Her Two Fake Husbands Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Her Two Fake Husbands

Leann Lane

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“So, this would just be a marriage of convenience? Then I guess my answer is yes.” Nyrissa, Ryan, and Quentin had a lot to gain from entering into a marriage contract. Nyrissa could get her sister away from their drug-addicted family. Ryan and Quentin would finally be free of Ryan's manipulative, homophobic father. They all felt it was perfect. Ryan and Quentin could continue their relationship, and Nyrissa would have the security she needed. But the attraction was soon too much for them to ignore. Scarred from a painful past, Nyrissa wasn't sure how she could share her life with another person, much less two wildly attractive men that seemed perfect for her. Ryan and Quentin wanted Nyrissa as a true partner. They didn't know how it would work, but their love was something to fight for. Even if they had to fight the world for it. Triggers: homophobic language, Polyamory, Violence Her Two Fake Husbands is created by Leann Lane, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.