6 Auto save 1: The special chapter

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Razahan: Hellooo everyone. It's your one and only Razahan-sama and welcome to '500 Words with Razahan!'. Those who are reading this might already have figured out that it's a special chapter from the title. After every 5 chapters, the stupid author decided to make this stupid chapter for no stupid reason. Hope you all enjoy this special chapter that comes with this show and some short stories from the original story. Now, today's guest of the show iss……. Suimi.

Suimi: Oyasumi…zzzzz

Razahan: So Suimi what brings you here?

Suimi: I got a letter from the zzzzz author. He wants to let everyone zzzzzz know about this.

Razahan: I see. Well, he chose the wrong person for that.

Suimi: What the heck you said? zzzzzz

Razahan: Continue with the letter then.

Suimi: Alright..

Dear readers,

Thank you to all of them who zzzzzz read this far. As you can zzzzzzz see, the previous chapters were pretty longer like about zzzzzzz 5k-7k words. Chapter 4 will be the last one like this. So, no n- zzzzz need to worry. If, by chance you like this longish chapter type,

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Razahan: ..... And that's the letter for the author. Hope you all read it and didn't skip it or something.

Suimi: I think many have already zzzzz left.

Razahan: That's just sad...we had to work so hard for this. Anyway let's carry on anyway.

Suimi: Hai.

Razahan: Oh speaking about the show, we will be answering your questions related to our guest of the show or some random question related to the story that will fit in 500 words in every show. We will tell who will be the next guest of the show in the next 5th chapter. As no one knew about this, we decided to let these bots come up with some questions. Shall we begin?

Bot2134 asked, 'Who is Suimi?'

Well, you might have got the answer from chapter 3 but…

Suimi: I'm the goddess of sleep who is in charge of taking zzzzzz care of the people who died. You will see me after you zzzz die.

Razahan: Bot3313 asked, 'What is….Suimi?' 'throws the paper away'

Bot666 as….who made this robot? He is the sign of the devil. This robot literally asked,

' How to kill Suimi?'

Suimi: Really? Well it's no hard matter. Just take away my sleep.

Razahan:.......next question. Oh this one is interesting, ' How the author named Suimi?'

Suimi: If I remember correctly, I was zzzzz named after Suimin which means sleep in Japanese. He just cut the 'N' from Suimin.

Razahan: Well we hit 500. We will be seeing you next time then. May you have good fortune today.

Suimi: May you have a good-night sleep.

Razahan and Suimi: And with that we end the show.

Razahan: If you want to see Suimi in the next show as an assistant host, comment here. Now, enjoy the shorts from the 'Rpg Sekai'

Short 1: Fishing with little sis

A four days later after Sylfia started to call me~

Me and Sylfia are sitting beside the river which flows beside the house of Grodmin. I saw many fish jumping out from the water. I've been fishing almost a week now but never, ever, able to catch a single fish.

" Say nii-san, what are you gonna do if you catch a fish?", asked Sylfia looking at the fishing rod I borrowed from Grodmin.

" I would let you have that fish cooked if it's edible of course."

" What if I don't want to?"

" I'll just have to….sell in the market I guess.", I replied. Suddenly I felt a pull from the water.

" Alright I'll get it this time. Haaa!", I pulled with all the strength I had. The tip of the fishing rod came out of the water. It was empty.

" The heck! Another empty?! 'Sigh'", I put the fishing rod beside me and sat down.

" You know nii-san."

" What?

" You can't catch fish from a river if you don't have at least lv.8 fishing skill.", she said with an innocent smile.

I kept quiet for a while. Then I pulled her cheek.

" Itaaiii!", yelled Sylfia.

" Why didn't you tell me that sooner?"

" I'm sorry nii-san. I just want to make fun of you. Let go let go."

I let off her cheeks which were now rounder than before. She looked more cute.

" Next time, tell me what's important sooner."

" Haai! I won't."

" Why you…"

" Otosan! Nii-san wants to kill me!"

The end

Short 2: A question about life

'Snipe-shot', the arrow went straight through the crawling wasps head. With a cry, the wasp fell on the ground. Yellow blood started came out from the wound.

' You gained a level'

" Oh sweet I leveled up.", I said as I opened my status log.

" Me too. Finally, after a long time, I gained a level.", Furara is now level 24.

I scrolled through the status log. There was a slight change in my stats. All of them increased a bit and a I got 3 skill points. While I was checking my stats and level, a question hit me...

" Hey, Furara."

" What is it?", she was collecting the mushroom.

" Have you ever wondered why our life is numbered. Everything we do is bounded with numbers."

"......It never hit me like that. All I can say it, this is pretty normal. I think it would be weird if our life isn't numbered."

.....since I was once had a numberless life, I am now confused which is weird myself.

" I think you are right. Life without number is weird."

We don't have age system and exam marks for nothing.

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