Hero's Carnage

Lucas is a homeless teenager who had everything taken away from him— his family, his home, his childhood. Even worse, he was born without any abilities in a world where humans with superpowers dominate. All of that would change when a new dungeon appears before Lucas. Thinking that it was a sign the gods have given him— that he should just give up and end himself, Lucas enters this dungeon without hesitation while expecting death. However, inside the dungeon was not the end like Lucas had expected. Instead, it was the beginning of his life of carnage. Wielding the power of a 'Hero', Lucas begins his journey of vengeance on the world that stole everything from him.

MyLittleBrother · Urban
Not enough ratings
46 Chs

Level 25

When the Earth Hog noticed Lucas and the others, it immediately stopped moving and turned to face them with its sharp tusks pointed at them.

However, it didn't do anything else, and it remained standing there like a statue.

Earth Hogs are naturally proud of their tough armor, so they will most likely let their opponents take the first strike, even letting itself get hit on purpose so it could brag about it afterward.

Moreover, it could somehow tell that Lucas was at a level that could not realistically damage its armor.

This was a huge advantage for Lucas, who was trying to see if he could locate the Earth Hog's weak spot.

However, when he couldn't find the weak spot from his point of view, Lucas decided to make the first move to see if he could find the weak spot elsewhere.

The Earth Hog squinted its tiny eyes when it noticed Lucas move, but it still decided to remain still.