3 Save Log 2: A Cat Shall Stalk Me For Nothing

On a certain morning, in Grodmin's house, the morning sunray was making its way through the gap of the window. I was lying on the sofa reading my manga.

Really, aitama always impresses me. I never seen anyone else use that much power in any anime or manga like aitama.

" Oh hey Hanjiro nii-san. You are reading that tomb again."

" Oh yeah I'm.", I replied.

Nowadays, Sylfia calls me onii-san. I always wanted to know how it feels like to be called as a big brother. Thanks to Sylfia, my dream has full-filled.

" This is just great!"

" What is great onii-san?"

" Oh...n-nothing."

I said that out loud.

" Anyway, have you figured out anything in the book?"

" Hmm? Oh yeah, I do. It turns out it's about a hero called Aitama. He is freaking strong. Without magic and sword, he defeats all."

" Can you read the story to me later?"

" ...I'm not sure. There are only pictures with writings here."

" Oh too bad. I wanted to hear the story.", she said in a sad tone.

" Say, aren't we going to the shop yet?"

" Father already left us. It's only you and me here onii-san.", she replied.

" Oh I see."

It's our day off. Grodmin said that we only have to work 4 times a week in the shop. Today isn't work day.

" Can I have some tea then?"

" Okay! I'll get it ready."

She ran inside the house to prepare some tea. She makes the best tea in the...this world!

I finished the manga 3 times now. I feel bored to read the same thing again and again. Wish I brought more.

" Sylfia! I'm going out for a walk."

" Won't have the tea?"

" I'll be back soon. No need to worry."

I put the manga on the sofa. Then I went toward the entrance and got out of the house.

This place is far away from the main part of the town. There are few houses around on sight. But they are far from each other. There is a river flowing just ahead from this house.

The soil path leads to the residential area of this town. Shops, inns, guilds etc are all in that place. Some people live within that place and some like to live far-away like Grodmin. Suddenly, my danger detection ability wears off.

" Oy. Out of the way!", said a man from behind. There was a rumbling and stomping sound too.

I turned around. A big cart driven by a spetrich (speedy ostrich) was coming toward me at great speed.

" Do you want to die kid?!"

I quickly jumped to the side of the road. The cart dashed away beside me.

" Thank god. I almost got crashed with that cart."

I got up and started to remove the dust from my cloth.

I think I'll get back inside. Sylfia must be finished making the tea.

I turned around from the river and headed toward Grodmin's house. But I noticed something behind the tree I were hanging not so long ago..…

A pair of cat ears? Must be an illusion. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. There was no cat ears this time. I went back to the house.

" Here you go Nii-san.", said Sylfia, holding the cup of tea and a cute smile on her face.

So cute!! Only if she was a little shorter and that bust...She would make a good little sister.

" Wonderful! No matter how many times I have it, it always tastes wonderful.", saying that I took another sip from the cup.

" Hehe. Thank you onii-san. Oh yeah, aren't you going to the guild today?"

Right, I need to go to the guild everyday. Also, that Furara must be waiting.

" Yes, I'll go. Are you gonna alright alone in this house?"

" Hmm. Stop always worrying about me. I'll be fine. You know I learned many skills and some sword techniques from my father.", she replied confidently.

She actually is pretty good at defending herself. That day, we went on a wooden sword fight and I lost on the first strike from her.

" Alright then. See you."

I pulled out my fon.

" Wait onii-san.", she stopped me.

" Hmm?"

She, with her eyes closed, raised her head toward me. Don't tell me...

" You forgot your good-bye head pat."

Just like a cat wants its master to pat and rub it, Sylfia was holding her head high. I reached for her beautiful head covered with silky blonde hair.

'Pat' 'Pat' 'Pat'

I could go on like this forever. So nice and comfy. I stopped before I get hypnotized by this.

" See ya Sylfia."

" Take care onii-san."

I pressed the button on the fon. I instantly teleported inside the guild.

The guild was crowded like everyday. Many people are here to get a job.

" If it isn't Hanjiro.", said a guy from behind.

" Dandold."

" Looking for Furara I assume. Well she isn't here yet.", he said.

" Oh I see."

" Dan! Get over here. We got a big one."

" Alright! Sorry Hanjiro. Looks like my comrades are calling me."

" It's fine."

" Until we meet again."

He went toward his companion standing in front of the bulletin board. I went toward the pub section and waited for Furara.

