Heretic Mage: Rise of the Dark God’s Necromancer

Death. Servitude. Submission. That was all Morne had known for the past eight years. Everything he had known and loved had been taken from him, and it was his fate to be a slave, passed around from master to master like a disgusting disease no one wanted but everyone received. Soon after, a demon with a tantalizing promise appeared. "I’m here to Anoint you," the demon whispered. "My lord, Jiklok, has deemed you a mortal worth keeping an eye on. And I have another offer as well." The demon offered Morne a path to the power he had lacked in life, a way to seize his own destiny. Necromancy. The things he asked for in exchange seemed... small in comparison. Using his newfound necromantic powers, Morne would inflict on those who did him wrong all he had suffered and more. Those who had destroyed his village would be slaughtered beneath waves of undead, those masters who had sold and traded him like cheap wares would be forever bound to Morne's service, just as they had bound him. He would be his own master. Death. Servitude. Submission. ...... No MC harems are to be found here. If you need that kind of stuff in a story, you won't like this. Currently dropped. If you like this book, consider checking out my other ongoing book. It's called "Crown of Nightmares: Banished to Hell For My Bloodline!"

Lolbroman25 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
201 Chs

Only Human

Talking was so annoying for the current Essenla that she didn't try to fill the ensuing silence with pointless conversation or idle chat, and Morne was so focused on Withering Touch that he wouldn't be able to uphold his half of the conversation anyway.

They devoted themselves to repairing their mangled bodies as fast as possible, waiting three hours between each healing session as they waited for their Chimh to recharge only to throw themselves back into it.

Such rigorous exercise of his Chimh Well was enough to push its depth to the very edges of Large Pond, but sadly not enough to tip it over to the next realm. Which made sense, he supposed. His width was starting to fall behind, being only five feet across, and unlike the depth still had an entire foot to go.

Even then, based on what Essenla had told him not too long ago, reaching the precipice of the Adept rank wasn't enough to step into the next level.