408 Prelude to War (Part-2)

"So they did know about Hatamum," Above one of the ships, far to the east of Zanzan, Ural mused hearing his scout's report.

The report confirmed the complete desertion of any and all villages around them, Hatamum being one of them.

"Yes, it was prudent to listen to Lord Faruq's suggestion and send a scouting party ahead of us," Jamider (Earl) Nibraz sounded impressed.

When Faruq noticed little to no lights at night coming from the shore, much as opposed to the other times he came to Zanzan, indicating there were no people living there, he suggested letting a few cavalrymen check out the surrounding area before they all blindly sailed their ships right up to that port.

"They could be waiting for us at Hatamum. Intending to launch an attack just after we have disembarked and have not gotten to set up our camps. So I want us to disembark here," From the side, the soft, but authoritative voice of Faruq spoke up.


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