2 Save log 1:Welcome to the new world, Hero

Part 1



Something must have gone wrong or I wasn't supposed to be hanging upside down on a tree.

After that freaking hell of a pain, everything was dark and quiet. Soon after that, I heard an unknown bird chirping and a silent wind blew over me. When I opened my eyes, I found myself hanging upside down.

I was supposed to be surprised to see the beautiful nature of a fantasy world in front of me. But I couldn't be. Maybe because I was in this situation.

Thankfully I wasn't in a forest or something. I was hanging on a tree beside a medieval style house like in any rpg. I feel a bit relieved about that. But still, no one wants to discover themself to be hanging like this.

A vine was wrapped around my left foot. I am surprised by the strength of it. They look so thin but strong enough to handle my weight.

I tried many times to get myself free from the vines but they sure are strong.


The door of the house was opening. An elf-girl just about my age was coming out of the house. How do I know it's an elf girl? Well humans definitely don't have those pointy ears like her. She had shoulder length golden blonde hair. She was wearing an white apron over a light blue casual dress. Blouse with long skirt.

She finally noticed me hanging upside down and was staring tensely.

" Hello."

Before I knew it, I spoke in a language that I never spoke before.

The girl screamed, " A thief!"

" Wait! This is a misunderstanding! I am not a thief!"

Ignoring me, she went inside the house as quickly as she could.

This is not going well.

" Where is he?!", an angry voice came out from the house.

This is definitely not good!

A muscular male elf got out with a sword in his hand. His hair was bright brown and short. The biceps and muscles were bulking as he was holding the sword. He was wearing a leather apron with leather boots and iron chest,plate and kneecaps.

" Alright you pesky thief! Surrender yourself and give away everything you stole!"

" I am literally hanging upside down now. Why do I need to surrender?"

" Silence! Give away everything you have.", he roared.

" Th-this is all a misunderstanding. Let me get out of this vines and I'll explain everything."

" Lies! I know you will definitely try to use escape when I'll free you.", he drew the sword closer to me.

" I swear. I won't try to escape. Just let me expl..."

" Keep your trap shut if you want to live.", The sword was now near touching my throat. I gulped and did what he ordered.

"Good. Sylfia, check if he stole anything."

"Yes, otosan.", the elf girl replied and came out from behind his otosan. He raised her hands in the air.

" Detect."

Blue magic effects were surrounding her hand just like in games. It's the first time I saw magic casting in front of me.

" There are two things under him."

What? I don't have anything with me. What is this elf saying?

I looked on the ground, the manga and my family photo was lying on the ground. I totally forgot about them.

" What are these?", the male elf approached my manga and photo.

" Th-those are mine.", I said.

" Shut up. Stealing away doesn't mean it's yours now."

I had to stay quiet and cry silently. Those really were my stuff.

" Hey you."

" ....Are you talking to me?", I replied

" Who else am I talking to then?!"

" Yes."

The elf showed me the family photo.

" Is this your family?", asked the elf.

" Ye-yes it's my family."

" Where are they now?"

" Well they are....!"

I got an idea.

" They were killed by the demon king's army. They attacked our...city.", obviously it's a lie. But I don't have any other option now.

" Really? How did you get here then?", the elf still doubting me.

" We-well, my parents were trying to defend us and died. While that time, m-my sister used all her mana to.....teleport me to somewhere safe. And...as you can see, I was teleported here like this."

I am not sure myself if they will believe it or not. Please god! Help me...

" Hmm. If that's the case."

The elf tucked his sword to the ground and kneel down before I knew it.

" Forgive us!"

" ?!"

......What the heck?

" I'm terribly sorry for what I've done. Calling you thief without knowing anything.", the elf still was kneeling on the ground, his face to the ground. His daughter also followed her otosan and kneel down.

" I-I'm sorry too mister. Sorry for thinking that you were a thief.", said the elf girl.

Looks like my words really worked.

" No. It's fine, everyone makes mistakes. But, can you please free me from this situation? All my blood is going to my head right now."

" Oh. I'm sorry. Let me help you out.", said the male elf.

He grabbed his sword and cut the vines.

" Wait wait!"

It was too late. I already hit my head on the ground.


I was rolling on the ground because of the pain in my head.

" I'm terribly sorry. Sylfia!"

" Yes. Heal!", the elf girl cast another magic.

Gradually, the pain started to leave my head. The elf grabbed me and took me inside of the house.

Part 2

The inside was...Spectacular! So this is how it is like to be inside of a fantasy house.

I was in what looked like a living room. There was a fireplace on the left-side where I was sitting on a couch. A timepiece above it. This room was not that big.

The male elf was sitting in front of me. Sylfia (the name of the elf girl) was inside. Two men are sitting quietly in the living room staring at each other.

" Are you feeling better boy?"

" Huh? Aa, yes. I'm fine. Thank you."

Sylfia came in holding a tray with two cups on it. She offered me one cup.

