Hero of Darkness

Elric's life had been nothing short of a nightmare since his childhood. He was constantly bullied at school, detested and ignored by his family, and left with nobody to care whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness and suffering from decades pushed him into a severe depression, and he ultimately decided to take his life’s final decision… Suicide. One day, Elric's soul heard a voice calling out to him. "Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness, and I'm here to give you another chance at life." To the God of Darkness, Elric replied with only two words… "Fuck off!" Now forced with the possibility of a new life despite his unwillingness… Elric must decide whether to become a puppet or forge a new destiny with his own hands. Will he overcome his traumatic past, or will he squander yet another chance at life? Join the Protagonist on his journey as he is given an impossible task while striving to become one of the strongest beings in a world full of Magic, Mythical creatures, Dragons, and Gods. ---------------- [[Author : The protagonist of this story is a scheming mastermind who doesn't trust anyone and plans everything based on his present strength, knowledge and circumstances. No Romance, Harem, or Fan-service here. The main character is also not an Edgelord or a Psychopath who kills people without reason. Character development is a gradual process as the Main Character learns to acknowledge and overcome his flaws. This is a story for those who appreciate a psychologically well-developed character. The protagonist is an Antihero character who exists in the gray area between good and evil. This is a story for those who enjoy complex characters, greatly improving and expanding World-building along with intricate plots. If you are looking for a story with a nuanced and morally ambiguous yet humorous protagonist in a mature and gritty world, then this is the novel for you.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts available in chapter comments. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 500 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 1000 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 2500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 500 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 1000 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 1500 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

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Another one!

Kahn started absorbing the abilities of the dead Minotaur floor boss of this dungeon. Since it was a Lord Rank monster, it took him much longer than usual to finish the Ability Absorption process.

"System, show me the list."

[The host has acquired the following abilities & skills:

Ground Splitter (Active):

The host can condense mana and land a devastating blow to the ground/surface, resulting in the formation of deep crevices upwards to 5 meters in all directions.

Field Pressure (Active):

Allows the host to fill the surrounding 30 meters of space with heavy gravitational pressure to slow down enemy movements.

Health Regeneration (Passive):

Allows the host to constantly regenerate health during a battle at high speed.

Minotaur Aura (Passive):

Allows the host to command and exert dominance over the Minotoris species.

Minotoris Bloodline absorbed.

Current Bloodline purity: 138%]

"Nice. Show me abilities available in Synthesis." Kahn commended.

Just by looking at the absorbed skills, Kahn realized how big of a bullet he dodged by killing all the minotaurs in the city. Because given the abilities of the Minotaur Boss, it wouldn't be a problem for it to swarm its enemies with an army of over a hundred or so minotaurs that were present in the city. Since each of them was extremely strong, Kahn and his small army would easily be wiped out in an open & frontal clash.

No wonder hundreds of adventurer teams met their doom on this floor in the past decade alone.

[Out of the newly acquired abilities, Field Pressure can be merged under War Dominance aura and Hunter Intent to increase their effectiveness and range of abilities. The rest of the newly acquired abilities currently do not mix or are compatible with the other abilities & skills the host has.]

"Huh... so even that can happen?" Kahn thought as it was the first time there were not any possible results for ability merging. Maybe as the system said, there needed a certain level of compatibility.

"Well, there's always a first." spoke Kahn and began creating new subordinates by merging the already created minotaur subordinates that unlocked the evolution skill.

He spent the next 2 hours just to finally get a result of a Half Lord Rank subordinate after using the current Minotaur bloodline purity he had & a lot of monster cores.

"Blackwall, come here." ordered Kahn as Blackwall, the Guardian Knight subordinate walked in front of him. Kahn then put his hand on Blackwall & the newly created subordinate and the other one on the lifeless husk of the minotaur boss.

[50 B Rank monster cores are required for the synthesis to be successful.]

"Again? You're tearing me apart, system!" he growled in discontent because he was running out of monster cores at this rate. Even though the current Kahn was filthy rich, he was still restricted on his high-grade monster cores stash. And recently, the system was asking too much of these cores for Evolution to succeed.

First, it was Omega, then Oliver, and now Blackwall.

The reason he chose Blackwall instead of Jugram for this is that even though Berserker was more suited for this type of merging, the Minotaur Floor Boss had a lot of useful skills such as Field Pressure, Health Regeneration & Ground Splitter which could not only make a damn strong attack subordinate but also someone who can have crowd control skills, AoE attacks & with incredible defense. That was basically the definition of a great Tank in a team formation.

Because even Omega was only good at dealing damage and dodging quickly with his abilities & stats, his defense was average at best. And a team formation never works if you don't have a strong and powerful tank that can bear the brunt of devastating attacks and hold the line, while other team members do the damage and chip out health from the enemy target.

After spending an hour, the Evolution for Blackwall was finally complete. Now he was even firmer, broader and the 3-meter Guardian Knight was now 12 meters tall, more ripped in physique than the original body of the yellow minotaur. He didn't have a snout like the Minotaur but a Human face and horns were coming out of his head. Blackwall retained his human appearance but his eyes completely turned red with no iris in them.

"Show me his stats."

