11 Are All of You Blind?

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It turned out that, at the same time in Clear Wind Palace, Ye Qianli had entered the ancient battlefield again almost as soon as midnight arrived. She followed the instructions of the magic box and slowly emptied herself, carefully experiencing this dusky world.

"This fool doesn't even know how to move forward a little more. The closer you get to the center of the ancient battlefield, the easier it is to communicate with the divine memories. She really doesn't have any common sense at all." The magic box was truly speechless inwardly.

"However, this cheap master's way of meditating is very strange. Furthermore, she is able to enter her state very quickly." This was the reason why the magic box did not wake Ye Qianli up after discovering her silly behavior.

At this moment, the magic box thought that Ye Qianli's current state might be a rare opportunity. If she was woken up by it and could not re-enter her state so quickly, it would be a waste even if she were to get closer to the center of the ancient battlefield.

The truth quickly proved that its actions were completely correct!

This was because Ye Qianli, who had 'entered a meditative state', only used about 15 minutes to resonate with a certain memory of a god in the ancient battlefield.

Buzz, buzz…

The magic box looked on in shock. Strands of strange fiery light constantly surged towards Ye Qianli, coiling around her as more kept gathering!

As it gradually twined around Ye Qianli, it emitted feelings of delight and admiration. This caused the magic box's shock to increase even more.

One had to know that the divine memories were fragments of memories of deities who had died in the ancient battlefield and had never dissipated. They were the most perfect memories for those who could communicate with them! They were the most powerful cultivation treasures.

After all, every god's cultivation system was a cultivation textbook. Hence, the magic box suggested that Ye Qianli come here to cultivate, so that she could receive the most suitable guidance for herself from the divine memories.


Not only had Ye Qianli attracted a fragment of divine memory in less than 15 minutes, but she also made this divine memory emit a sense of admiration. This meant that this deity's remnant will was very satisfied with Ye Qianli's talent and comprehension ability!

After all, the gods that had died here were extremely arrogant. How many geniuses weren't even worthy of being looked down upon by them, and yet… now?

"What kind of master did I acknowledge? She seems to be a foolish abnormality." In its heart, the magic box silently labeled Ye Qianli with two tags: a fool and a perverted genius.

Sha, sha, sha…

While Ye Qianli and the divine memory were 'interacting' and creating an increasingly huge commotion, the magic box heard a subtle commotion approaching rapidly from afar.


The magic box was alarmed. Thinking of some of the ancient creatures that existed in this ancient battlefield, it immediately slipped back into Ye Qianli's sleeve pocket and began to 'monitor' its surroundings with all its attention.

Very soon, a huge, black unknown creature appeared in front of Ye Qianli. Bursting out of the ancient battlefield, its build was so majestic that the magic box broke out in cold sweat.

That wasn't all!

What caused the magic box to tremble was the thing behind this huge creature, there was a circle of a black vortex. As soon as this vortex appeared, the magic box did not say anything and brought Ye Qianli out of the ancient battlefield.


While Ye Qianli, who was in a meditative state, also seemed to have sensed something. Her long eyelashes trembled a few times, showing signs of awakening. This was because the aura of that giant creature was extremely terrifying!

Even though she had already returned to the Clear Wind Palace, that sort of terrifying intuition still lingered in her heart. Thus, she instinctively wanted to wake up.

"It's all right now. Hurry up and grasp the understanding of it. Don't break the thought process!" The magic box sensed her situation and immediately sent a message into her mind.

"…" Ye Qianli's breath paused for a moment. Her originally tense state–which was about to startle awake—slowly calmed down under the magic box's 'stare'.

Unfortunately, because they'd left the ancient battlefield, the strange fiery flames that originally coiled around Ye Qianli had completely vanished…

"I hope that this fool has already understood the key point. So that even without the divine memory's help again, she would still be able to awaken the strongest and most suitable first talent."

As the magic box sighed to itself secretly, it discovered that someone was also awakening their innate divine powers nearby. It carefully sensed the surroundings and naturally 'saw and heard' everything that was happening in the main hall of the Southern Palace at this moment.

"You gave the Innate Talent Pill that Father sent to Li'er… To Hua'er for her to eat?!" After Ye Fengtian—who had returned after toiling away for long hours—walked into the hall, he looked at Su Qin in disbelief, as well as at Su Lianhua who was in a mysterious state.

"Why don't you tell me—how can that trash Li'er still have any innate talent pill now? If I don't give it to Hua'er to eat, are we supposed to let it go to waste for nothing?" Su Qin hurriedly pulled Ye Fengtian to the side room and retorted, afraid that he would disturb Su Lianhua.

"What do you mean by 'go to waste'?! Does my Ye family have no one left? You… You…" Ye Fengtian was furious. This Innate Talent Pill was the Ye family's most precious treasure! According to his father's letter, there was no second pill.

"Don't tell me you still want to give it to those people from the side branches of your Ye Clan? They are all incapable bloodsuckers. What can they do? On the contrary, if you give it to Hua'er, she will awaken her innate divine power and will definitely be able to marry into the crown prince's residence. In this way, our Ye Clan and the crown prince's residence will still be in-laws. Wouldn't that be better?" Su Qin retorted with conviction.

Pa! However, Su Qin's words were met with a slap from Ye Fengtian. The latter was simply unable to restrain his fury. "Ignorant fool, does that mean that we can't have another child? Even if we really can't, isn't a child from the side branch of the Ye Clan closer than an outsider? You're simply…"

"You hit me! Ye Fengtian, you actually dared to hit me! I'm not done with you! If you are so capable, then beat me to death! Boohoo…" Su Qin, who was hit by Ye Fengtian for the first time since she married into the Ye family, immediately started to cry like a lunatic.

"…" Ye Fengtian only felt his temples throbbing. For the sake of the impossibility of the crown prince's engagement with his daughter—Ye Qianli, he had been so busy up until now. Yet, he was faced with such a bolt from the blue.

"Fengtian, look at Hua'er. She has already awakened her innate divine ability. You should know that, if she didn't truly possess true innate talent, she wouldn't have been able to reach this step."

"Right now, the court still doesn't know what happened in the temporary imperial residence. When they find out, we won't know how they will look at us. But if Hua'er gets engaged to the crown prince, do you think that they will still dare to say anything?" Su Qin, who had been crying, saw that Ye Fengtian's expression wasn't right and had no choice but to change to a gentle tone.

"Do you think that crown prince is easy to get along with? Do you think he will listen to you?" Ye Fengtian snorted coldly and asked harshly. Although he was still very angry, he knew that—since things had already come to this stage—there was no point in saying anything more.

"Why not? With the power of the Ye family and the Su family, we will definitely be able to succeed!" Su Qin immediately encouraged Ye Fengtian with unheeded advice when she realized that there was a chance to turn things around.


When the magic box heard up to this point, it had already cleverly figured out. She—this foolish master of it—was the 'Li'er' in that couple's mouths, the 'trash' that those servants outside were secretly discussing.


It could only say this: "Are these people blind?"

They must be!

Otherwise, how could a genius—whom even the strongest of the gods admired—be considered trash?


Chi, chi…

At the same time, as if to prove that the people outside were really very blind, strands of flames slowly emerged from Ye Qianli's body, and the aura of these flames caused the magic box to vibrate.

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