7 Chapter 7 Practice R-18 [Delia]

Word Count: 1634


3rd Pov

A click could be heard from one of the doors. Two people walked inside, one with curiosity and other with restless looks plastered on their face. Delia arrived first and sat on her bedroom bed. Its size could fit two people. But the weird thing is, the left side of the bed looks unused. There seems to be a lot of family photos hanging on the wooden wall. A flower on a pot was sitting on a small cabinet next to the bed. Another door leading to a bathroom could be seen near the wardrobe.

Delia sat down and looked at Edmond, signaling with her hands to tell him to sit on her lap. He was hesitant for a second but complied with her wish in the end. She happily hugged him with two of her hands gripping tightly to his stomach. Then, her hands started to roam around his body.

Her right hand moves from his belly button, to his chest, his arm, his neck, and lastly his face. Her left hand moves from his chest, to his hips, his thighs, and close to his crotch. He was showing an uncomfortable expression to this intimate action of his new mom.

"M-mom, what do you want to talk about?"

She grins as she spoke back,

"Eddy… you are about to become an adult. I know you are clueless about a lot of things and professor Oak has been teaching you a lot of it. But Mommy wants to help."

As he felt a hand undoing his shirt's buttons, he started to panic.

"N-NO! You don't need to, mom. you already taught me a lot of things."

She stopped her advances and trembled.

" Do you… hate mom?"

He felt her sobbing behind him and answered instinctively.

"No! I love you mom! You are the kindest person I have ever met. You gave me shelter, you took care of me, you gave me food, I would never hate you!"

He was afraid he would make her sad. But he can't see a manic grin forming from her mouth.

"Eddy… I am just trying to help. Just leave your body to mom. I have never hurt you… haven't I?"

She continues her advances and starts to move her hands under his shirt. Feeling everything and taking a deep breath near his neck. He felt a certain dread but his low self confidence and naivety stops him from ever thinking of it.

'Yeah she is my mom, she would never do anything bad to me. I should've trusted her from the start.'

He let her continue feeling him and taking all his clothes off. He felt embarrassed but continue to trust her.

"Eddy, do you know how to please a girl?"

"I-I don't know…"

"Then trust me, Eddy. Mommy will teach you all of it"

She grabbed his chin and turned it to face her. She started to kiss his cheek and slowly inching towards his mouth. He quickly moved back and spoke,

" Mom! I think it is inappropriate. Shouldn't kissing be done to people who we love?"

She stares at him and shows the most convincing sad look.

" Do you not love mommy?"

" No-"

"Then it's okay, right?"

"I… haven't kissed anyone before so-"

"Don't worry, it doesn't count. It's just practicing."


"How would you do your first kiss with another person if you haven't practiced yet? Do you believe you can do it on the first try?"

She started to manipulate him. Him being a naive boy doesn't help either.

"Okay… please take care of me mo-"

His word was cut off by a mouth blocking his mouth. It started off as a chaste kiss but she starts to move her tongue. He was overwhelmed by this experience. Her tongue tried to force his teeth to open up, but he was too scared.

She then closed his nose and forced him to breathe from his mouth. He was lightheaded and opened his mouth without thinking. A tongue slithered in and created chaos in his mouth. She was wrapping her tongue around his and pulling his head to her with her arms.

He was begging for air as she mercilessly french-kissed him. As he was about to faint, she let go of him and he immediately started to cough.

"See, you are inexperienced. Let mommy teach you, I can't let my son be this useless in pleasing women."

He wanted to retort but he believed she was trying to help so he kept his mouth shut. She then got back to kissing him and fondling his body. Minutes went to hours as she forced him to learn from experience rather than theory. She sat back up and looked back at him.

He was breathing heavily and looking at her with a hazy look while laying on her bed. His shirt was on the floor and his body was naked. There was a lot of sweat and kiss marks as she not only violated his mouth but also his neck, chest, stomach, and face.

She undo his pants and slowly drag it down. She continues doing the same thing to his boxer and stares at his dick. It was standing proudly. Its sizes looked too big for his age.

'It should be around 7 inches'

She tried to touch it but she was stopped by a hand grabbing hers. He sobered up as soon as he saw a hand coming.

"W-wait, I think this is not good. I heard from the professor that you can only do this with who you vow to live forever with. Don't you have a husband?"

A tear dropped from her face as she cried.

"Do you not love me too?"

"No, but-"

"*Sobs* Will you leave me too just like him? He never visited me all these years."

"I-i… no this…"

He can't answer it, he doesn't know what to do. So she seized the perfect opportunity. She grabbed his dick and moved her head near his.

"Then promise me!"


"Promise to be with me! Or… are you going to leave too? I see…"

He panicked and spoke without thinking too much,

"Yes I promise!"

She smiles as if her plan was working from the start. The swirling dark color in her eyes grew as she grinned.

"Then repeat after me!"


"Do it!"


She took off her clothes and let her impressive E cup size breasts bounce in a hypnotic rhythm. He was focused on her breasts and didn't realize she had already taken off all of her clothes. She straddled him. With her head facing him, she positioned her pussy above his massive dick and spoke,

"I, Delia, take you, Edmond, for my lawful husband,..."

"I, Edmond, take you, Delia, for my lawful wife, Oh!..."

As he was repeating her sentences, she dropped down to his dick in a swift motion. Leaving only an inch left below her. She orgasmed so hard at that very moment. A stream of liquid flowed down and covered his dick.

'It's bigger than my husband's'

"Aaah!... t-to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse,..."

"Wait! Ooh!... to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse,..."

She moved her hips so hard that the bed creaked and her ass clapped. The view isn't the innocent bonding of mom and son but a couple of hungry couple trying to find ecstasy in carnal pleasure.

"Don't stop!... for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part."

"... for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part. S-something is coming, I need to pee!"

"Let it all out Eddy, mommy will take everything…"

She whispered in his ear and bit his earlobe.

At that last sentence a stream of white liquid burst from his penis into her pussy. The liquid continued to fill her as she orgasmed too, mixing the two liquids. She rolled her eyes up, mouth opened and tongues out. Droll could be seen dripping from the tip of her tongue to his chest.

He was not in a better condition as he tried to catch a breath but was stopped by her voice.

"Ha…ha…ha…, you need more practice. This is hardly satisfactory, so mommy will help you practice. It is all for your own good."

'She did it all for me… I at least need to comply with her wish to help me. Yes …it is all for my own good anyway."

He nodded weakly and she immediately started to move again and continue the symphony of pleasures for the whole morning. Not knowing a certain blue blob watching their activities.


At lunch, 6 hours after he started training a group of people could be seen eating. The Oak and Ketchum family ate their lunch at the previous dining room. Daisy, not seeing Edmond, asked Delia about it.

"Aunty Delia, where is Eddy? He was usually helping us in the morning, now he doesn't even show up at lunch."

"Oh! I forgot to tell you guys he was sick."

"Really, I think I should take care of him."

"Don't worry I "took care" of him…"

She smiles sweetly. But Daisy could feel a weird aura surrounding her. She complied and continued eating. Other's continued eating and believed that she took care of him as she always does for the past 1 year.

What they didn't know was that there was a young boy wasted in her bedroom. He was naked and covered in weird liquid and sweat. There were a lot of kiss marks and hickeys from his neck to his thighs. His eyes were dull as if he was emotionless. There was no sound except a stable but weak breathing.


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