" 1 mashiki drink please.", I said to the bartender.

" Juice or whine?"

" Juice."

Since I never drinked in the previous world, I never liked alcohol that much in this world either. By the way, that red grape-like fruit I had before is called mashiki. It's popular among adventurers because of the taste. But it needs to be purified from poison before having it.

" We ran out of juice."

" Eh?! Why?"

" Don't worry. Sashimi went to get some mashiki. You can get one this afternoon."

" Just give a tomba juice then."

The bartender grabbed some blue apple sized berry and squashed the juice out from it. This one is less tasteful but free from poison.

" There you are Hanjiro.", said Furara.

" You are late."

" Sorry, I overslept today. I was practicing magic last night."

" That is completely useless when you get all messed up after one spell."

" I-I don't get messed up.", her glowing blue eyes in the dark-pit inside her hood showed a sign of disappointment.

The bartender gave my sky-blue tomba juice.

" Do you want to have something?", asked the bartender.

" Tomba juice for me too.", saying that she sat beside.

" Alright, what quest are we doing today?", I said looking at the 'help quest' bulletin board.

" You know Hanjiro. I'm kinda tired of just collecting mushrooms. Can we do something else?"

I guess that's true. After the incident with the giant ant I decided not to do any monster slaying quest. Instead, we were doing a helping quest and so we were collecting forest mushrooms from Albanian forest the past few days.

" No, we are doing mushroom quests. Ah, here is one."

" We have been doing it for weeks. Why not doing a kill quest today?", she refused to do mushroom collecting quest

" Alright fine. We will do it."

We left this board to another one. This one has a monster slaying quest.

" We have to pick something easy."

" What about this Silver serpent?"

" Are you out of your mind?! That's level 3 difficulty!"

" How about this man eating spider quest then?"

" Another 3! You know what, forget it. I'll look for one."

I scanned the entire board of papers. There is only one 1 level difficulty quest.

" Slay 10 raging bulls and grab their meat."

" Raging bulls are so weak.", said Furara.

" We will take it."

" Really? Alright then."

I put the quest paper through the slot of the fon.

Kill Quest

Objective:Slay 10 Raging bull in the Midlofhin plains and grab the meat

Difficulty: Level 1



We arrived at the plains. The bunnies and bulls were grazing around the fields. Slimes are sliming around. Just like a regular bull, they always stay in a flock.

" There they are. This should be easy."

The raging bull had brown and red fur with mad red eyes. They pretty bigger than a normal cow or bull.

" 20 in total. But you know you might not get 10 in one go."

" We will see about that. You got paralyzing magic right? Or don't tell me, you will forget everything like before?"

" N-no I won't! I only get amnesia when I lack in magic. Supporting magic cost low mana."

" Alright, then. Paralyze all those bulls. At least 10 of 'em.", I readied my bow to strike.

" That's gonna be a lot of magic.", she muttered.

" You are completely useless."

" I will do it!", she yelled.

She then summoned her oak wand and grabbed on it.

" By the power of the lighting and the spirits of the air ye shall lose your mobility for a while, Paralyze shock!"

There were some lighting sparks around the bulls. Most of them got paralyzed dropped on the ground and the rest fled the area.

" Nice work Furara. You got 13 of them. I can handle the rest now."

" Y-you better hurry up. It only lasts for seconds."

I aimed at the bulls and shot arrows at them. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...just two more.

The bulls that weren't paralyzed were changing their direction to us. They were dashing at high speed.

" Oh crap! Those bulls are coming at us."

" Do something about them! They're gonna run over us!"

" I can't stop all 6 of them! Why don't you use your paralyze magic?"

" I might get amnesia.", she replied.

Damn it! I remember now. That's why Miya san said not to rely on her too much.

I changed my direction toward the running bulls. If I only knew multi-shot skill. This would become a lot easier.

I shot one arrow and another. It hit two bulls. They fall on the ground. But the rest of the bulls are dashing toward us. Glaring at us with their blood-shot red eyes.

" I-I can't finish them all off."

" Let's run to the carriage-man. I think the bulls won't come at us if....", said Furara.

Before she could finished her words, I started run toward the opposite direction

" Hey! Don't leave me behind!", yelled Furara.

I was still running, leaving Furara. The bulls are faster than us. The gap between the bulls and Furara and me is getting shorter and shorter.

Finally, I saw the carriage lazing under a tree.

