Hero of Darkness

Elric's life had been nothing short of a nightmare since his childhood. He was constantly bullied at school, detested and ignored by his family, and left with nobody to care whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness and suffering from decades pushed him into a severe depression, and he ultimately decided to take his life’s final decision… Suicide. One day, Elric's soul heard a voice calling out to him. "Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness, and I'm here to give you another chance at life." To the God of Darkness, Elric replied with only two words… "Fuck off!" Now forced with the possibility of a new life despite his unwillingness… Elric must decide whether to become a puppet or forge a new destiny with his own hands. Will he overcome his traumatic past, or will he squander yet another chance at life? Join the Protagonist on his journey as he is given an impossible task while striving to become one of the strongest beings in a world full of Magic, Mythical creatures, Dragons, and Gods. ---------------- [[Author : The protagonist of this story is a scheming mastermind who doesn't trust anyone and plans everything based on his present strength, knowledge and circumstances. No Romance, Harem, or Fan-service here. The main character is also not an Edgelord or a Psychopath who kills people without reason. Character development is a gradual process as the Main Character learns to acknowledge and overcome his flaws. This is a story for those who appreciate a psychologically well-developed character. The protagonist is an Antihero character who exists in the gray area between good and evil. This is a story for those who enjoy complex characters, greatly improving and expanding World-building along with intricate plots. If you are looking for a story with a nuanced and morally ambiguous yet humorous protagonist in a mature and gritty world, then this is the novel for you.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts available in chapter comments. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 500 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 1000 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 2500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 500 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 1000 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 1500 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

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The Arrival

Yes… the War Deity. The goddamn mudafriggin War Deity!

The being standing in front of him was the one who reached the level of a Demi-God by mastering all forms of War, all types of Weapons, Magic spells and all types of Combat Techniques.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have earned that title at all. If there was a title of God of War, Kravel would be it.

As soon as Elric came to know Kravel's real Identity as the War Deity, he started looking at him differently. As someone who grew up reading books about great warriors of their respective eras on Earth and then later getting hooked up on war-related novels and other forms of platforms... Elric had developed a form of respect towards such individuals as by definition, these were the men every man aspired to be.

Elric diverted his attention towards the Blessings he received and he was left speechless again.


1. WAR DOMINANCE (Active) :

Emits an aura of Dominance and Supremacy 5 times stronger than the targeted enemy. The pressure and murderous aura will be sensed by all those who stand in the close perimeter of the host. The area affected will keep increasing with an increase in the host's personal strength and rank.

The war dominance aura and its effects will be dependent on the difference between the user and the target's own individual strength.

2. WEAPON MASTERY (Passive) :

Mastery over all weapons and things/objects that could be used as a weapon.

The mastery over all weapons existing in the world keeps increasing with the level of host's proficiency in them.

Current level : A Rank (Master Level) (Passive). 

Example : For Swordsmanship, the host is already at a level of a Swordmaster.

Mastery Levels : Amateur, Intermediate, Expert, Master, Grandmaster, Saint, Deity.


Grants the user knowledge and experience over all forms of close combat techniques. Also allows the user to understand and copy any target's combat techniques after practicing them.

Current Rank : Master (In all known Combat Techniques by the War Deity)

Mastery increases only when the user practices and performs these techniques to meet certain understanding and criterias.


Grants the ability to sense extreme danger and killing intent directed towards the user. The range of this ability will keep increasing as the user gets stronger.

Note : Ability is Upgradable and can be Merged with other similar abilities.

5. BERSERK GOD MODE (Active) :

Allows the user to achieve 5 times the Physical Strength and Stamina for a short time.

Note : Not applicable to Magical Skills or Mana Capacity. The host will be in a weakened state (only having 30% of the user's strength) for the next 24 hours after the blessing activation period ends.

6. WAR DEITY BODY (Passive) :

Grants a body capable of becoming two times stronger than the previous stage every time the user goes through long and tiring battles and breaks the threshold of his capabilities.


After going through the Blessings he received… Elric simply forgot how to speak. 

Because what Kravel gave him wasn't just mastery of weapons or abilities to dominate his enemies in battle... What he gave him was the biggest headstart anyone could ask for if they were thrown into an unknown world.

Elric was born with a weak body and never had physical training at anything. Not even normal sports or self-defense techniques.

He could hold a sword in a video game or his dreams only. Hell, he didn't even know how to properly hold a sword either without looking like an idiot or ending up hurting himself instead.