" Here mister. Some fresh tea.", she said with a smile.

" Thanks."

I accepted her offer and took the cup. The color of the tea was greenish. Must be green tea or something. I never had tea in my life.

I took a gulp from the tea. It was a bit hot but the taste....remarkable. I never knew tea tasted so good before. I took another gulp.

" Allow us to introduce our-self. I'm Ranford. Ranfrod Grodmin. I work here in this town at Grodmin's Weapon and Armor. This is my daughter Sylfia Grodmin. A low level mage."

" Nice to meet you mister.", said Sylfia.

" Oh right. Sorry, my name is Hanjiro Fujuriya. Nice to meet you too.", I introduced myself as well.

" I'm sorry about your family mister."

" No it's fine. They are all well..I mean they are resting in peace….I guess.", I continued to have my tea.

" Curse that demon lord. Say, where are you from boy? I want to know which kingdom they are attacking now.", said Grodmin.

I was going to take a sip from the cup but stopped. I wasn't prepared for this kind of question.

" Are you talking about me?"

" Yes."

" Well...I-I am from."

" Kingdom of Zangyle.", said a voice in my head.

" Zangyle Kingdom....!"

What the heck was that voice?

" Oh! That's pretty far away from this place, mister. I also heard that's where the powerful and famous mages are born.", said Sylfia.

What was that voice just now?

" That's bad news. If that kingdom falls down....", Grodmin whispered in a serious tone.

" Hey mister, what's that book?"

" Hmm?"

She was pointing at my manga. I forgot about that one. The manga I brought with me from that world.

" That's a....an ancient tome about..."

What's this manga about again....!

" About?"

" ......about a hero who fights off demons with a single punch.", I replied.

" Single punch?!", Sylfia was surprised.

" ...yes."

" Let me see.", said Grodmin.

I gave the manga to Grodmin.

" This does not look like a tome."

" It is. My sister gave it to me saying it's pretty important tome before teleporting me here.", I replied in a serious tone.

Actually, my sister is the one who gave me that manga. I never knew about about manga until oneday, my sis came into my room and handed me the manga saying 'Here, read this. This is pretty good.'. And she was right, it was awesome!

" ....it's true that I don't understand the language it's written in."

He put the manga on the wooden tea table faced down.

" The tea was nice Sylfia."

Sylfia smiled in return. She looks pretty cute when she smiles. ," Thank you mister."

I put the cup on the wooden table in front of me. I've been thinking for a while. Why does she act like a little girl?

" Anyway lad, I am sorry for all the trouble I did to you."

" No it's fine. No need to apologize again."

" Is there anything we can help you with?"

" Yes mister. Let us help you out. You don't know this place right? I'll guide you around if you like.", said Sylfia.

" Thank you, that will be a great help."

Well she is right. I need to know my surroundings first.

" Why don't you stay with us until you find a place to stay boy?"

" Huh?"

" Oh. That's a pretty good idea otosan."

" I don't think that's necessary."

" Hmm. You are pretty shy huh. Well to make it fair why don't you work at my shop as a payment for staying at my house. How's that?"

Working at a medieval weapon shop...That seems fun.

" Ok I guess."

" Great. We will open it soon. If you like you can come with us or rest here for a while.", said Grodmin.

" I think I will go."

" That's my boy. Now get yourself ready. Sylfia get everything ready."

" Ok."

She went inside. Grodmin then turned to me.

" Did you get attacked by the army at night?"

" Yeah....I guess."

" Hmm. No wonder you are wearing pajamas."

I looked at myself. I was wearing my white pajamas. I thought this might not work so I didn't bring my shoes either.

" Do you have a spare cloth and.....boot?"

" Here. Wear these."

He threw a leather armor and pants and a leather boot.

" Thanks Grodmin."

" Hah hah ha. No need to mention it. Well get ready now."

Grodmin then also followed her inside. I was sitting in the room alone. All quiet.

" Come out boy! We are ready to go.", Grodmin's voice came from outside the house.

I got out of the house and saw a cart which was connected with two wolf-like horses. It had sharp teeth, mane and legs like a wolf. Except it's tall like a horse and less frightening than a wolf. I was excited to see a fantasy beast.

Sylfia and Ranford were loading the carriage. There were boxes of weapons and armor.

" Alright that should be enough. Get on lad.", said Grodmin.

" Where should I sit?"

" If you like you can sit in the driver's seat. But you can sit with the goods on the back with Sylfia."

" I'll sit in the back."

" Yay!"

I got onto the cart and sat with Sylfia. Ranford got into the driver's seat.

" Let's go girls."

Grodmin whipped the lash and we were moving. It would have been a nice experience if I didn't fall off from the cart right after it started to move.

Part 3

We arrived at the main part of the town. While talking with Sylfia, I learned this place is called Midlofhin Town. Also, I learned Sylfia is only 12 years old. Didn't see that coming although I watched so many anime.

