Her Mysterious Life - In love with her secret savior
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Her Mysterious Life - In love with her secret savior


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What is Her Mysterious Life - In love with her secret savior

Read Her Mysterious Life - In love with her secret savior novel written by the author Har_V on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, modern, mystery, powercouple. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Seven years passed since she was abandoned and betrayed. She was a girl who was once nobody. Abandoned by her father’s family, betrayed by her rich mother... She no longer wanted to live but she found herself rescued by her mysterious savior. She never knew who he was nor why he went to that extent to help her. What she all knows is, she owes her life to him. It’s because the pitiful, naive girl he saved back then is now a gifted surgeon, a successful business woman, a mysterious famous painter and much more. Her astonishing identities didn’t stop there as she was still finding herself, evolving into an even more successful, strong person. Seven years back, when she asked her savior to reveal himself, he told her to come find him when she was capable, successful enough to find him herself. He also told her that, the day he feels like she is strong enough to face anything, he would tell her the reason why he saved her. He said, she has a significant role in his life that would be fruitful only if she is strong enough to face it. (Spoiler alert : Another mysterious identity of hers.) And, she always knew that she shared a special bond with him. His voice, his simple touch always had a magical impact on her and it always wondered why. She worked her ass off all these years and now, she is back, both for revenge and as well as for love. But what is waiting for her?? Would her life be as she dreamt it to be? What would happen to her when her past exposes her to the dangers she was being protected from? And, who is that secret savior and what is the connection they deeply share?? Is it something related to her mysterious origin or something beyond it? Will the mysteries waiting for her make them the star crossed lovers or the match made in heaven? And, will her multiple and complex identities come in her way for love or, would they help her find the part of herself that was all along missing?? Join the ride of the epic and mysterious love story of our beautiful, mysterious FL and charming, enigmatic ML. ------------------------ Note: 1. The FL has many identities and so does the ML. The story is going to start with many questions which will be revealed slowly with many twists and turns. 2.The romance is slow burn but emotional and sentimental. It will spice up later. Readers are kindly asked to be patient *wink* The book cover doesn’t belong to me. Credits go to the creator and if the creator wants it to be removed, I will respect that. Constructive criticism and suggestions are gladly welcomed... ------------------------- Author’s previous works : Royal Love - I fell in love with the CEO. Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO. The devil’s little villainous Devotedly Yours - The love blossoms again. ------------------------------ This book is competing in WPC #213. Please vote and support the author with your love. She promise not to disappoint you with the twists and turns she saved for you *Wink*. Thank you ------------------------------


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Just wanted to encourage your writing author dear. I know how hard it is to create a novel that's intriguing enough. You are doing an amazing job dear. Never leave your stories midway. I've seen many authors doing it. Or shifting to another platform. I wish you continue with all of u in Webnovel. Keep up the great work Author dear. Best of luck 🤞


Reveal spoiler


Reading synopsis is enough to know how mysterious oue ML. INTERESTING!! Author didn't give any hint for ML and now Im so curious to know him more.. ♥️ Why he saved her life?? Why he asked her to come find him when she was successful?? Did she ever see him? Ahh I have thousand questions and waiting to know all answers. 🤩🤩


You all may think why I'm giving a five start for a story that just started... because I like this crazy authors ....anxiety piked suspenses and twists that may bring you heart attack . thinking about them. So my dear author Welcome Back. I'm all set for the journey.


I have been waiting for you to come and continue writing and yes, The Queenie Author is back with the bang😍😍 I love it each and every chapters are just getting me hooked to read more and more❣️


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