Hi I'm married, but I'm sleeping with my boss Book

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Hi I'm married, but I'm sleeping with my boss


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Meilin Yee Luan, a woman in her early twenties. She's sure she made the worst decision of her life. She married an irresponsible man and has to deal with the burden of living with him. Bao Luan, her husband. He's an arrogant drunk. He doesn't care about the fact that his wife Is working multiple 9-5 jobs just to make sure they live a comfortable life. She gets little time to herself and has to deal with his poor sexual desires and his rudeness. He drinks all day, he yells, he sits around doing nothing and he hits her without thinking twice. She wished she never met him in highschool, she wished she had listened to her friends back then when she was still a naïve teen. She wished she didn't accept that ring. She wished she ignored his good looks and went further to know who he really was. Her present condition almost leads her to the brink of suicide, but the little image of her mother each time she tries to take her life pops up in her head and she puts the knife away. Her situation didn't change. Day by day it worsened, the financial burdens increased when her husband left home for a long time and she has to deal with his debts all alone with no help. Her family cut ties with her and she was left alone to live with her husband. She wishes to apologize to them but as long as she's still his wife she can't go back. Her depression increased when she lost her jobs and she was struggling to get a better one but the good spots were all taken. She's forced to work as an elevator girl in a famous company and earns a medium salary. Her life was in for a change the day she was trapped in the elevator with a stranger. The CEO himself. Note image used as the cover is not mine. It's only used until someone volunteers to make me one suitable for my book. Credit goes to the original artist. Thank you important notice: I do not offer my readers 100% accuracy. I do not offer a 100% perfect book. If you're the sensitive type that has nothing else to do but insult books, you've come to the wrong place. But if you're a somewhat considerate person, you can read. Just don't be disrespectful to me. I have feelings. I'm not a bot writer, what I do offer you is a work written by a 100% human with flaws.


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