There were many kinds of people. Most of them were human like me. But there were also elfs, reptile-like faces, animal ears! Mages with staff, knight or crusader's armor and shiny sword. I can finally tell myself that I was in a fantasy world. This is not a dream. 'Cuz I still can feel the pain in my hand after falling from the cart while ago.

Ranford stops in front of a quite big house. The signboard was written in a different language but I can read it perfectly.

~Grodmin's Weapon and Armory~

" That's our shop mister."

" That's quite nice."

" Isn't that right? My otosan is the best blacksmith in this town. Hehe", Sylfia said lifting her chest proud. .....Still can't believe a 12 year old has that kind of chest.

I helped Grodmin unload the cart. There were many boxes. I only unload 3 out of 15. The shop was big enough to fit 3 elephants, there was a back door leading to the back room. Many empty wooden racks to display the goods were placed in order. Having a enough gap between them to let customer walk by them. There was also some wall hangers to display shields. A clock was ticking on the left wall beside them. There are technology in this world too.

" What would you like to do now? Do you want to take explore the town for a while?", asked Ranford

" I guess I will."

" I'm gonna go with.", said Sylfia.

" Alright. Be careful not to get him lost in the crowd."

" I will. Come on mister. Let's go. I'll show you some cool places you might like."

" Thanks Sylfia."

" Oh wait. Before that."

I turned to Ranford. He went to the reception-table. After a while he came out with a sack.

" Here take this."

" What's this?"

" Azuls. I bet you really have any."

Azuls huh? Must be the currency of this world. Glad to learn that.

" Are you really giving this to me?"

" No need to worry. I'm quite solvent. 6,000 Azuls is not that much to me."

I accepted the money from Grodmin.

" Thank you so much."

" Don't mention it. Well go on now. I'll take care of the shop."

" Yes."

I followed Sylfia outside of the shop and kept following her. She was running ahead cheerfully while I was looking around amazed. Until I separated from her.

" Sylfia?"

" I'm here mister."

I saw Sylfia ahead in the crowd waving at her. Need to stick with her. I don't know what will happen next time I'm gonna get lost.

We walked for a while. Went to the market district, mayor's building, soldier's camp and a beautiful flower shop.

" Next we are going to a cool place where many adventurers gather together."

" Is that so?"

Wait, I think I know what this place is.

We came in front of a two storied building. The second building I saw which has 2 floors.

~Midlofhin's Guild and Tavern!~

" Here we are!", said Sylfia.

Yes, a guild. Where starts their journey in most rpgs.

The space inside was bigger than how it looked from outside. There were two big yellow bulletin boards right in front of the entrance. A pub on the right side some adventurers are having a drink. And there was also a door to a kitchen. On the left there were tables and benches where many adventurers were taking a break eating. There was a staircase leading to the second floor. On the very end of the floor, was the receptionist center.

People were gossiping and chatting with each other. But most of them became quite turned to me. I'm a new face to them I guess.

A long brown hair girl wearing a yellow-orange maid uniform carrying a tray came toward us.

" Welcome to the Midlofhin's Guild. If you're looking for a job check the bulletin board or go to the receptionist center. Oh Hi Sylfia."

" Hello Miya nee-san."

" Are you here to eat today?", asked the maid uniform girl.

" No. I was just giving this mister a tour."

The girl turned to me. She was a normal human like me. Her eyes were sea water blue.

" Nice to meet you.", I said.

" Welcome to Midlofhin Town. I hope you enjoy your stay in our inn."

" Oi Miya! Where is our food?!", a guy shouted from the tables where people were eating.

" Coming. No need to be so impatient. Sorry Sylfia need to go."

" It's ok. See you later."

Miya went off to give food to her customer.

" Isn't this place nice?", asked Sylfia.

" Yeah. This place is pretty beautiful."

" You know people from all round this kingdom come here to start their adventure. Sometimes people come from outside the kingdom too."

I see. This is the beginning town. A place where every hero starts their journey.

" I will join this guild too."

" Oh really? That's good to know. Do you need me to go with you?"

" No it's ok. I can handle this from now."

" Ok. I'll go back to the shop then. After you are done, just ask a guy where Grodmin's I mean my otosan's's shop is. They will tell you."

" Ok. Thanks Sylfia."

" Don't get lost mister."

Why is she saying that like I will.

Saying that she left the guild. I went toward the reception center. There were 5 counters. 2 males and 3 females. I don't know which one to go to.

" Greeting friend.", said a guy from behind. I turned around.

There was a guy wearing full plate armor and a sword on his belt. The armor was white and red in colour and the sword was sliver with a golden touch on it's handle. He had short spiky blonde hair, purple eyes. The thing that caught my eyes, he was wearing a single gauntlet on his left arm. It had many fancy patterns.

" ..Hi."

" You are a new face."

" I came to this town...today."

" Hmm. To join the guild I assume?"

