My name is Hanjiro Fujiwara. Named after a samurai movie by my grandfather who was a yakuza. I live in Tokyo, Japan with my parents and my big sister.

For the reason my grandfather was a yakuza, most of the students in school avoided making contact with me. They think I must be some kind of top school thug. In reality, I am just a normal guy who is not good at fighting.

Because of that, I never had any friends or any bully who would mess with me. My parents bought me a nice pc setup to play with since I had no one to spend time with without them. Ever since then, I got obsessed with gaming. I mostly play RPGs. They are fun, some have a nice storyline and others have nice b**bs.

Besides gaming, I also watch anime, read manga and light novels. I mostly spend my time in my room playing and reading. My parents never bothered me with that either except my sister.

Right now, I am sitting on my bed beside the window, hoping to see a star in the dark cloudy sky. The sky was pitch black as if it was painted with dark ink.

“Guess I can’t stargaze. Well, time to play some games.” I said to myself giving a sigh, looking at the dark sky above through the window.

I jumped out of the bed and carefully approached my PC while avoiding stepping on my clothes. I turned the power on and waited for the computer to start.

I wish I was in a fantasy world just like those isekai anime.

“Alright I will, use my ultimate, get ready everyone.”

I am playing an MMORPG with some people online. I am not sure how long I have been playing. We have been playing together for a long time. They are the only ‘friends’ I have in life. And some dudes at school.

I was about to use the ultimate move of my character. Suddenly, a wild notification appeared. I used a normal attack instead of the ultimate.

“What the heck?!”

“What did you do Yakuzakid?”

“You supposed to use the ultimate godamit!”

“There is no way we can win.”

The chatbox was instantly filled with rage chats for my stupidity.

“What can I do? There was a damn notification and I got distracted.”

Before I could send the message, the screen turned red and a message showed up.

"Your party is wiped out"

“There goes all our efforts.”

“Thanks a lot, Yakuzakid.”

“Sorry about that. I should have been careful.”

“Yeah, yeah. Well, anyone up for doing the whole thing again?” said one of the teammates in the chatbox.

“Nah, I need to go to bed now.”

“Same here. I am gonna play a game I bought today.”

“No one is going to do it. Ok, then. See ya all tomorrow and don’t mess up next time Yakuzakid.”

“I will...try my best.”

All of them started to log out one by one. I also logged out from the game.

Because of that damn thing, I got roasted by my team. What the hell is this notification anyway?!

I clicked it which opened the download file.

What the heck? I didn't download anything. Is it the new update or something?

I checked the folder for the downloaded file. There was a new application in the folder.

Rpg world.exe

What the heck is this?

I was about to click the file when it hit me.

Wait, it could be a virus. Thank god I was about to run it. I'll just delete this before anything bad happens like last time.

I selected the file and clicked shift and delete. The screen turned black instead of showing the ‘Are you sure you want to delete this?’ message. Then I realised I hit the Enter key instead of delete.

Oh my goooood!! What the heck have I done?!

I quickly lowered my voice. The whole house is quiet except for a faint sound coming from the next room where my sister is. If I make racket things won't go well. I already got blackmailed by my sister yesterday.

I turned to my dead PC. It's still pitch black. I clicked every key on the keyboard and tried to open the task manager but there was no response.

Alright, if nothing does work then there is only one thing that is left to do. The legendary Restart technique.

I was going to turn the power off and restart the PC. But to my surprise, green text started to appear on the black screen. There was also soothing music in the background.

"Hello Hero, to Rpg world.exe."

I kept quiet until new text started to appear.

"This program will make your wish come true."

I wish to go to an isekai world.

"Now before we begin, what might be the name of the hero?"

A name-log under the text. Just like an old classic RPG. I wanted to write ' I'm God' But the log disappeared.

“You know what? Forget about that. This is not necessary now. Let's get to the main part."

....Is this a joke?

"From this point, you will be given a chance, a chance for you to change your life. (Literally)"


"I will, I mean this file will transfer you to a new world. A world just like in RPG."

I'm pretty sure this is a scam.

"This is not a scam."

...How did it..?

