Hero System: Mage's Survival in a Cultivation World Book

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Hero System: Mage's Survival in a Cultivation World


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No good deed goes unpunished. "A foreign force is kidnapping people to another world." "Seven of your hero comrades already fell, returning as mere empty shells." "Your memory will be wiped to keep you safe from them." "And you...will reincarnate to a new identity, and face them once again." No good deed goes unpunished. And Theo's great need for excitement made him the right choice for this suicide mission! But why is his system taking so damn long to install? Why did he reincarnate into someone that died from bullying? And why is his system about magic... in a world where practicing magic is forbidden. And...leads to a cushy spot on a burning stake? *********** 2 chapters/day 7 days a week! For every 100ps at the end of the week - +2 chapters! (Delivered within the next week) For every supergift - +3 chapters (delivered within 3 days) For every milestone (finishing arc, 1k collections, my cat that I don't have meowing nicely) - + we will see chapters! :D The Novel's technical info is in the author's review.