Unlike what the God of Darkness gave him through the 3 divine abilities he chose... These blessings wouldn't just help him become stronger or help him survive. Rather, they'd be far more useful than just gaining abilities or creating an army that will serve him. With these blessings, he'd save years spent on learning and perfecting different types of weapons and how best to use them.

Also learning combat techniques was no joke. It took many people dozens of years to perfect them or reach just the rank of a Master. 

But not only Elric would already have built-in knowledge and understanding of these, but he'd also be proficient right when he entered Vantrea. He was already at Master rank which was just unbelievable for a guy like him who never had actual combat experience or killed anyone in his entire life.

Survival Instinct would help him sense if someone was targeting him from behind or following him from the shadows. That way he could be prepared to face a sudden attack or an ambush and might as well dodge a sudden arrow shot at his head.

This was just too useful in his opinion since Survival Instinct was something developed only by people with decades of experience in hunting or someone who had been through thousands of battles in their life.

For someone like Elric who would be hunted down sooner or later if the word of his true identity as chosen Hero of God of Darkness was to be leaked; Survival Instinct would save his life on many occasions.

Not on just the battlefield, but it will also alert him in random and normal places if someone far stronger than him was targeting or wanted to harm him based on their killing intent. He'd know whom not to fight with and simply need to run away for his life.

And there was also the Berserk God Mode. 

Like the description implied, he'd be 5 times stronger for a short time and it could save his life when he was truly in a pinch.

Let's say somehow his Dimensional Law ability didn't work or he couldn't escape inside the void for some reason such as the surrounding area being sealed by Spacial Law or some type of barrier or formation, Elric would be left at the mercy of fate.

But with Berserk God Mode, he'd receive a huge spike in his strength and it could be helpful enough to let him escape or even face his enemy head-on who could be much stronger than him. This was a lifesaving Cheat Code indeed.

And let's not even talk about War Deity Body.

This thing would just make him a total T-Rex compared to other heroes of the other Gods. 

Because whether he liked it or not, Elric would be put in situations where he'd need to fight someone in authority like the forces of the empire or even people from the church operating in that Empire given his true identity.

He could see himself clashing against the other chosen Heroes in the future because they too would be well informed about the act of his predecessor, the 8th chosen Hero of Darkness.

So these heroes will naturally think of him as someone serving the evil or someone they had to exact revenge upon for their predecessors.

So, with the War Deity Body, he'd become twice as stronger every time he went past his limits, which naturally will require him to fight a lot of battles and go beyond his capabilities and also will be on very rare occasions; most likely in the battle for Life and Death.

But this can give him an upper hand over the other Heroes in terms of physical strength alone. So it will also be extremely helpful in the near future.

Elric finally broke out of his entranced state and looked at Kravel again. He didn't hold any of his mocking or disappointed expression and said…

"I take my words back." after saying so, he bowed towards Kravel with the utmost sincere expression.

Kravel was left with a puzzled expression again.

This mortal was questioning his loyalty towards his liege not a minute ago and now retracted his statement and bowed half his body in front of him.

Kravel, who was of the size of 5 story building at the moment could see Elric's way of showing respect.

God of Darkness humphed slightly without showing the jealousy he was feeling. Because Elric didn't do that to him so far at all. Instead, he said fuck off, bastard, motherfucker, stupid, moron, and many things he forgot to count.

And because of this, Kravel was happy with Elric again. 

He said, "Stand up. No need for such formalities. Anyway, did you like my Blessings?" Kravel asked without masking the smugness in his tone.

Elric simply nodded like a puppy in response.

"Well then, here's something else. It's not a Blessing but some of my knowledge you will find very useful while venturing inside Vantrea." Kravel said.

Soon, a divine formation appeared over Elric's soul form and a light made of different and bright colors descended towards his head.

Elric started processing the gift he received. As he opened his eyes, he was again left with a joyful expression on his face.

What he received wasn't any ability or skills. For the first time, he received a form of information and knowledge that he would be needing no matter where he went.

KNOWLEDGE OF ALL LANGUAGES known to War Deity Kravel in the world of Vantrea.


Elric had worries about this from the beginning, just that he didn't speak about it at all.

He was going into a different world. Where existed different cultures, races, species, cultures, and religions in different regions, kingdoms, empires and things he didn't even know about yet.

So naturally, this world wasn't going to be someplace where everybody for some reason spoke in English.

