Hey, Why Are My Skills so Weird!?

Jane Walker was in the middle of a streak of bad luck. His cat scratched him, his second attempt to awakening failed, and even his girlfriend dumped him. And when he thought his luck could not turn worse, the bus he was in was swallowed by a spatial singularity, a [Dungeon]. But in the middle of struggling for his life, and when Jane thought it was his end, something unexpected happened. Together with the appearance of a self-proclaimed Immortal, his body received strength, mana, and skills. But soon, Jane noticed something strange. His skills… were a bit different than normal. ... This novel contains R-Rated content. You have been warned...

Aidka · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
191 Chs

Hela’s Hope (2)

The meal continued on a pleasant but slightly peculiar note.

Hela never took more than two bites without looking at me, as though afraid that I would disappear, and Jazmine was looking at us curiously and occasionally using her gaze to ask me what was going on.

I, on the other hand, was trying to use my remaining hand to eat while ignoring their gazes.

Hela's gaze was easy to ignore, but the problem was Jazmine.

She was practically piercing a hole in my face with her eyes.

Her expression was one of 'I'm dying to know this gossip'.

I was helpless, though.

To explain Hela's behavior, I first have to explain her 'curse', and my ability to nullify it.

That is not something I can reveal without consulting Hela first.

Just like that, our meal came to an end.

I paid the bill as I promised to Jazmine and we left the restaurant.

The entire time, Hela continued holding my hand.

She did not seem to have any intention to release it.

'I kind of understand, considering she has lived with that curse her entire life, but it's slightly troublesome for me.'

After leaving the restaurant, Jazmine stretched lazily and turned to me.

"I had fun tonight, Jane. Thank you for everything. It's already late, and I should leave."

"I had fun too, and thanks to you too for all the help today."

"I'm glad to be of help. Well, I'm leaving. Good night Jane, Hela."

"See you later."


"Oh, right, there is something I have to tell you." Jazmine seemed to suddenly remember something and approached me.

She brought her face to my ear and whispered something.

"You owe me another date, this time, only the two of us."

I smiled wryly and nodded.


Jazmine giggled with a wink and finally left.

Somehow, it felt as though she was teasing her little brother.

Only Hela and I were left. I glanced at her and felt a headache coming.

What am I going to do with this girl?

"Hela, it's already late. Should I take you home?"

Hela was startled. She glanced at me and our hands before lowering her gaze while tightening her grasp on my hand.

Although she said nothing, her behavior spoke for her.

"You don't want to get separated, right?"

"... Please."

Looking at her pleading expression, I hesitated.

But quickly, I hardened my expression.

I want to help Hela, but it's impossible to keep her by my side all the time, much less with her holding my hand.

There is a lot I need to do, and bringing Hela with me won't be a good idea.

I tried to express that to her.

"I understand, but we can't stay like this the entire time. What are you going to do when it's time to sleep or to go to the bathroom?"

Hela put on a thoughtful expression and after a couple of seconds, looked at me as though she had a great idea.


I stiffened.

This girl.

I let out an exasperated sigh and knocked on her head with my remaining hand.

"How can you think that is a good idea? Seriously…"

Hela rubbed her head with a pout.

"I don't mind."

But I do.

Helpless, I could only come up with a compromise.

"How about this, I'll allow you to hold my hand at the academy or if I'm free. What do you think?"

Hela thought for a moment before nodding.

"Good. Then, I'll see you tomorrow."

"…. Are you not free now?"

"My sister is in the hospital, so I'm going to accompany her."

"I understand."

I sighed in relief.

Thank God.

I thought she was going to insist, but she agreed pretty easily.

However, I soon realized that something was wrong.

Hela did not let go of my hand.

"… Hela, I have to go to the hospital."


"Are you not going to let go?"

"I'm going too."

I looked at her helplessly.

"Can I not?" She asked with a pitiful expression. "Just tonight, please."

Somehow, she looked like a puppy about to be abandoned by its owner.

Unfortunately for me, I'm weak to that kind of expression.

"Alright, I understand." I gave up. "But only tonight, okay?"

Hela nodded and held my hand more tightly.

Somehow, her expressionless look seemed more upbeat, as though she was happy.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but smile.

We took a taxi and asked it to take us to the hospital.

"By the way, have you thought about my proposal?" I asked on the way.

Hela tilted her head confused.

I was speechless. Did she forget?

"About becoming a member of our group. We still lack two members."

Hela thought for a moment before nodding.


I was expecting that answer.

It means that our group has now four people, Sylvie, Ley, Hela, and me.

We are still short of a member, though.

Unfortunately, I don't have any candidates.

I should ask the others to see if they know someone.

Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the hospital.

After reporting our arrival to a nurse, we headed to Ley's room.

As soon as I opened the door, I heard Ley's pouting voice.

"You are finally back, brother. What took you so long?"

I was about to answer, but all of a sudden, I felt the atmosphere turning chilly.

Surprised, I looked at Ley, only to see her glaring at the hand that Hela was holding expressionlessly.

"… Brother, what is the meaning of this?" She asked with a dark face.

I let out a tired sigh.

I guess I should have expected this.