" Hey!!", I screamed as loud as possible.

The guy who was waiting there heard me and turned around. He figured out what was happening before I could explain. He grabbed a big horn.

What the heck is that horn for?

" Hanjiro!"

I looked through my shoulders. Furara tripped and fell on the ground. The bulls are getting very close.

What should I do? If I go and save her I might get run over by the bulls too. But if I don't do anything she will be seriously injured.

I got no choice I guess.....

I was preparing myself to run to Furara but suddenly,

" GuOoooooooooO!"

It was the sound of that big horn. It sounded like an animal.

The bulls stopped and changed their direction as fast as they could. It was like they would be in a really big danger if they get any closer here.

I went to Furara. She was sobbing. Or at least I can hear her sobbing. The pitch black pit inside her hood wasn't showing the pair of blue glowing eyes.

" It's alright. We are safe now."

" 'Sob' Because of you I almost got stomped to death by those...'sob'", she said.

" Oi, you know if I couldn't get here fast enough we both could have got stomped to death. Now stop whining and get up."

I helped her to get up on her feet.

" That was close adventurer's. Those bulls are pretty nasty. They bash into anything they like. Thankfully, I got this horn that scares them off.", said one of the butchers.

" Thank you for your help.", I said.

" No need to mention it."

" Why did the bulls run away after you blew that horn?"

" Oh that? …….I have no idea."

"Eh?!", both Furara and I were shocked by his answer.

" Well, my father used to do this now I do that. I never asked about why they ran away like that."

" Oh is that so."

" Have you finished what you are here for?"

" Yes, now we need to grab those bulls and take them to the guild. Come to think of it, how are we gonna carry them to the guild.", said Furara.

It didn't hit me before. How can we carry 10 adult size bulls all the way to the guild.

" Wait, you two didn't inform the guild receptionist that you two took this quest?"

" No?"

" Now this is a problem. I think you didn't notice but check the quest paper. It should say that 'Please inform the receptionist if you want to accept this quest' or something."

Furara checked the quest paper. I also checked it along with her. The guy was right. There was a short on the end of paper.

'Please inform the receptionist if anyone want to accept this quest.'

" What are we gonna do now?"

" Why don't one of you go to the guild and inform them. While the other one guards the bulls?"

" Why do I need to guard it…!"

Some slimes tried to devour the dead bulls.

" Oh crap!", I quickly ran toward them and finished them off.

" I guess I need to guard."

" I will go to the guild then."

" Alright. Get on the cart then."

Furara got on the carriage. The Spedtrich woke up from its sleep.

" I will be quick. Don't worry."

" You better be. I don't want to guard them for a whole hour."

In the end, I had to guard them for an hour. She did reached there quickly. But the butcher of guilds took too much to prepare themself. At least I gained a level by killing those slimes and boars.

" We only got 9,000."

" What the heck?! What happened to the other 6,000?"

" Transportation cost. We came here and then I went back and again came here."

" You are not keeping some for yourself are you?"

" Of course. I mean of course not!"

" Giiiiiii."

" Alright, maybe I did use a thousand for a light snack."

" I knew it!"

" Oi boss. He is right. She got 11 of 'em.", said a butcher searching for the bulls that we slayed.

" Alrigtey, let's get to work everyone."

The butcher went to skin and collect the meat from the bulls.

" Let's just go to the guild.", I said.

" Y-yes."

Me and Furara were walking to save money. We are in the town, passing by Grodmin's shop.

" Hey, Furara. I need to get something. You go to the guild and wait.."

" Huh? Alright."

I got down from the cart and headed toward Grodmin's shop.

' Ring'

The bell on the door rang when I opened the door. Some people were here looking for weaponry they needed.

" Oh, it's you boy. Today is your day-off you know.", said Grodmin.

" No, I was just here to pass-by."

" Oh I see."

" Hey Grodmin, can I have this for 10,000?", said a guy wearing a warrior outfit.

" No, that's not for sale."

" Oh is that so?"

That guy placed the dagger where it was.

" Isn't Furara here yet?"

" Hmm, she has. But she is off with a delivery."

" I see."

I'm glad to hear that she is safe.

" Anyway Grodmin see ya."

" Hmm. See ya at my house."

I left the shop. I was only here to know if Furara was safe or not.

I should head to the guil.....

Just a bit ahead of me in the crowd, I'm not sure, but someone seems to stare at me… the cat ears?