He was certain that God of Darkness and Kravel weren't talking with him in English either as their gestures and body language acted very differently in accordance with their words and tone.

They were definitely using some type of magic or conversing with him using a telepathic connection.

Many Manga and Novel authors always skipped this part in their work. In their stories, even the most ancient civilizations in different worlds or even planets; which existed tens of thousands of years ago, also spoke in English.

As if this wasn't a different world but a Hollywood movie where even Wakandans spoke in English despite having their own mother tongue.

What Kravel gifted him had saved tons of trouble as not only he would be able to converse with people inside Vantrea, he'd be able to communicate with and understand all the residents and species existing that resided in those regions. This also included understanding various types of languages whether in form of verbal speech or writing. So he won't be lost in the world if he went somewhere unknown.

After calculating everything that has happened so far ever since his Reincarnation... Elric found himself extremely lucky.

He was going to get another chance at life despite refusing and wanting to die again.

Neither was he randomly thrown into a different world without any prior knowledge nor suddenly woke up inside someone else's body.

He was given a choice to even choose in which way he was going to enter Vantrea.

And unlike hundreds of reincarnated people in the stories he read, he was actually clear on his goal and how he will make his approach.

Although he wasn't given some OP system or someone like Soul Remnant of some heaven-defying monster or a Nascent rank cultivator's will to accompany him on his journey, he still had the option to choose his divine abilities and had the time to plan how he will ensure his survival.

He received enough superficial information about Vantrea and how things worked there. And what not to do if he wanted to stay alive.

Kravel's blessings gave him the biggest headstart and also an upper hand against those who will be or already were summoned inside the world of Vantrea. So he can fight against them as well if the situation arose.

After evaluating everything happened so far... Elric was content and truly happy.

It felt like Fate or Destiny, whatever it was called tried to make amends for his former life which he didn't find worth living at all. This time, he was given the choice of which way he will live his new life.

Elric wanted nothing more than freedom and control over his own fate.


He looked at God of Darkness and Kravel and said,

"I'm ready."

God of Darkness and Kravel both nodded at him.

"Have you thought of how your new body should look like? After we're done with that, I can send you inside our world." G.O.D. asked.

Elric then started giving him specifications of his new body and after 1 hour of going over every minute detail and many redos. Elric's final physical body was ready.

For some reason, Kravel approved more of it while God of Darkness found it very lacking. Elric on the other hand was very pleased with his new look and the body he was going to live with in his new life.

"From now on. Elric Johnson no longer exists.

From now on... my name is Kahn." Elric declared.

"A new name for a new life." he said with a newfound will to live.

Suddenly yellow intrinsic patterns appeared on Elric's body and were ingrained into it. They disappeared without a trace the next second.

G.O.D. spoke, "This is a link between you and me.

And also the way for us to know that you're still alive."

"Let's do it." Elric said, ready to embark on his new journey.


Unbeknownst to Elric, another Red ancient and divine pattern appeared on his back but didn't emit any light.

Both G.O.D. and Kravel were fully aware of its existence but didn't speak or act suspiciously as if nothing happened and it wasn't intentional.

God of Darkness didn't waste any more time and simply merged Elric's soul form with the newly created physical body.

And after they were merged perfectly, he opened the very crack in the void from where he and Kravel entered inside the world boundary.

"I'm sending you somewhere remote and safe. Somewhere other Gods, Archmages of Empires, or Popes of Churches won't be able to detect your arrival.

What happens from there will depend on you. And we won't be able to talk after this unless you find a way to recreate Monastery and Temples for me again. And do remember the most important thing..." God of Darkness paused his words and continued...

"Trust nobody and never let your guard down."

G.O.D. commanded in his firm and majestic tone as if it was his decree.

Elric nodded back in affirmation.

He understood the importance of not revealing his secrets and relying on only himself more than the beings in front of him.

The crack exerted a form of gravitational pull on Elric, now Kahn.


Inside the world of Vantrea, in a deep jungle unknown, a small void crack appeared 5 meters above the ground covered with dark green and lush grass.

Suddenly a naked body of a man jumped down from the void crack and landed on his right knee and right fist on the ground, stabilizing himself in just a second.

Kahn finally spoke with an elated tone as he finally entered Vantrea, revealing his pleased smile.

"Let's start the next chapter of my life."

Reference Art for Kahn given in chapter comments. Check it out.

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