" Yes...to join the guild."

" Hah hah ha. You chose the right one. This town is famous for its guild. I myself started as an adventurer here. And tell you what I didn't leave this town even though I'm a level 36 Crusader."

There are leveling systems in this world?

" Can I help you with anything?"

" Huh? A yeah. I want to register but which counter should I go to?"

" Oh you need to go to Siyol’s counter. The middle one.", he pointed to the counter in the middle. Many people were lining up there.

" That’s pretty crowded."

" You need to follow the rules. have patience and Razahan-sama will bless you with fortune."


" By the way. My name Dandold Scrimegour Menifant the crusader."

" Oh, my name is Hanjiro Fujuriya."

" Until we meet again Fujuriya."

He left waving his left hand. I also waved back then joined the line.

" Welcome to the Midlofhin's Guild How may I help you?", said the receptionist in a soft tone.

She was wearing white and brown outfit with a yello-orange scarf. The brown bun hair pinned with a black hair pin, her generous bosom and her lime green color eyes behind the spectacle gave her a mature look. Her soft smile made her kind and friendly.

" I would like to register please."

" Sure, I can do that. But first you need to pay a registration fee first."

" A regis...tration fee?"

" Yep, that will be 2,000 Azuls.", she said.

" Well, aa..."

" It's ok if you don't have any Azuls. We have a way to pay the adventurers the registration fee."

" Oh really? What's that?"

" You have to clean the guild for 2 weeks straight.", said the receptionist smiling.

" What?"

" Cleaning the guild. We are short on guild members so it's hard to keep the guild clean. Those adventurers who don't have any money get their registration paid by cleaning the guild for two weeks.", she gave a terrifying smile.

" .....I think I'll just pay the fee instead."

Who wants to clean this huge place for 2 weeks without any rest?!

" Alright then. The fee is 2000 Azuls."

I got my pouch out. After I looked inside the pouch, I realized I don't know which coin worth how much.

What I'm gonna do now?

" Gold is 1000 silver 100 and copper is 1.", said the disembodied voice inside my head.

It's that voice! What heck is that?

" You don't have enough money?"

" No, I do have enough."

I paid the fee of 2,000 azuls.

" Alright. Now would please put your hand in this crystal ball. This will show you stats and with that we will decide what your job will be."

Attribute statistics or everyone calls it stats for short. This is important to some gamers and trash to others. I wonder how great my stats are. It's my time to shine now.

She placed a purple crystal ball before me. It was dim and lifeless. As soon as I put my hand on the crystal ball, it started to shine brightly and the color changed to green.

Everyone was staring at me and the ball. Numbers started to appear in front of me. After a while it became lifeless.

" Hmm...not bad actually."

Huh? Not...bad? I thought she was going to scream out about how great my stats are.

" With this you can pick up any class except fighting ones like warrior, knight and so and so. But I recommend you to choose a rogue type or a mage type job. You are a perfect fit for those."

" The one with the thief and bandits is rouge?"

" Yes. Well not all thieves are bad. Like Lunar Thief Taigan. He only steals away from the bandits and gets the item to the owners."

Who is Taigan? But still, why would I want to pick a thief class? Well I do have another choice, mage class. But I'm not that intrest in mage either.

" It's ok if you don't pick any. There are other choices. Unless it's befitting your stats."

" ....Can I be a ranger?"

I always liked using bows in games. Ranger is perfect for that.

" Ranger? Well you can. But, you will be a low class ranger."

" A low class huh?"

Why does it have to be like this?

" You can level up and gain skills. By that you may improve your class as a ranger."

" ...Alright, I will pick ranger then."

" Please wait for a while until we complete the registration. Please have a seat at those empty tables."

" Ok. Thank you."

" Your welcome."

I went toward the tables where adventurers were eating. I sat on an empty bench.

" Do you want to eat?", said a guy wearing the same outfit as Miya. Except there is no skirt.

" No, I'm just waiting for my registration to complete."

" Alright. If you feel like eating, let us know."

" Sure."

The waiter then went off to the hungry customers on the other tables.

" All done. Let me explain some things to you. Try saying 'status log'. You can say it in your mind if you like."

"Alright. Status log."

A screen came out of nowhere. There was my name, my hp, mana and level.

" This can be seen by anyone. But there are some stats they won't be able to see. Like, skill level, skills, magics etc. But they can see them or you can see others' full status using certain abilities. There is also the ability to fake your stats to confuse your enemy."

" I see."

" Next is the leveling. You can get exp or experience by killing monsters or by doing quests that give exp. And getting a certain exp will level you."

I know that. No need to explain the same thing that says in a game's tutorial.

" One thing. If you don't collect exp. for a while then your level might decrease."

" What the heck?! Level can decrease?"

" Yes, they can. So you should be careful.", she replied.

I never heard something like that in my life.

"Finally, Here is your fon."

She gave me a brown colored device that looked like a small phone with no screen and a few buttons. There was a slot on the top of it.

