Her Nerd Husband Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Her Nerd Husband


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Michael Angelo Smith the nerd fat boy, bound to marry Athena Meredith as what there parents wanted to. When they were young, Athena helped her fight the bullies who's been bullying Michael Angelo. Athena Meredith is a strong girl and doesn't want to see weak people being bullied. Because of what happened, they become friends. A best of friends for years. Suddenly, they lost of communication when Michael Angelo decided to study abroad because of his mother. His mother needs a medication abroad. After seven years, he came back to his homeland. He grew differently. From being a nerd fat boy to become a fine man. But he needs to hide his identity and chose to be a nerd guy. He became a secret agent and no one knows about his job. He married Athena Meredith, who doesn't know about his secret job. Michael Angelo loves Athena very much but He will not take her into danger, the reason why he chooses to hide his Identity to her What will he do if it turns out that Athena will knew about his identity as an agent? Will she able to accept it?