[Following are the statistics for the subordinate named Blackwall

Name: Blackwall

Species: Sega-Minotoris (Variant Minotaur)

Evolution skill unlocked (Level can be upgraded through eating other monsters & cores. And Rank can be upgraded with higher & purer bloodlines of the same species.)

Rank: Lord

Level: 58

Strength: 320

Agility: 210

Dexterity: 220

Defense: 658

Mana: 130

Abilities & Skills:

Battle Roar:

Allows the subordinate to stun anyone present in a 100-meter radius except the host & fellow subordinates for 30 seconds.

Ground Shatter:

Subordinate can create a domain of shattered ground which can disorient enemies under a 30-meter radius.

Axe Splitter:

Condenses dense mana around the Subordinate's weapon and allows to attack the enemies with an extremely powerful swing.

Condition: Only applicable on a battleaxe weapon.

Defense Amplifier:

The longer the subordinate defends against an enemy, the more defense will increase in a set amount of time.

The subordinates can also grant twice the defense for 5 nearby subordinates.

Health Reserve:

When health is closer to depletion, allows the subordinate to instantly recover 30% of maximum health.]

"Motherf.." Kahn gasped in bewilderment.

Too strong! Blackwall was now too strong. Plus he gave a lot of defense buff to other teammates as well. He was like the Ultimate Tank unit Kahn always had seen in RPG video games.

"Blackwall, take the axe and the shield." he pointed at the weapons of the dead floor boss. And gave Blackwall an extremely heavy and high-quality Black armor he had in the new space ring that looked like made from a high-rank monster with incredibly thick hide and armored body parts no different than metal.

Blackwall now looked like a Death Knight from those RPG novels. Rather than a subordinate, he looked more like a Dungeon Boss himself.

Author: Reference Arts for Blackwall in the chapter comments.

After letting out a content sigh, Kahn moved to the remaining 5 or so dead bodies of the minotaurs they were still intact and started cutting them in various places with his sword, making deep injuries. After he was done, Kahn put them in his new space ring. He didn't spend time creating new subordinates. Rather he had a use for them.

It was already close to the evening when Kahn returned to Flavot city. Though rather than going back to his current accommodation, Kahn decided to visit the Adventurer Association.

As expected, he met with Malcolm first on the counters. The hall was currently full of hundreds of people who were returning from their hunts and submitting their Quests and other commission works to receive their pay.

"Haven't seen you in a while, kid. Thought you were already killed inside a dungeon. Hahaha" joked Malcolm as he was pleased to see Kahn alive and kicking.

"Unlike certain someone here, I'm too young to die. Haha" replied Kahn sarcastically.

"Say that again.." Malcolm's eyes turned somber.

"N...nothing. I just wanted to sell some monster bodies to the association. They're all intact so will need your people to carry them."

"Huh... how many? And how big can they be?" asked Malcolm curiously.

"Why don't you see yourself." said Kahn and walked into the center of the hall.

"All of you listen! I need you to quickly move away and leave the middle of the hall empty. Don't say I didn't warn you." loudly shouted Kahn and instantly gathered the attention of hundreds of people standing in the main hall.

"Oi, who the fuck do you think you are?" shouted one of the people in the hall.

"Nobody listens to warnings anymore I see." mumbled Kahn as activated his War Dominance aura, quickly filling the entire hall under an extremely fierce and dense aura. Kahn noticed that the gravitational force exuded by his aura was now 50 to 70% more than before. He realized it was because he absorbed the skill of the Minotaur boss.

People started to stumble on their steps and some even fell right on the ground because they simply couldn't handle this pressure.

Kahn now looked extremely domineering. As if a tiger was standing amidst a group of rabbits. He wasn't releasing any killing intent but everyone felt like they were currently facing the Grim Reaper itself.

He quickly deactivated the aura and spoke again.

"Do I need to repeat myself again?"

The surrounding people in the hall quickly cleared the hall and stood on the sides like obedient children. Because at the end of the day, the one with the biggest fist made the rules.

That was exactly the type of life they lived in this profession.

"Kid, what exactly did you bring?" Malcolm asked as he was unaffected by the aura since Kahn specifically did not let it affect the middle-aged receptionist.

"This…" said Kahn and raised his hand upwards and a giant body of horned creature came out and landed in the middle of the hall.


Speechless... The entire crowd was shocked! Even Malcolm felt like he had lost his ability to think.

"A minotaur! It's a goddamn minotaur!" finally a veteran adventurer among the crowd shouted in surprise.

"Kid... where... di… did… you find this?" Malcolm asked as his mouth stuttered in shock.

"What do you mean by finding it? I killed it!" replied Kahn with a grin on his face.

"Don't lie, brat! No one can take down a minotaur alone. You need 5 to 6 people to kill one. Either you already found a dead minotaur on lower floors or you killed it by luck!" bellowed a mage in the crowd.

"By luck, you say... then how about this?" smirked Kahn and used his space ring again.


Another giant body of a minotaur dropped as hundreds of people present in the hall gasped in surprise.


Another one.


Another one.

"What the fuck?!" screamed a Tigerkin in the crowd.


[[ DJ KHALED : Another one! ]]

As the 6th dead body dropped out of his space ring... Kahn finally stopped and looked at Malcolm and asked in a smug voice…

"So, do you have enough money to buy them?"

Check out the Reference Art for Blackwall's appearance.

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