" What is this?"

" This is an essential device that every adventurer has. This is also a proof that you are a member of a guild."

" I see."

" There are other things you can do with it. Let me teach you."

She took the fon from me.

" This slot here is very important. You can put a quest paper here to accept any quest. We will get notified if you do through our magical device. This button allows you to send messages by pressing the button. Press and hold the button then say something when you finish releasing the button. The receiver will get the message via magical telepathy directly. I will show you how this works.

She pulled her own fon.

" Oh right. Before you can send a message, you need to make a contact with the receiver's fon like this."

She touched the back of her fon with my fon both of the fon glowed a bit.

" Now you can send a message to me and I can too message you now. Always remember to do this with your party member. Now for the message sending."

She pressed the button of her fon that she mentioned.

" This is a test message."

" This is a test message.", my fon echoed the words of Siyol.

" You will see a list of people you can send messages to. You have to select the person you will send to."

Huh. This is pretty neat. Wait, this world has technology?

" Now for the other buttons. This button will send a backup message to us and we will send backup at your position. And this button is for emergency escape by teleporting to this guild. Is that all clear?"

" ...Yes. I got a question. How does this item run?"

You can't run a smartphone without battery right?

" Yes that's a good question. This runs by magic essence. It's on the back off your fon."

She turned the fon. There was a rectangular glass panel filled with yellow glowing liquid on the back.

" You need to change it if this liquid magic essence runs out. You can buy them from those two counters on the left."

" Ok, I understand."

" Here's your fon."

" Oi just get over it already!", said a guy from behind.

" Sorry."

I took the fon from her. This thing is awesome for a fantasy world like this.

" Do you need anything else?"

" No, I don't. Thanks."

" Have a good day. Hope you enjoy your life as an adventurer."

I left the counter and went outside of the guild. I guess my journey in this world starts from here now.

....Crap! What was the name of the shop again?

Part 4

A week has passed since I came to this world. I bought some ranger outfit, a short brown cloak over a green outfit with leather utility belt, boot and leggings, a bow with a quiver filled with arrows and a dagger from Grodmin's shop. Now I've a debt of about 30,000 azuls. Grodmin said I don't have to pay for it but I refused and decided to pay it up soon.

" How much for this sword?", said a female adventurer.

" Oh that's 4,000 azuls."

" Can I've a discount please?"

" Sorry madam. I'm not the owner of this shop. Can't give a discount without permission.", I replied.

" Don't be so rude. I'll make you feel good if you give a discount.", she was tempting me with her beauty.

" Yo-you can't use your feminine beauty to get a discount miss. Leave the shop immediately."

" Alright fine you idiot. I'm leaving.", she replied annoyed.

She was going out from the shop carrying the sword.

" Leave the sword where it was.", I said.

" You little..."

She put the sword back on the counter and stomped out of the shop.

What a mess. I better get a place to live in soon. I hate the inn in here.

I checked the clock on the wall. It was almost time for Sylfia's shift.

The door opened again. Is it that women again?

" Heyo mister.", said Sylfia.

" Sylfia. Thank god you are here. Isn't it still my time?"

" Yep. But you can leave now. You have to go to training at the guild right?", said Grodmin.

" Yeah, I do."

" Good luck mister.", said Sylfia.

I left the shop wearing my armor and weapon. I have been training to get better in archery. There are leveling systems in actions and skills. Like long sword lv., short sword lv., dagger lv., bow lv., axe lv. etc. There are levels for cooking, smithing, fishing too.

I'm currently lv. 9 in archery and bow and a level 6 ranger. I had to do a lot of work to get to lv. 6. I'm not sure if I will ever cross level 10 in one month or two.

" Snipe!"

The arrow flew toward the target and hit the center.

" You gained a Level"

" Great job Hanjiro. You leveled up. If I'm correct, you should get a new skill too."

I opened my status log. There was a new skill showing.

' Quick-shot'

" You are right. There is a new skill. Quick...shot.", I said.

" Hmm. It should be 2 points for marksmen. But since you are a ranger, it should be 3."

" Should I get it?"

" Of course. It's essential for every archer. Even for a ranger.", replied Nifel.

" Alright. I got 5 skill points. So I can get it."

I taped the skill name.

' Are you sure you want this skill?'

I tapped yes.

.....Skill acquired!

" With quick-shot, you can quickly draw an arrow and shoot. But it won't hit the target accurately like snipe.", said Nifel

" I can tell."

"That's all the training I can give you for now. If you want some advanced training then...you need to pay 3,300 azuls."

" That's a lot of money.", I said.

" Well good luck then Hanjiro. You should do some quest. You will be able do most of the quest now. "

" Ok. I'll. Thanks Nifel."

" Anytime."

I got out from the training room. It was on the ground floor of the guild. This guild has many things installed. Inn, tavern, training section. This is the town of the beginning I guess.

