17 17. She Want You As Slave

Many days have already passed since the Ormit Cave Quest.

As Ha Un opened the Inn room, she found Rinoa's lean on the bed. Her hand grasped on Ji Sung. The man was snoring. 

Such a diligent girl. For two days, she stayed here and kept Ji Sung accompanied. 

"Honey, wake up." Ha Un soft voice next to Rinoa's ears was enough to bring her back into reality.

Rinoa stretched her hand and patted hee wide mouth open. With one eye closed, she said, "Morning, sorry, I overslept."

"Is he awake yet?"

"No, he is not."

Ha Un pulled Rinoa's chin and studied her face carefully. Poor girl she look like a zombie with blackening eyes, bags, and hair like tangled fibers. 

"Look at you. You need sleep. Go, return to your home, and let me accompany him for a while."


"Your parents must be worried right now."

"I already send them a—"

"Go home, Rin. Do you want to stay here and get sick? What would he say if he found out you sick because of him?"

"Okay, okay, alright, I understand." Rinoa waa back on her feet. Please take care of him for a while. I want to catch some food."

"Don't worry, he is in good care. Now, out." 

Ha Un pushed Rinoa out and waved at her as she strode to the first floor. Smirking, she slowly closes the door and sits on a Rinoa chair. It seemed she sat here for a long time. 

Ha Un knew Rinoa from childhood. They play together here, on Moonlake, and she has always seen her as an older sister even though their age was only one year different. 

Yet, she didn't know what kind of man Rinoa prefers. Now, she needs to find out.

She scanned Ji Sung's face closely, sniffing the manly fibrant on his cheek and neck, even pulling up his blanket and seeing him shirtless. 

"Woah, such a sexy manly Lad."

She sniffed again and again. Ji Sung's smell was ecstasy, hipe her more and more. Without her knowing, she already fell for him. 

"Ugh. What Time is it?" Ji Sung lid his eyes. Even on this stake he look so handsome. 

Ha Un gasped as Ji Sung's head wriggled on the pillow,rubbed his eyes. She pulled herself back on the wooden chair while Ji Sung sat on his bed. 

"That was the greatest sleep I ever had," he commented and was surprised to see Ha Un seated next to him.

Ha Un acted as if she had just woken up with heavy yawning, closing one eye. "Oh, you wake up already, nice." acted surprised. 

Ji Sung can't hide hisbred face, just like Ha Un wants. 

He asked, "You, what are you doing here? Where am I?"

Ha un rubbing her eyes with a cute reaction. "Good morning. You slept like a log, you know."

"You, keep me accompanied all the time. Wait, how long have I been sleeping here?"

"Couple of days. Here, your reward for doing a special quest." Ha Un was passing a gold coin to Ji Sung. "You must share it with others, so, one gold coin."

"You, keep me accompanied for a couple of days just for this?"

"I am the chairman's daughter. I must do my duty. Now, listen, newbie. I am here to offer you a contract."

She hoped it would end soon. She wanted him under her thumb as fast as she could. God he was such a cute boy, she wants him!

The best way was to push him to sign a contract 

"Sorry, I am not interested. Where's Rinoa? Is everything okay?"

"Rin is fine. Everything is fine. Now sign." 

Ha Un forced herself climbing onto Ji Sung's bed. Her like a cat, crawling on him, pushing a paper into his face. 

Ji Sung panicked, pulling himself back, and almost fell from bed. He realized his shirt was on the table. He stood, holding a blanket tight, covering his body. 

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ji Sung asked.

"Sign now! Listen, I have already stayed here for two days! You must obey me!" Ha Un pulling Ji Sung blanked.

"No, get off of me!"

Ji Sung managed to break free. He fiercely stared at Ha Un. "Are you crazy?"

"Why? Why is it so hard for you to sign a simple contract?"

The door suddenly opened from outside. Rin was shocked to see Ji Sung awake and Ha Un in bed. 

