Hero's Carnage

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What is Hero's Carnage

Read ‘Hero's Carnage’ Online for Free, written by the author MyLittleBrother, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Lucas is a homeless teenager who had everything taken away from him— his family, his home, his childhood. Even worse, he...


Lucas is a homeless teenager who had everything taken away from him— his family, his home, his childhood. Even worse, he was born without any abilities in a world where humans with superpowers dominate. All of that would change when a new dungeon appears before Lucas. Thinking that it was a sign the gods have given him— that he should just give up and end himself, Lucas enters this dungeon without hesitation while expecting death. However, inside the dungeon was not the end like Lucas had expected. Instead, it was the beginning of his life of carnage. Wielding the power of a 'Hero', Lucas begins his journey of vengeance on the world that stole everything from him.

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Fun Fact: If you go the bathroom at 4:20 in the morning and yell "amogus" 60 times in a row, a shadowy figure called "Mom" will enter the room holding a belt and knocking you out with it. Eventually, you wake up and will find yourself in an orphanage.


Review after thoroughly reading the first four chapters btw won't spoil anything so don't worry :) (not memeing or anything gonna be real) first: lucan is going to make river of blood flow (obv the blood will be of his enemies) second: potential lover is a beauty unlike none has seen before (everyone's little brother whistles) third: the setting is insane (just like all the other mlb novels :D) fourth: from the name I can just guess that hero's are in for it (hopefully crazy killing happens lol) well that's it go vote


We got another one!!! I really love Dual Cultivation and Cultivation Online so I’m expecting great things. Even though this isn’t a cultivation novel, I’m still really excited and looking forward to seeing how this novel turns out. I love this author.




Another Novel from one of our famous author of culture, MyLittleBrother. Even his username is a cultural pun ! Do not underestimate his little brother.


Reveal spoiler


Mannnnnnnnn bro I love my little brother 😏, I wonder how he makes so much chapters tho. Making DC, CO, ICS, and now this???? Either way, This book’s lookin good so far. 😏😏😏


I doubt most people need this review but I shall state the obvious things about this novel The novel us great 5 chapters in and I'm hooked The world setting is made clear but still has parts that make you curious about The updates are fast considering the author has two other ongoing books which you should check out btw I believe we all know the author has good writing quality so i won't need to say anything really The characters were cliche but not that I would complaining since it wasn't a repetitive or annoying cliche Story developed fast but felt normal. Overall it's another great work from one of the large authors in this platform.


I am so excited for this I love all of MLB's works and this looks like it will be no different and i can not wait till it really starts to heat up and get good i am excpecting this one to be no different.


Had a great start! I keep checking back hoping for more chapters only to find cobwebs. Maybe one day, but I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part.


I was really enjoying this novel! But it seems like it's been dropped by author, which is really a shame! Honestly I don't like the author's other works, I have zero interest in op simps who spend their time building harems. (If that's your thing cool but it's not for me lol) Tbh I'm mostly upset I'll never get to see MC finally use his stat points (on intelligence!) it's really bothering my OCD 😂 Wish author had continued this novel instead of their other novels but oh well 😅


My little brother never fails to disappoint. At the time of writing there ste only 24 chapters, however these 24 chapters already have me ready for the next 500. The main characters name, lucas, is also my name so i feel a litte more invested i this story thatn i would in others.


Book appears to be on hold or dropped by author as there are no updates in quite some time. It does not appear currently on the Authors "Original works" listing as well. Great story development, good character design and such. Start at your own risk as this story may not see a conclusion written/translation.


Good stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuffGood stuff


Well written! But I read the chapters too fast; then they are gone? I like the direction the story is going in and so far have enjoyed it! :)


Haha nice novel , antihero mc and also overpowered and also can steal abilities ........that all I want in any novel gonna read it .... I really hate Chinese writers who don't give their mc unique abilities now it is in this novel so I am reading it. Well story is quite good I personally like the writing style of MLB which simple and fluent not like some writers who use uncommon english words.




If this is even half as good as Cultivation Online and Dual Cultivation then I can’t wait!! It’s pretty awesome that the author can write stories about completely different topics and they are all so good.


Reveal spoiler


I really enjoyed this novel. I am sad it was basically dropped. :(


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