I walked toward the bulletin boards. There are two types of quest. Help quest and kill quest. Kill quest is good both for leveling up and getting money. Help Quest only focus on getting money. You get experience by killing the monster that attacks during the quest or they give you exp after you finish the quest.

What should I pick? .....Maybe I should ask Siyol to give me an easy quest.

I went toward the counter where Siyol sits. It's less crowded than before.

" Welcome to the Midlofhin Guild. Oh it's you Fujuriya. How can I help?", said Siyol.

" Is there any easy quest? Like a beginner's quest, something like that?", I asked.

" Yes we do have one. Just a minute.", she went under her counter. There was some rustling noise of paper.

" Here you go."

She handed over a quest paper.

~Kill Quest~

Objective: Kill 7 giant ants at the Midlofhin Plain grounds

Reward: 5,000 azuls

Difficulty: Beginner

" Giant ants?"

" Yes. These giant ants attack the field and the forest in spring. They eat up the logs gathered by woodcutters. Also, they eat up carts and carriage too."

" But how can slaying giant ants can be a beginner's quest?"

" Oh don't worry. Even though it's huge, a level 3 ranger can easily take down one ant. They have pretty weak skin and skeleton. A regular arrow can pierce through its skull. Just aim for the head. That's all."

" ....I'm still not sure. Since you said it's easy then alright. I take it."

" Slide the paper through the slot of the fon to accept it."

I took out my fon and put the paper into the gap.

~Kill Quest~

Objective:Kill 7 giant ant at the

Midlofhin Plains


This is the first time I came outside of the town. The field is so beautiful. Many small monsters like slime, rabbit with big teeth, wild boar and others. Flowers of different shapes and colors also bloomed all over the field.

This place is beautiful, but deadly. Who knows what monster will pop-out and slay me before I can react.

I was exploring the field while killing some rabbits and wild boars. One thing I noticed is that when I was fighting with any creature, its health bar appeared above its head. It also had a name on it and what level it was. This really is like a game.

After a while, I found a tree in the middle of the empty plains. I climbed the tree with ease although I never climbed a tree in my 17 years of life.

There were some red grape-like fruits on it. I picked the red ones and put it inside my mouth.

Oh my gooood! This thing is so delicious!

I grabbed some more of those red grapes. They are hell lot sweeter than sugar.

I should bring some with me.

'Poison cured by Natural Cure ability'

....What the heck?! How can this be poisonous? Natural cure, this ability seems helpful. Good thing I picked ranger.

Wait, focus. I'm here for the giant ants. Not to eat berries sitting on a tree.

I continued to wait for the ant to appear. But there was no sign. Not even the small ones. All there were some slimes smiling around here and there. (A/Note:They don't have any face. So don't get confused about what he said.)

Where are those stupid ants?

They must have heard me calling them stupid. The ground suddenly started to shake and rumble. A giant black ant emerged from the ground quite far away from the tree.

Finally, it appeared. They are freaking bigger than I thou...

I slipped under my feet while trying to get up on the branch.


Ow ow ow! My back!

The ant turned to my direction. it stared for a while. Then without a warning, the ant started to run toward me.

Holy crap! It's approaching. Wh-where is my bow?

Everything was scattered on the ground. I picked my bow and arrow with my trembling. The way the ant is approaching and the size of that thing, made my soul almost leave my body.

F-focus Hanjiro. This is not th-that hard. Aim for the head. A-aim for the head.


The ant and the arrow both were approaching each other. It hit the leg of the ant.

" Screee!!"

The ant fell on the ground. Sliding at me because of the motion. It stopped a few meters away from me. Dust was dancing around the place and went away.

Did it die?

The ant was motionless. A picked up a branch and threw it at the ant. The stick couldn't make it. But the ant is still not moving.

Thank god. It's dead. I was worrying over nothing. This quest will be a piece of cake.

The ant got up on its eight feet. Ready to attack. Half of its hp still remained which I didn't notice.


" Srraawwwwwwh!"

I panicked and dropped all the arrows again. The ant was approaching me slowly.

I'm gonna die.

"Flare wheel."

A wall of fire surrounded the ant. The ant was confused. It was staring at the fire.

I saw a mage standing on the right side holding his or her hands on the air. She must have cast the fire. This was my chance to hit the ant.


The arrow dashed toward the fire. It hit the head.

" Screeeeaahh!!"

The ant fell on the ground. Purple liquid started to come through the hole on its head. The flame disappeared.

Fi-finally, I got it this time. Thanks to the fire I got a clear shot.

" Are you alright?", said a female voice. The mage was coming toward me.

" Yes. I'm fine. Thanks to your help."

She was wearing a red hooded-cloak like red riding hood which is up to her knee. I can't see what she wore under that cloak but I think it's a brown vest and a pair of crimson sleeves peaking out from the cloak. Her legs is covered with brown boots and white trousers. Her face was dark inside the hood can't see the features. Only a pair of glowing blue eyes was visible.

