1 Glossary (Mild spoilers)

Beware of mild spoilers. ( But nothing too serious)

1. Thesos- A region inhabited by an ethnic group called Thesians. The region is littered with hundreds of various-sized city-states. The two most prominent and powerful ones are Cantagena and Exolas, who share no love for each other.

2. Cantagena- A city-state heading the Cantagenan alliance. Used to be the overlord of Thesos, before being officially overthrown by Exolas in the War of Flowers. Cultural and economical capital of the Thesian world.

3. Sycania- A mid-sized city-state famed in Thesos for possessing the finest cavalry.

3. Exolas- The current hegemon of Thesos and the leader of the Exolas alliance. A city-state that spends its time only going to war, preparing to go to war, or training for war. It's dependent on its sister states for most of its civilian needs like clothes, timber, metal, etc, and doesn't have an economy to speak of.

4. Adhania- Neighbours of the Exolas alliance to the east. Considered the strongest nation of the east, its relation with Exolas is surprisingly good. Supports and finances Exolas to suppress the Cantagenans.

5. Tibias- A rich, fertile peninsula, south of Adhania. Mortal enemies of Adhania, who covets its rich mines to the south and fertile banks to the east. Friend of convenience of Cantagena.

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