"It is your choice if you think this is a scam or not. But now I'll ask you a question. Do you want to go to this new world? (Note: IF you click Yes now there is no turning back.)

<Yes> <NO>"

I am pretty sure that this is a scam. But still, what if.....what if it's the real deal? What if this really will take me to a new world?

I clicked yes.

" Are you sure? Even though you won't return to this beautiful world."

<Yes> <I changed my mind>"

To be frank, I am not so sure about this myself. I clicked yes anyway.

"Alright, then. Now before we proceed I'll like to tell you some things. The world you are going to is ruled over by a demon lord. You may defeat the demon lord and bring peace to the world there. Or you can just live a simple life and enjoy it. There are three more things you need to know too.

1. You are allowed to take anything from this world. Anything and any amount. A stick to an aeroplane. One sock or a truck filled with things. Anything.

2. You are allowed to have one wish. Anything you desire. A legendary sword or great magical power or something like a sexy companion or just extreme knowledge. You can wish for godly powers or the ability to create anything or, you can say, have the ability to use cheat codes.

3. You don't have to worry about the language of the world. You will have all knowledge of the language.

Do you understand?

<Yes> <I have a Question>

I have a question. Is it ok if I bring my manga?

The answer appeared before I could click the option.

"Yes, you can. Anything. A living human as well. But, I guess you have no friends in the first place. Lol."

...What the heck?

"Now write down your wish in this dialogue box and take a good look around your place. You won't be seeing this again. ( Maybe.)

Your wish:[ ]

*If you are ready to go then click the 'I am ready then I will prepare to get you to the new world.

<I am ready>

I won't come back here again? I wonder if it's a bad thing. Well, I will grab a manga or something just to keep myself light. I don’t want to carry a huge load through a desert or town. That might be weird. At least, I will have something to read.

I stood up to get myself a manga or a light novel. I found a manga lying flat on the ground. I decided to take it with me. While picking it up, I noticed my family photo on the shelf. I stared at it for a while. For some reason, I decided to take it with me as well.

This might help me if I get homesick I guess. I said to myself staring at the photo.

I returned to my pc with the things I will take with me and read the text,

Your wish:[ ]

What my wish is huh? I thought about my wish for a while. After 14 minutes of intense thinking, I finally decided.

"I want to have the power of returning from death."

I wanted to hit enter. But then, I remembered about Ubaru, my favourite character. Then I deleted the whole thing. Thank god I watched zero:re. I thought about what I will wish for again.

"Please delete my browsing history."

Text started to arrive on my monitor.

"No need to worry. Your sins will be removed from this world. Wish something else."

What a nice guy. He will do it without me asking...wait, that’s actually kinda creepy.

“I am not creepy.” the text on the screen says.

...anyway, what the heck can I wish for? I don't want to wish for anything like cheat code. Being too overpowered is kinda boring. I never cheated in a game in my life. Except that I use youtune for gameplay vide..! I quickly typed on the dialogue box the wish I had got now.

"May I be guided throughout my journey."

"That’s a kind of cheating you know but are you sure about that? You know can wish for something better than this. Are you stupid or something?” the text appeared right away.

"I am not stupid! If you don’t like it then don’t do it."

"Alright, then your wish will be granted. Anyway, are you ready?

<Yes> "

I clicked yes.

" Very well. Now if you will remain patient. This won't take long."


I waited for some new texts to appear. Some dogs were fighting outside, the wind swift by silently by the window. I heard a loud thud from the room beside me. My sister must have fallen from her bed as usual. The screen was all black with some green characters and a blinking text indicator. 30 minutes have passed before I know it.

Damn it! I knew this was a scam. Why the heck did I believe in it so much? I'm gonna give that person a piece of my mind. How can a person prank like to som….

"All done! Hanjiro Fujiwara, hope you enjoy the new world. Now brace yourself and your manga and the photo frame."


All of a sudden, the screen got brighter than the sun and blinded me.

"My eyes!"

Along with that, a spark of pain went through my entire body. It feels like I got hit by something huge and heavy.

"What kind of transportation system is this?!"

Before I knew it, everything became dead silent. Along with that, I lost my consciousness and fell into eternal darkness.