The cat ears vanished with the crowd without a trace.

Who was that?

When I was thinking about who the cat ears person might be, someone said from behind me

" Are you Hanliro Fuguriya?"

" N-no. But my name is Hanjiro Fujuriya."

" So you are the guy...I hope we meet again."

Saying that, the cat girl, wearing a sleeveless vest and shorts, disappeared again into thin air.


I decided to think that this never happened and I went to the guild.

" Why did everything turn out like this?"

" We should have read the paper carefully."

Come to think of it, I was the one who read and accepted this. Now I feel like this happened all because of me.

We are sitting on the tavern benches. Discussing what happened.

" Let's split the money after lunch and call it a day."

" Alright."

" You will only have 3,500."

" Eh!? Why?"

" You freaking ate lunch already."

She became quiet. I can hear her moaning. I got too harsh on her, I guess.

I split the reward money. I gave her 4,000 azul and went off to our own destination.

I want to take a bath before I go back home.

The bath-house of this town is quite big. Up to hundred people can bathe at the same time. It is located just near the guild and tavern. A perfect place for business I say. Many adventurers get all sweaty and tired. Nothing beats a nice good bathe after a long hardworking day.

After I took a bathe, I feel kinda refreshed.

" Man, the water here is pretty relaxing. Better than what I had back in Japan. Although that spring-bath in Kusatsu onsen was pretty good too."

The dusk was illuminating the sky with red and pink colors. I always get impressed by the scene.

" I miss Japan."

" So we meet again.", said the cat girl standing beside me.

" Wahaahah!", I jumped aside out of shock.

When did she get beside me?

She turned to me from the beautiful scene of dusk. I get to get a better look at her. She had dark brown eyes. Wearing a brown sleeveless vest up to abdomen, shorts grey colored shorts and boots cyan blue. Her hands up-to elbow and legs up-to knee were wrapped up with bandages. A dark sky-blue ribbon was attached to her light brown ponytail.

" I didn't mean to scare you. Sorry about that."

" N-no it's fine."

What does she want from me?

" You are Hanjiro right? A guy who got teleported to this town when the demon army was attacking your village. Isn't that right?"

H-how does she know all this? No one knows about it except Grodmin and Sylifa.

" Hehehe. You might be wondering how I know about me right? To tell you the truth, I'm this town's greatest thief. I've always been stealing and stealing...yet...."

" Yet?"

" I never heard about something as incredible as that thing you have."

" Wh-what thing?"

" Ho. You don't know? That thing you have. The tome from the prophecy about a hero who is strong enough to defeat a demon king?", she said in a serious tone.

....My manga?

" Sorry, but I never heard any prophecy about the man- I mean the story book you are talking about."

" What the heck are you talking about? You carry that tome and you don't know about its prophecy? Well it can't be helped. I'll tell you about it."

I have no clue where this is going.

" I've heard it from a wise old-man, but the prophecy goes like this. In the prophecy, it says that a demon lord will terrorize the whole world one day. As you know it's happening right now. But there was a hope. There is an ancient tomb which holds a hero's identity. A hero who is strong enough to defeat the demon lord. Once the book is found we will all be safe. The hero will save us from the wrath of the demon lord."

There were such kinds of books in the prophecy?!

" So I was thinking of stealing the book from you and using it to find the hero by myself."

" Sorry, but I don't think mine is right one."

" You can get away just by saying that poor lie."

I'm not lying seriously. I'm pretty sure my manga isn't an ancient tome.

" Now hand it over quitely if you don't want to make it worse."

" I-I don't have it."

" Heh. Another lie. I guess I'll just steal it from you."

Saying that she raised her right hand toward me.

" Steal item."

Blue effects were surrounding her hand. After a while, nothing appeared in her hand.

" Huh?", she was confused.

" What did you do?", I asked.

" Weird. It always works. Or maybe you really don't have it."

" What the heck did you...."

She became alerted. Turning around cautiously.

" Damn it. Someone is coming. Well, I guess I have to leave you alone for now. But I'll be back. To get that to me from you."

" Ok..."

" Escape.", she threw a smoke bomb on the ground and disappeared.

A lizard faced guy riding on a Holf carriage was passing by. She ran away because of him I guess.

I went back to Grodmin's house and passed the day like I always do. Learning smithing with Grodmin. Organize the goods and play with Sylfiya.

" You can repair regular armor with that level,'' said Sylfia.

