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What is Hessa.

Read ‘Hessa.’ Online for Free, written by the author Anna_Ingram_6356, This book is a Teen Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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A young man on the path of revenge. A young girl who has only known the life of a slave. A prince who lost his entire Kingdom. An assassin who fears betrayal.  This is the story of an unlikely group that gathered together and completely reformed the various worlds around them. This is the story of the No Names. //The Main book and storyline in the NameLess universe. Takes place a full millennia after the war with the gods. Though this novel is extensive and long, its nowhere near the limit on the worlds I want to create. Future Books include: FrostBitten- 24 GE (Godly Era)- 01 AE (Adventurer Era), Story of the original 8 heroes, 2000+ chapters EarthBorn - 1024AE +, Story Of The Golem God 3000+ chapters WaterLocked - To Be Decided, 2000+ chapters ------------------------ There will also be side stories and backstories in separate novels written to expand upon characters that YOU guys take an interest to. I love fleshing out character, plot, and worlds so feel free to chime in on what you would like to see. I read each and every comment made. Also note that the first 150+ chapters of the MC's backstory will eventually be found in another novel, called "The No Named Chronicles". It covers from when he first starts training at the age of 6, all the way to when he turns 11. The real story begins in this novel. You can consider the entire backstory the Prologue as that's what it is. Essentially it's just me fleshing out the character. This won't be the only time either as all main characters will be probably fleshed out, though most of it will be in The No Named Chronicles. **Written For Spirity**

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Dark Omen: A Galactic Adventure with a Lazy Bum

Imagine a universe where science and magic coexist, where intergalactic civilizations vie for power and resources, where beings of unimaginable power roam the stars. The most famous of these beings are known as the Seven Omens, ranked as the 7 most dangerous individuals according to the Universal Danger Scale. Now imagine one of those beings is a lazy bum who spends most of his time sleeping and surfing the galactic internet. That’s Aeryn Sol, the Omen of Darkness, a genius inventor who can revolutionize anything he sets his mind to. He is also a troublemaker who likes to mess with anything he finds interesting, which usually results in chaos and destruction across the galaxies. But his boredom is about to end when he meets Conlan Antares, the Hero of Prophecy, a valiant and virtuous warrior who leads a group of loyal companions in a quest to bring peace and justice to the galaxy. He sees Aeryn as a menace and a mystery, and vows to stop him at all costs. Their encounter sparks a chain of events that will take them to the most amazing and perilous places in the universe, where they will face enemies and allies, challenges and opportunities, secrets and revelations. Along the way, they will discover more about themselves, each other, and the true nature of the universe. This is an epic adventure of exploration and discovery, of friendship and rivalry, of science and magic, of darkness and light. This is also a hilarious comedy of errors and misunderstandings, of pranks and jokes, of sarcasm and irony. This is the story of Aeryn Sol, the Omen of Darkness. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Aeryn: "Hope I'm not late to this party!"

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