" You know, giant ants don't attack creatures and humans. They don't eat flesh. The way you were screaming though.....", she started to giggle.

" I-I was ju-just scared to see a giant ant. Stop laughing."

" Hehehe. Ah! I'm sorry about that.", she said.

" Thanks for saving me by the way."

" Your welcome. My name is Furara Legonmun. A lv.23 red mage. Nice to meet you.", she introduced herself.

" I'm Hanjiro Fujuriya. A.....lv.7 ranger....."

I feel disappointed about myself.

" No need to feel bad about yourself. Everyone starts from lv.1 and grows strong gradually."

".......Thank you."

" What were you doing here by the way?", she asked.

" Oh I was just doing a beginner quest. To level up and get money."

" I see. Say, why don't you let me join your party? I can help you level up. What do you say?", she said.

I wasn't expecting something like this.

" Are you sure? You want to join my party? I'm just weak..."

" It's fine. I bet you will get stronger soon. I'll help you."

" Alright if you are sure about that."

" Great! You got a fon right? Let's register our fon."

" Oh ok. Here is my fon."

' Furara Legonmun has joined the party'

Wait a minute. Why didn't ask me to join 'her' party instead of she joining 'mine'?

" What was the quest you are doing now?"

" I need to slay 7 giant ants.", I replied.

" I see. This isn't the perfect time to slay them though," she explained, " You can find them when it's morning or noon. They stay in their nest after afternoon."

" What the..? That guy said I can find the giant ants now."

" Let's go back. The sun is gonna set soon."

" That's the only option I guess."

We were heading back to the town. Suddenly, the ground rumbled again.

" What's that?"

" I'm not sure. It might be…..them.", replied Furara.

As soon as she finished, a few ants burst out from the ground behind us. We turned around. There were 3 of them.

" Quickly Furara! Use a powerful magic on them."

" You can defeat them, you know. Use three arrows and aim for the head."

" I don't know how to shoot 3 arrows at once."

" Ehh?! You can't? I guess you are a le-level 6 ra-ranger."

" Ju-just do it!"

" Al-alright. I'll do it.", she said in a nervous tone. Why does she sound so nervous?

She raised her both hands toward the ants. The ants were standing still. Watching our movement.

" Oh the spirits of the clouds,", casting Furara. The sky suddenly becomes darker, " Lend me your power to defeat the enemies of our kind. Thundeeer Strike!"

A blue bolt of lighting hit the ants.

" Screewwwah!"

All the ants were roasted alive in a second right in front of me. There was a scent of burned meat in the air. Such power.

" Wow Furara! That was incredible. I'm pretty disappointed at myself now. Really you are..."

" Who are you?", said Furara puzzled.

What is she saying?

" I'm…..Hanjiro. You joined my party a few moments ago?", I said.

" What are you talking about, mister? And why am I here? Where is this place?", she was more puzzled than I am.

What the heck is going on with her?!

" St-stop acting now. This isn't funny."

" I don't get what you are saying. Why would I act? Did you kidnap me?"

" Why would I kidnap you for no reason?"

The ground started to rumble again. More stronger than before. 5 more ants emerged from the ground. One of them was bigger than the rest of them and the one I saw until now. They didn't notice us, yet.

" Snap out of it Furara. We have a big problem!"

" What problem? I'm in trouble myself. Why am I here? How do you know my name?", she was still confused, acting strange.

One of the ants turned to us. It noticed we are behind them.

" Scrrrwah!!"

All the ants then turned to us. This is really bad!

" How did I get this tall?", she said looking at herself. I grabbed her shoulder and started to shake her.

" Please Furara. Stop it. I don't like this anymore."

" Fuwwah! Get your hands off me! Ember!", she casted fire magic.

" Ow!"

The fire almost burned my hands. I stepped away from her. She is getting insane.

" Back off mister. I may only know elementary magics but I might hurt you pretty badly if you do anything."

" That thunder magic clearly not elementary magic!", I said.

" Scrrraaawwwh!"

The ant was dashing at us now.

" Crap! What do I do?! Those ants are gonna kill me for sure."

" Eeek! Help me mister. Those ants were scary.", Furara grabbed me like a kid who is scared.

" You were the one who told me not to get scared. Now you are asking for my help?"

The ant was getting closer. I grabbed my arrow and bow. Tried to shoot four arrows but failed. My sack fell on the ground. The fon was in it.

" Wait that's it! The emergency escape.", I grabbed the fon.

" Hurry up and do something mister. They are coming closer.", Furara held me tighter like a child.

" I'm tr-trying."

I pressed the escape button....nothing happened. I pressed again and again. No luck.

" Why isn't it working?! I used it once and it worked that time. Why not now!?"

" Scrreeeeee!"

The ants were so close. The biggest one was on the lead.

That's it. I'll die this time for sure.