" That's cool. Say, what is your smithing level again Sylfia?"

" Ninety nine.", a big grin all over her face.

" What the heck!??"

" Just kidding it's just 25."

" Oh, still, that is pretty much compared to mine."

I'm ten in smithing level.

" I'm fourty-nine level blacksmith you know.", said Grodmin.

" That's no surprise."

" I thought you will be shocked to hear that just like with Sylfia."

I took my duvet and prepared myself to sleep on the sofa.

" Hanjiro....get up."

I woke up right away. There was no one beside me.

" That voice. I thought it's gone."

Suddenly, my enemy detection skill wears off. Someone is lurking around the house.

I got off the sofa and thought about waking up Grodmin. But I refused to wake him up. I got some experience waking him up and it was not great.

I took my bow and the dagger.

" Who's there?"

" Ekk!"

A girl squeaked right in front of the window. The voice seems familiar.

There was a stepping sound. That girl is trying to run away.

" Oi get back here."

I got out of the house and followed the footsteps.


She slipped and fell on the ground.

" Oww! My head."

" What the... it's you?"

That cat ear thief was lying on the ground rubbing her forehead. She noticed me and jumped away.

" S-stay back. I have a dagger."

" I got a dagger too.", I pulled out my dagger.

" C-crap..."

" So you really did come back to steal the manga."

" Of course. I told you I will get that ancient tome of yours. It's too late I already have the tome.", she showed the manga holding in her left hand.

" Oi give that back."

" Hehe. Like I'll just give it back like that. I'll be going then. Escape."

She threw a smoke bomb just like before.

" Noo!", I screamed.

The smoke faded away, but the cat ear girl was still there coughing.

" What the heck.."

'Cough' 'cough'

" ....why didn't you escape?"

" Shut up. You saw nothing I'll just run for now."

She started to run toward the bridge. She again slipped and fell on the river.

What the heck is wrong with her....

I approached where she fell. She was all drenched with water and wet. I can hear her sobbing.

" Hey, are you alrigh..."

" Uwaaaaaahhh!"

She started to scream for all of a sudden.

" Oi, what the heck do you think you are doing? Stop screaming."

" Fuwaaaahhaaahaaa!"

" Oi. Shut up already. People are gonna come to us if you continue."

She finally calmed down a bit. But still sobbing.

" Why....'sob' why does it happen all the time?"

I found the manga on the bridge and picked it up.

" I don't understand what the heck is happening? Weren't you stealing this from?"

" Y-yes..."

" Then why did you mess up so badly?"

" I don't know."

" Didn't you say that you are the best thief in this town."

" Y-yes, I did."

" A regular thief could steal it from me with ease."

That's how weak I am right now.

" I know. I Know that..."

" You really suck at this.", I said.

" St-still, I love stealing. I wanted to steal the ancient tome from you so I can get more popular. But...I couldn't do it."

She used escape right in front of me not so long ago. Why couldn't she use it this time.

" Hanjiro, where are you lad?", Grodmin's voice was coming from the house.

" Oh no, i-its Grodmin-sama."

Her face was filled with terror and panic. Just like Sylfia said, all the thief is afraid of Grodmin.

" I wonder if I should hand you over."

" Wha! Please don't. I beg you. If Grodmin sees me like this...I'm...I'll be so embarrassed."

" Well, you did try to steal my manga. I think I'll just hand you to Grodmin."

" Hanjiro-nee san.", yelled Sylfia from the house.

" I'm over here.", I said quietly so that they couldn't hear.

" Please, please. I won't steal from you anymore. Please don't let Grodmin see me stealing. I told him I won't steal."

Is she a kid or something?

" Alright. I'll let you go. But I have a request."

" What? What is it? Don't tell me...it's something lewd?", she looked at me with disgust.

" What? No! Do you think I'm that kind of person?"

" What is it then? Hurry, they are coming."

" Well, can I......touch your ears?"

" Ehh?! Why would you want to...alright fine just do it.", she said feeling uneasy

" Alright."

I reached for her ears.

'Rub' 'Rub'

" Soooo soft!!"

I see, this is how a neko-girl's ears feel like.

" Hu-hurry up already. It's pretty sensitive there."

" Oh sorry."

I got carried away by the softness.

" Why would someone want to wish for this?"

" You wouldn't get it."

" Anyway thank you for letting me go.", she said with a smile. She covered her face with the scarf afterward.

