novel - Contemporary Romance


Liz Barnet

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Starting from being best friends to slowly departing as strangers and developing into the relationship of victim and bully, Aria's connection with Hunter didn't have any other specks to grow but when fate puts them under the spell of its own-The unexpected occurs, and on Aria's eighteenth birthday which she expected to be the best day of her life, becomes her worst nightmare. It turned out that her mate is none other than Hunter Rodriguez. On one hand, there was Hunter's realization of his mistake and his attempts to earn his mate's forgiveness and on the other hand, there was Aria's fight to resist the mate bond and her feelings for Hunter that grew without any boundaries. And once the sudden mysterious rouge attacks began to take over putting everyone's lives in danger; For the pack in need of a Luna --Aria and Hunter had to work together to overcome the storm. And....the destined bond demanded to be felt. But in this ever-growing fire and electric pull between them, there were someone's dark intentions and greed for power that threatened to tear them apart and Aria unknowingly became the main attraction of the real enemy who wanted to claim her at any cost. Is Aria going to succeed in keeping her feelings for the irresistibly handsome Alpha away or will she see through the blessing she considered a curse? What if before any of these could happen that the unknown enemy sheltering under the pack might win and destroy everything?