The biggest one of the ants was coming at me now opening big pincers. Yellow saliva was dropping from it. This must be my end.

Part 5


Me and Furara are now in the guild. Both of us are quiet. I was staring at her while she was avoiding making any eye-contact. Both of us covered with purple slimy substance.

" Would you two like to have something?", said Devel the waiter with yellow-orange outfit.

" No thanks.", I replied.

" Me...me too.", said Furara.

" Alright. Enjoy then."

He left out to others. We were still quiet and I stared at her with an intense look.

Right after the ant was rushing toward to bite my head off, Furara got her sense back. She casted a fire magic to save me and got ourself covered with it's slimy purple blood. After the big ant was slayed, the rest of the ant fled the area for some reason. I felt a relief but Furara lost her conscious. I used the emegency teleportation to go back to the guild. And here we are, sitting on the bench facing each other.

" Would you like to talk about it?", I spoke first.

"...About what?"

" What, you say? About what you did back then. Are we clear? Or you need more details?"

She got shaken by my calm voice. Still not making any contact.

" It's nothing actually. Really."

" If it wasn't anything, I wouldn't HAVE to go into something like that.", I said angrily.

I have never been angry at any girl before in this world. She has gotten into my nerves.

" 'Sigh' Fine. I guess I'll tell you.", she finally spoke.

" What is it?"

" This happened long ago. When I was in junior mage school. I wanted to learn new magic. The only place was the library of our school. One day, I was looking for a book because of my clumsiness, the entire books on the bookshelf fell one. I survived with amnesia. Then, our headmaster cast on me a spell to regain my memory. But when I lack in magic I forget and get amnesia. So, whenever I cast a strong spell, my body gets lacking in magic and I temporarily forget a period of my memory. And....that's my story."

"........I see. You are a sick person."

" I'm not sick. I'm just suffering from amnesia."

" It's the same thing. Anyway, I think it will be good for you to quit as a member of my team and go get rest. Hmmm?"

" W-w-wait! You are kicking me out?"

" No, I'm not. I'm j-just helping you out. You are pretty sick don't you? You should get home and relax a bit.", I said.

I'm not taking care of this amnesia suffering girl.

" Nooo! You can't do this to me! I always wanted to be an adventurer like my uncle.", she whined.

" You can't. The state you are in now. You might get yourself killed.", I said.

" I-I know. That's why I was looking for a person or party to join with. So I can continue with my dream."

" You can say goodbye to me."

" Please! You are the only choice I've in this town. Every other party has kicked me out already. I can't join any now. You seem like a nice guy. Please let me stay with you!"

" No! I don't wanna babysit an amnesia suffering girl. So please find someone else."

I didn't come here to this world to do this!

" Please! I beg you Hanjiro. Wait, wait. I'll show you."

She raised her one hand. All of a sudden, a big sack appeared into her hand. She pulled out some gold and silver coins from the sack

" Holy crap!"

" I-I got about 165,000 azuls."

" ....Are you bribing me?", I asked in a deep voice.

" Wha? No! I'm not. I'm just saying that, I...I wanted to buy a mansion. It'll be about half a million.", she said.

" half a million??!! That's a lot of money."

" Yeah. But, if we work together we can make it in no time. Then we can live there if we want."

" No thanks. I'm good."

" Ehhh?!"

" What are you two doing?", said Miya.

" Miya-san, save me.", said Furara.

" You are trying to join a party again huh? Oh it's you. The new guy."

" Yes, I'm new here."

" He doesn't want me to join his party."

" Aren't you a member of Dan's party?"

Dandold's party?

" Y-yeah. I was. They kicked me out earlier today."

" Oh! That's when you saw me!", I said.

She was kicked out of the party when I was doing the quest and attacked by the ant.

" I can't do anything about that Furara. It's his decision if he wants you to be in his team.", said Miya.

" Yes, yes. Tell him Miya."

" B-but but..."

" You know, you can let her join your party if you want. Just don't rely on her too much and you will be fine. She will be a supporter."

I bet she is gonna get all crazy after a few spells.

" .....Fine I guess. You can join my party."

" Thank you so much Hanjiro. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.", she was shaking my hand wildly.

" Alright, alright. You're welcome."

" Oh by the way, Siyol wanted me to tell you that, the ant you slayed back there was the queen. Since the queen is down, the ant won't come out for a while."

" Oh, I see."

" You are also having 5000 azuls as bonus."

" Really?". both me and Furara was surprised.

" Yeah, anyway do you two need anything to eat?", asked

" Oh yes. Two cuckler roast with rice and fried felinel fish and some veggies. This is for the celebration of our party.", I replied.

" Really? You are doing that?"

" Of course. This is my first party after all. Also, we got a big one thanks to you."

" That's cool!", cheered Furara.

" I'll get it ready then.", saying that she went toward the kitchen to order our food. And now that my first quest went wrong and got a problematic ally, I can clearly tell how 'wonderful' my life here in this world will be.

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