" Hanjiro, what are you doing there?"

" Oh crap. Run away."

She disappeared into the darkness. without any sound. She escaped successfully.....What the heck?

" Onii-san. Why are you standing beside the river at night?"

" We were worried sick lad."

" No, I'm fine. I was just....homesick. I'm sorry to make you worry."

I really do miss my home.

" I know how you feel, lad."

" Don't feel down onii-san. We will stay beside you always."

" Thank you Sylfia. Well, let's get back to the house."

That's right. They have been always on my side until now.

After that we went back into the house and had a good-night sleep.

The next morning (at the Guild of Midlofhin),

" What are we gonna do today? How about slaying some.."

" No! We are not doing any slay quest."

" Why? Slaying is the only way we can earn a lot of money."

" I don't care. I'm still not ready for this.", I said.

She remained quiet for some time. I didn't say anything either.

" Fine....are we gonna collect some mushrooms again?", she finally said.

" Well, I guess collecting mushrooms is getting boring, let's do something else."

" Alright. If you say so."

" I'll go pick one up. And don't take away my roasted kuckler."

" I...won't.", she wasn't being honest I can tell.

" If I see my plate empty I will have you pay for the dinner tonight!"

" I get it. I get it."

I went toward the bulletin board. I turned over to see if she was doing anything. No, she was sitting and eating her own meal.

After I picked one, I returned to our seat and found half of my kuckler meat gone.

" You said...!"

" I'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself."

" Whatever. At Least you left something. Anyway I got this quest.", I sat down and gave the paper to Furara. I grabbed my bowl of rice and the kuckler meat.

" You really want to do this?", she asked.

" Hmm. 'chew' 'chew' This seems easy and the reward is ‘chew' 'chew' big."

" ......"

I didn't realize what a big mistake I made.

" Gahhaah! Help me Furara!!"

I was at the 'Galvin's Farm'. The biggest farm in this town. A giant tomato vines were attacking. They keep whipping randomly and throwing tomatoes.

" I can't take it anymore."

" Sorry, I can't help you with anything here. You said you will handle it yourself."

The quest I picked was about picking up some vegetables at this farm. I had a garden back when I was on earth. I used to go pick up veggies from there with my mom. Sometimes dad. I thought this would be like this. I didn't mind doing some labour work since it will pay about 100,000 azuls. But....this isn't some ordinary veggies like in my garden.

" Use some spell to help me at least! Gahah!", a tomato was thrown at my abdomen.

" I don't have the kind of spell that can help you now. I can use immobilize.", said Furara.

" Great! Use i..Gahah. I dropped the shield."

" But you will get immobilized too."

" What kind of spell is that?!"

" How about barrier magic?"

" Hey! How is it going?", said the farm master. He was strong and muscular like Grodmin. He is a human like me and Furara. The color of his eyes and the sky matched together. The hair is as wild as these tomatoes. He was wearing a straw hat and a regular farmer's uniform.


" What did I tell you? When you see the vine throwing tomatoes toward you, capture them. Like this.", he entered the garden giving the straw hat to Furara.

He grabbed a glove and stood still. The vines changed the target to him instead of me. It threw one tomato toward him. He captured the tomato and threw it into the big container.

" See? You can catch em like this. Do what I did and youthe will get em all without anythe prob. Also, don't go near the vines or you will be whipped really hard."

" I really regret this!"

" Well, I did try to warn you."

" You never said anything like living whipping vines!"

I got whipped again.

" Gahaha!"

" Paralyze Shock!", Furara casted paralyze magic on the tomatoes.

Somehow I got them all in the container. I was all tired and sweaty. We went to the guild to receive our reward.

" Hmm, looks like you really did it.", said Lisa the reward giving receptionist. She is one of the receptionist of the guild. Her counter is on way left corner. Like Siyol, she was wearing white brown outfit but she also wear a red over-jacket. She has green eyes with golden eyes. Her eyes are always narrowed and always look irritated. Many adventurers got beaten by her while collecting reward.

" Yes, we did. It was a heck of a pain."

" Just take the money and leave.", she put the reward money on the table and frowned at us. We took the money and immediately left the place. She looks pretty scary all the time.

It was afternoon the sun was going to set anytime now. Furara took only 20,000 azuls because she didn't do anything, only casting barrier magic to protect me and casted paralyze shock only once. I wanted to give her 1,000 but then felt sad about her and raised to 20,000. We had our lunch, went to the bathhouse.