"What happened here? Why are you on the floor and Ha Un? What are you doing there?!"

Innocently Ha Un answered, "I want to give him a great time with this paper, but he refuses me."

"She pushed me to sign the contract I don't know about!" Ji Sung complained, putting back on his clean and fragrant shirt. "Rin, how long have I been unconscious?"

Rinoa answered, "Two days—"

"That creepy girl said she was with me for a few days. Is she doing anything to me while I am sleepy?"

"Staying with you?" 

Rin kept her eyes on Ha Un, who held a cute face like an innocent cat after screwing her owner. 

"Crap." Ha Un murmured, acted innocent. 

Rinoa continued. "No, don't worry. She has been in a cage for two days, so nothing happened between you."

"Ah fuck it, I'm leaving. Goodbye." Ji Sung hurriedly left, leaving two girls there, staring at each other. 

Rin looked flatly at Ha Un while slowly clasping. "Stay with him, recruiting him, huh?"

"Oh, sorry for 'staying thing,' but He's an Earthling. He should be a member of the Traveler Association, right?"

"With his courteous demeanor, he is more appropriate to join our White Knight Robe. Alright, I see now where it's going. We are competing to recruit him."

"Gosh, Rin!" Ha Un struggled to get out of bed. Her face hit the floor. 

"First come, first served." Rin ran off and locked Ha Un in the room.

"Rin opens the door! Hey, don't lock me up!" Ha Un banged the door but no answer from Rinoa. She leaves Ha Un to root here. 

If Ha Un broke the door, it would affect diplomatic relations between Traveler and Terranian. She chose to jump down from the second floor and met Elizabeth, who was about to go to the Inn. 

"Sweetie? What's wrong? Why are you jumping down like this?"

"Where's Rin? Damn it, calm down, calm down, Ha Un, you have to calm down. Think, think how to recruit him. Aha! Elizabeth, make sure Yuki tracked down Ji Sung and Give me all the information he can get, got it?!"

Elizabeth stifled a giggle as she typed something on her iPad.

//Quest Info// 

Name: Recruit!

Grade: F

Giver: Crazy Girl from Traveler Association

Party suggestion: -

Report So Far: She needs more slaves, recruit Ji Sung immediately or we should be living in hell, soon. 

Mission: Ji Sung must become member of TA

Quest time: unlimited 

Reward: 1 silver coin

Status: On Going//


Meanwhile, on a secret underground facility not far from Moonlake. 

Teen holograms shone in the dark room, seated around an oval table. Each represents nine Chief of Traveler Association branches. 

All eyes were on the big screen at the wall, showing how Yang Ji Sung beat Purelists with strange yet powerful power. 

Thanks to the dragonfly droid sent by Chairman Yun's daughter, they could witness the power of the Hero System. But that was not what Chairman Yun tried to utter. 

Chairman Yun's appearance was neatly packaged in a white long-sleeved shirt with two strings. His shirt hardly accommodates his large thick bicep, as well as his large plane chest.His silver hair, combed on a pony, made his square face look cool.

He was waiting for the video to end. 

"Unbelievable." The Hologram of a slim man in a white suit turned to Chairman Yun. 

"Agree." Hologram of middle-aged women said as she put his cup of tea back on the table. 

Chairman Yun said, "We still have no clue about what magic he uses, but he is Terranian, not Elvin. We facing something ancient–"

"That is not our problem," said Mr. President. "Don't mingle on their business. As long as they didn't ask for our help, it would be better if we let our hands clean."

Chairman Yun raised his voice. "Please forgive me for speaking bluntly. Mr. President, we are here because Terranian asks us to help them protect Terra. Remember, our ancestors already signed blood contracts with them. Their problem is our problem."

With storm clouds gathered on Terra. Chairman Yun knew, sooner or later, there would be thunderstorms that hit them hard. They need heroes for the greater good. He already found one and will not let him slip away, like the last one.

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