1 Awakened Child

"You bastard!" He unzipped his school pants.

I could barely see what he was going to do. My hands clenched into fists, ready to accept the treatment. Why am I always unlucky, even though I haven't done anything wrong.

Just because I was an orphan they bullied me, even those who saw me didn't help.

The warm feeling of the pee he poured on me seemed to burn me, I could only growl. However, it was the smell of the pee of a smoker and lack of drinking that really made me throw up. They didn't even let me finish throwing up. One of them lunged at me strongly.

"Ugh…." I groaned loudly, my head spinning, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Hey, you bum! You should be grateful for this gift I've been given." He laughed viciously.

My head was slapped by him again. I'm getting lower. Even the floor I saw seemed to be higher than me, my whole body was shaking and the energy slowly dissipated.

"If you begged us, we might as well release you." They both laughed.

I couldn't possibly apologize by licking their shoes—these two scum. Even my apologies don't deserve them. The sound of their shrill laughter entered my ears, assailed my cochlea like hot needles.

I'm sick of this situation.

"I-I don't want to." He stared intently, as if his eyeballs were about to pop out. His lips formed a terrible angle.

"You rotten scumbag! Dead!" His voice was so loud that I couldn't understand anymore why he did this? Yes, of course it was true, that it was his low self-esteem to me that made him this way.

He wanted to dominate, embrace everything I had, with a tall face as if he had belonged to him from the start.

"Dead! Die you!" I protected my body from being trampled by them. At this rate, I could really die. My body was limp, my breath was heavy and no sound could come out. With a faint vision, I fell and everything went black. Only the low voices of them questioned whether I was dead?


They say there will be life after death. A life that may or may not be good for you.

When I opened my eyes for the first time, I thought of the good life that was about to start happening to me. I felt my eyelids flutter as I slowly opened my eyes, the strings, now slightly different.

My retina, used to the bright light that should make it difficult for me to see.

Maybe this is a dream? No. The drink I'm holding is cold and real. How could this be real? I remember, the last time when my eyes were still open, I was being brutally beaten.

I squeeze the glass unconsciously and it shatters. I regained consciousness. This is real. See what I've done here? I trembled and didn't understand it all, my eyes searched for that damn figure, now I'm angry.

"Where am I? Is this heaven?" Just as I said that, an old minister with a very classic style walked in.

His face looks confused when he looks at me, his forehead is furrowed quite a lot, a little white hair adorns his head. However, I should be the one confused here.

Did they kidnap me?

"What is it, Young Master?" he asked a little doubtfully.

Oh, young master. I did live a rich life, had servants, but none of them called me young master. Wait! What language is this? It's a very new language I've heard. And ... and the great thing is that I understand it. I started to fear my own sanity. Was it because of the impact on my head that I went a little crazy?

"Where am I?" I hesitantly asked. Ah, I can speak the same language. Spontaneously I held my mouth. The service face was still confused, she looked at me with clear doubts.

"You are in your room, Young Master."

I'm more confused than ever. In all my life, I have never had a room as classic as this. What an awe-inspiring interior, ancient and elegant. I glanced everywhere, just in my lower left corner, I saw a reflected shadow.

Whose face is this!? I gripped my face roughly. Is it really me? How can my skin be this smooth? Blonde hair, thick sexy lips, and sharp jawline. These eyes, I do not have. This is the look in the eyes of a predator.

I swallowed.

"Can you get me a mirror?"

"Very well, young master," he said with great courtesy.

I want to make sure again. However, all these doubts were true. It's me with a face I don't recognize.

"Wh-I… who am I?!"

I shouted holding this unfamiliar face. My breath is heavy. The service frantically looked at me, who was hysterical. He called for help in a hurry.


Akion Naal Sanktessy. Thats my name. A second son of Baron Sanktessy, who lives in a region full of forests of darkness.

The poor region that made Sanktessy a laughing stock. Known as the youngest swordmaster, earning that title at the age of sixteen—a person feared for his prowess could shake the continent.

Its other name is a monster from a barren region, with its cold gaze, people can immediately faint.

"What about my son?" The man with the tense face must be Akion's father. He asked the figure in black who had treated me earlier.

"Young Master's condition is fine. It's just, it looks like he's having a bit of memory loss." He gulped and grabbed both of my shoulders as fast as he could.

"How could that be?"

"Do you remember this Daddy?"


"Oh no! Damn it!" he said with a disappointed look on his face.

"Bastian, please take the Witch home. And, you know what to do, right?" The old butler called Bastian nodded.

"Don't let this information leak to the empire."

"Yes sir." Bastian said goodbye to escort the Witch. After only the two of us were left, my father's face turned into a face full of frustration. Of course he would, because Akion was his son.

"I'm going to destroy that damn mirror," he grumbled, "because it fell on you, you lost your memory!"

"What will our fate be?" he gritted his teeth, making me uncomfortable looking at him.

"Ah, should we just send Harzem? Ah, no, no, Harzem is stupid." "Renia is a girl." He babbled to himself. His eyes glanced at me, his frustration overflowing.

"Father will think about it. You calm down here. He looked into my eyes again.

"If you need anything, just call Bastian." He's still trying to calm me down, though he looks disheveled with unfocused eyes. "You'll be fine, Akion." Once again, he hugged me warmly, and I let him, this body loved his warm embrace.

"Father goes first, Akion. You rest here." Akion's father smiled stiffly. Then, going outside left me with a million question marks. I don't understand everything yet, I look like an idiot with a stiff face. All I did was sleep in the blanket and the mattress which was quite soft.


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