" Don't forget to pay for dinner.", I said.

" But...I just..."

" You said you will pay for the dinner if I give you 20,000 azuls."

" Okay, I will pay for it."

I took a nice bath and decided to go to the shop. It's my working day after all.

" Be cautious now.", said the disembodied voice.

" We meet yet again.", said a familiar female voice.

I flinched and turned around. It was the cat thief.

" Oh it's you. are you here to steal my manga again?

" What? N-no. I'm not here to steal. I just wanted to thank you."

" For what?"

" Every time I got caught stealing, most of them hand me over to the soldiers and I get imprisoned. But you didn't do that. That's why I wanted to thank you."

" Oh really?...you're welcome then."

" I will repay you for what you did someday."

" Well, you don't have to do that."

" I need to go now. So see ya then.", she said and pulled scarf to cover her mouth.

" Alright, see ya."

" Be cautious.", again said the voice.

What does it mean to be cautious and be cautious about what?......I get it now.

" Just a minute."

She flinched and stopped. She turned to me with nervous eyes.

" Y-yes?"

" Mind if I see your hands?", I said.

" W-why do you want to? There is..no-nothing here. Hey!"

I fetched the pouch from her hand. Then checked inside. Yep, my money is in here.

" You tried to steal my money."

She looked away because of embarrassment. Her face was all red.

" Looks like I have to take you Grodmin this time."

" No, please. Anything but that. I don't want to go to Grodmin oji san like this."

" Well let's go to the soldiers then."

" Noo! Not that either!"

" Hey, isn't it Melina? What you doing here?", said a female passer-by

Furara flinched again and tried to hide herself.

" No-nothing. I was just..."

" Don't tell me you tried to steal again?"

I saw the cat girl's face turning burning red and she was trying to hide her face.

" Don't you ever learn? I think this guy is gonna send you to the jail again."

" No, you are wrong. I...wanted to recruit her to my party."

Both the cat-girl and the passer-by got surprised.

" Really? You wanted to recruit her?"

" Yes, I wanted to recruit her. She seems like a good thief."

What the heck am I saying?

" Okay....Well just to let you know, she doesn't have any good rumours around here."

" It doesn't matter. I think she can fix herself if she joins me."

Seriously what the heck am I doing?!

" Y-yes, it's true. He wants me to join his party. Well, I accept your invitation."

....I guess I should just play along.

" I'm glad to have you at my party. Hope we become the best party in this world."

" Yeah! I'll give my best shot! Don't you worry."

" Well, congrats then Lina. You always wanted to join a party right?"

" That's right. I feel so great. Thanks Shina-san."

" You are welcome. I better get going now. See ya then."

" Yes, See ya."

The woman departed.

" Thanks Hanjiro."

" Huh?"

" It was my dream to join a party and do adventures. I got it fulfilled because of you."

" But it was just a jo...."

" You can't say that. If you do that you are gonna break a woman's heart and shatter her dreams into bits. I'm pretty sure you are that kind of..."

" I don't care."

" Seriously? Yo-you really don't care about it.", she was surprised.

" Don't care.", I replied

" Don't you care that I might kill myself because of you."

" Wait what?"

" That's right Hanjiro. If you kick me out of the party, I might kill myself. Let the bulls run over me. Let the Qwables devour me."

I was scared by this woman's expression. What the hell is Qwables? She looks more creepy then the reward receiving lady! (I"m not a lady!!)

" You are not serious are you?

" No, I'm Lina."

If she really does kill herself, I can just call myself a murderer. She killed herself because of me after all.

" C-can you ju-just join another guild?"

" Hm…Most people know who I am and are not interested enough to recruit me. I only got you now. So are you gonna let me join or kill a woman?"

She grinning ear to ear. She got me cornered. I'm being blackmailed right now.

" Fi-fine. You are a member."

" Great! I know you are not the type that lets a woman's heart break. I'll try my best to help you. Let's share our fons shall we."

She was registered to my party member list and as a friend list.

" What's your name again?

" Lina Shinro."

~ 'Lina Shinro' has joined your party ~

And just like that I got another crazy party member. I wonder what next crazy person is gonna join my party.

" By the way you don't have to pay money to me. I can get some by stealing."

" No, I don't want that, thank you. We will give you your reward."

" Alright if you say so."

I hope I survive with this crazy party.

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