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Realisme Ajaib
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What is hgggv

Read ‘hgggv’ Online for Free, written by the author DaoistHAnPtz, This book is a Realisme Ajaib Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Skylar is a young seventeen years old girl, who had her fate written in her name even before she was born. Her normal life did not last long, and before she knew what she was stepping into, she had to come across the world where dangers were fighting to get in her way. The creepy childhood of Skylar only got harder when she became a teen. Trying to have a normal life, hiding secrets from her very best friends, was harder than she hoped to be. School was the same to Skylar, but not for long. She had many doubts wherever she turned. Skylar suspects a teacher and things do not work well to prove the teacher’s innocence as well. Fighting along with her very best friends, Skylar tries to stay undercover, but for how long, she does not know. Her nightmares and her scars leave her marked forever, and for the beautiful girl with blue eyes, that is not the only worst and cruel thing to happen. Fighting devils, demons and more nameless and surprising creatures, Skylar has to learn more about the world that is unique only to her. She thinks that she knows a lot, but to be honest, what she knows does not even reach to a decimal level of what she does not know. How will Skylar learn what she does not know? What happens to her when her enemies find out about her thirst for knowledge and her weaknesses that shakes her to the root, making her afraid? Having enemies all around her, there are only a few people whom she could actually call as her family. Even from all the people she loves, the only relation she has to herself is her father. Skylar loves her father the most, and will he be her weakest point one day? Or will her best friend Reese come between her, when she stands in the danger's way, fighting for what she knows is right? Will Skylar let others sacrifice themselves for her sake? What will she do when she is put in a test where her emotions, strength and mental power is tested? Dwell in... 'cause this is her story. Devil Says 'H!'

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When I was Transferred to Another World, I Became the Adjutant of a Lady Commander and Beared the Brunt of a Lustful Harem! ~From a Safe Place, Let’s Rise to Greatness! While at it, have Wonderful Sex with Beautiful Women from Another World as Well!~ Yuushin Sanada was taking a shower when he suddenly got transported to another world. Being thrown outside buck-naked, he was more shocked to see that the place he has arrived at was the center of a battlefield, where powerful monsters are running rampant all over the place, and the soldiers, even though they were already strengthened and enhanced by magic, are still struggling to fight them off. Since the ability to use magic was the deciding factor in strength in this world, Yuushin, who has no way to defend himself, decided to approach a person who has the power, grasp their abilities and weaknesses, and secure a safe job to avoid having to fight on the front lines. It was then that he meets Lucy, a timid baroness and the commander of the defending forces, by luck. Showing off the underhanded tactics that he learned in his original world, Yuushin decides to help Lucy, and by giving her all the credit for his accomplishments, he then succeeds in securing a position as her adjutant. Upon investigating further, however, Yuushin discovers Lucy’s fear of powerful monsters, so in order to overcome that mental barrier, he decided to make her immediate superior experience the most wonderful part of being a woman – the incredible taste of s*x with a man. After that, came a series of battles and all sorts of problems, but by utilizing his scheming as the Aide-de-Camp of the Baroness, while also building up trust and affection to his allies and the like – mostly beautiful women of power, Yuushin began aiming to have the most powerful another world harem of his life – also in order for him to stay away from the front lines of course!

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please reset the booktitle KapulaMangenda 20231218092329 8

*DASHIEL POV* My hands were painted crimson and my heart was racing. I didn't think that karma would catch up to me so soon. All my life I've worked as a bounty hunter for organization called the dark tide. They took me in when I was a kid and trained me to become a killing machine. My dealings came to light and the moon goddess took the liberty of capturing me. The guards forced me to get on my knees and my hands were bound behind my back. The moon goddess stared at me with pity because I was a lost cause. "Dashiel priest you have murdered thousands of innocent people without any remorse." I rolled my eyes at her. "Can we just get to the part where I make a dramatic escape? This is getting a little boring." She sighed softly while the members of the council cussed at me for disrespecting my creator. "Dashiel priest as your punishment I bound you to the cloak of darkness and you will become the angel of death." "The souls of those innocent people will continue to haunt you for life." My eyes widened in horror. Fierce massive black wings sprang out of my back and I screamed in agony. A dark cloak engulfed me and I felt the weight of my sins. Ever since that awful day I've been collecting souls but that was all about to change because I found a way out. Demetria Rhodes. A human girl who looks harmless at first glance but she moves around with a halo that protects her. I want it at all costs even if it means ending her life in order to save my own. *DEMETRIA POV* I stared at my trembling hands in contempt. I didn't want the power the halo granted me because it only brought misfortune to me and I lost my family in the process. The only way to destroy the halo was by ending my miserable life. I closed my eyes tightly and let go of all the pain and suffering. I jumped off the building and felt my body falling into nothing but thin air. A gasp escaped my lips when I felt someone's arms around me. I peered my eyes open to find a man with black wings holding me. His red eyes met mine intensely. "A-angel?"

KapulaMangenda · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs


Mo, a legend in the gaming world, finds himself thrust into a world far different from pixels and keyboards. He wakes up in Tattoolandia, a realm of swords and sorcery where people wield magical tattoos instead of controllers. In this new world, gamers are not just respected, they're revered, their skills valued on par with lawyers, doctors, and even royalty. But Mo wants none of it. He longs for the familiar comfort of his own world, the world of eSports tournaments and endless online battles. Fueled by the suspicion that his arrival in Tattoolandia was no accident, he vows to return and uncover the truth. Navigating this fantastical landscape, Mo encounters other travelers from his world, each with their own unique tattoo powers. There's Anya, the stoic warrior with a Beast Tattoo that grants her superhuman strength, Kai, the cunning strategist with a Tool Tattoo that allows him to craft ingenious inventions, and Elara, the enigmatic sorceress with an Abstract Tattoo that unlocks secrets beyond imagination. As they band together, they must overcome challenges and adversaries, from treacherous terrain to rival guilds with their own agendas. Mo discovers a hidden talent within himself – a rare and powerful Weapon Tattoo that allows him to wield any weapon with unmatched skill. But his greatest weapon is his unparalleled gaming experience, his strategic mind and lightning-fast reflexes proving as valuable in this world of magic as they were in the world of pixels. Through their journey, Mo and his team uncover a sinister plot that threatens to destroy both Tattoolandia and his own world. They must use their unique talents and forge alliances with unlikely allies, including the enigmatic Tattoo Masters who hold the key to unlocking the secrets of their powers. Will Mo succeed in returning to his own world and unraveling the truth behind his arrival? Or will he find a new purpose in this fantastical land, using his gamer skills to become a legend of Tattoolandia? **Themes explored:** * **Isekai**: A familiar trope with a unique twist, exploring the challenges of adapting to a world of magic and wonder. * **Reincarnation**: Mo's past life as a gamer influences his approach to this new world, giving him a unique advantage. * **Gamers**: The novel celebrates the respect and recognition gamers receive in Tattoolandia, highlighting their skills and strategies. * **Fantasy**: A vibrant world filled with magic, diverse creatures, and thrilling adventures. * **Tattoo has powers**: The unique system of tattoos adds an exciting layer of complexity and power dynamics to the story. * **Team Building**: Mo must learn to trust and rely on his teammates, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. * **Power Levels**: The color-coded power levels provide a clear framework for understanding the characters' abilities and progression. **With its engaging characters, thrilling action, and exploration of intriguing themes, The Gamer of Tattoolandia promises a captivating adventure for fans of isekai, fantasy, and gaming genres.** Release rate: 1/day For more content, please support me here: paypal.me/arviiiiinnn

TattooedGod · Fantasy
29 Chs
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