter on there because of that house had elf by the name of (Azrar e Shishak) who was a young terrible girl and the people of there village had different tale about his for example some people said about 13 years ago on there a big family lived and they were so much happy together and unfortunately the happy situation of those family change to a terrible story so one day all of those family sitting with together for dinner which suddenly 3 person came to their house without allow and they had weapon they without a reason start to killing and fire they killed all of those family without that girl and that girl seen all of critical situations of their family she shouted a lot and cry and cry please don’t do this bad work with my family what was our guilty? Then those people don’t to hear of speech of that girl and continued their violence and when they killed all of family then came and approach to the girl , when they see the young girl in fact that girl was beautiful and sweet and when the offenders look at girl they decided to rape above the girl and then girl told the invaders please don’t touch me please don’t do bad work I’m innocent , your hearts not until now calm when you are killed ours family then why now you want to do with me this bad work please kill me or leave me alone please but invaders do their work Brutal and in the end that girl said I will never die until when I giveback revenge from yours and when them heard to this speech to the rush kill his poor girl and the end for This reason she’s alive on there I mean ghosts his is alive and wait for revenge .

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Demon in the Post-Apocalyptic world

*** Please Vote for my book so I can push it out **** Go read my other book Deadman Apocalypse. As disaster was about to strike, every human aged 18 to 59 was transmigrated into a desolated world and challenged to a game of survival. From terrifying acid rains to endless natural disasters, the heavens burn while the earth scorches. Radiation is rampant, and nobody is spared from the dangers of this hellscape. The only way to survive is by building a shelter and slowly upgrading it in hopes of making it through another day. Luckily, Sun Han awakened a Doomsday Survival System that allowed him to infinitely level up and upgrade his shelter! The main wooden shelter door could be upgraded into a metal door, which in turn could be upgraded into a composite gate. Wooden spears could be upgraded into bronze spears, eventually becoming electromagnetic spears... While everyone struggled to survive, Sun Han was fully loaded and well-equipped to dominate the post-apocalyptic world. "While some of us are lighting oil lamps, he's been using refrigerators!" "The walls of his shelter alone are tens of meters thick. It's the safest place on this planet." "Before I die, I wish to spend one day in his shelter..." And the planet is 100 times bigger than Earth. When they get teleported, a system shows their status screen, displaying their personal information and inventory, which only includes a level 1 underground house or a house on land.

BrownGhost · Fantasy
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22 Chs


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