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Here I Am In This RPG World


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KonoSuba rip-off that is less funny. All the party members are useless some skills are identical mc is a coward that uses a bow and his wish has proven to be quite useless.

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Brilliant! Superb! This book is astonishingly well written and it makes one fall in love with it from the very beginning. Your writing style is amazing, making it very easy to read and very enjoyable. You do a good job engaging your readers and making them hold on to your marvellously described and elaborated world and characters. I am a gamer and an RPG and JRPG fan and believe me all your wrote made a lot of sense. Your writing style is really good that I didn't realize how far I was into the story until I was in the last chapter. Thank you for making us have an awesome experience in your well crafted world. I will be anxiously waiting for the update.


I am thrilled! Yes, that is the right word to describe how I feel about this novel. It is really interesting. While I was reading it, it was like a good anime in my head. I read only a few chapters, but I already can tell that this is going to be an epic story.


Well all in all the story is pretty much amazing but the thing is that he wasted his wish on something he could have obtained himself. ...................................


starts off pretty slow. but it goes into some great world building. I definitely recommend reading it. ...................................


Hi everyone, I'm the author of this book. I'm really sorry that the chapters are too long. But don't worry. I'll make it shorter in the next coming chapters. Until then Please bear with it. Thank you. Best regards. Have fun reading everyone.


This story has a funny/gag theme. The idea is interesting. However, I dislike the mc's stupidity and the mage's mental issue. It is hard to look at them.


authors first work. doesn't mean it is bad but it's a good start. it's prob about 3 stars. has Grammer issues and jumps around, feels almost like a writing guide or path to expand upon then a story.deciently sized chapters tho


Well the story is quite interesting in itself. There could be a little more descriptions of the settings and emotions but it is doing surprisingly well without it too. I usually don't read this kind of story so I found it pretty unique and specially how similar it really is to an RPG game. It has a right balance of various aspects and I especially enjoy the humour in between. A little editing of punctuation and grammar could increase its standard to another level but besides that it's well written.


Where is your character development? I only see Hanjiro, Furara and Lina doing useless things and not developing any skill or stats just doing bunch of trash thing


Why isn't people reviewing this? I like to see how people like it.Or else I'll die and change the future.please someone reply REPLY!!!!!!REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As a weeb who's into anime... I really liked the story. It has an interesting plot and some funny scenes. I love how the story is written, the descriptions are clear and easy to understand. Keep writing!!!


This story is pretty good. It is simple and easy to read. Could have been better if the author was descriptive. But still I have enjoyed it Wish to see it develop in future.


Here I Am In This Review Section. The story is light, crunchy, and enjoyable. Mostly 2d in general but that's exactly what I'm here for lol. It's good, keep it up, author!


I REALLY LIKE IT!! though it is basic main character type, it is well written, to be honest, most of us thought that way when we were that age .who denies it is lying. i really hope this explodes in views!!


the poor english writing quality, paired with the authors stereotypical protagonist and basic character design (along with a large amount of deus ex machina) makes for a poor reading experience. the MC might have redeeming qualities, but you cannot tell between the constant grammatical errors and extreme changes the author forces in each chapter.


Hi! This is kera, an editor of the international writing contest SWA II. I believe your book has great potential, so I invited you to join in a week ago. Please reply to me so I can discuss this with you in detail.


I've played little so far (WarCraft 1 fan) RPG Games, among others, use computational logic, war strategy, artificial intelligence, control of emotions, they are adipitive ... persuasive, hierarchical. And writing how it is developing in a book is a great achievement. I congratulate the author for making this world known to us. And if it is very exciting from the youthful mind; I recommend reading it.


Am a fan of Japanese stuffs especially their animes and this book sincerely kept me intrigued,although there are some terms I don't understand,my imagination went wide when I read it. It kinda reminds me of jumaji you know entering a video game you were playing and now you have to defeat the ultimate Gillian,it's nice really superb. Nice job author💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


I'm not an anime person but admired the storyline. It felt very attractive and delightful to the readers. The introductory chapters felt exceptionally competent and intimately enormous! keep it up!