54 Chapter 54

Xiaohui can only sigh as she sees Meixiu driving away as soon as her wife drives her off the company.

She shakes her head before walking inside the building, only to be greeted by Grandpa Zheng.



Xiaohui bows down to show her respect for the old man.

Grandpa Zheng nodded before he gestured for her to follow, which the girl did.

The two walk inside the elevator as it slowly rises, going inside the old man's office.

Xiaohui now thinks about what the old man's reason could be for saying she needs to follow him.

Is it because of someone?

Or is it Wenqian from yesterday?

It's just either of those.

She sighed in her mind as the elevator door opened. The old man walks out first, followed by Xiaohui, and the two enter his office.

"Sit down."

Grandpa Zheng offered, to which Xiaohui nodded and sat in front of him.

Grandpa Zheng sat down in his chair and swiveled before looking at Xiaohui.

"I heard your wife is friends with the Jia family."

Xiaohui stops what she's doing and looks at her grandfather in confusion.

"I don't think they are friends."

"Don't act dumb, Mingxia saw Meixiu carrying the young lady of the Jia family in the hospital."

Xiaohui furrows her eyebrows.

"Why would Mingxia be at the hospital?"

"That dumb Qiang got into a fight!"

Grandpa Zheng said as he stood up and walked to the drawer to get something.

"It's essential to get back to being friends with the Jia family."

The Zheng family and the Jia family were once best friends, back when the Zheng family was still in its prime.

It's very noticeable that the two will be the best families in the whole Jiangqiao but nothing unexpected happened that no one can stop.

The old woman of the Zheng family is dying.

Grandma Zheng and Grandma Jia are friends because Grandma Zheng is the successor of the once-known Lion Company.

But it changed as soon as Grandma Zheng got married to Grandpa Zheng.

The old lady of Zheng's family's parents didn't like the idea of Grandma Zheng and Grandpa Zheng marrying each other because they felt something was wrong with the man.

They disclose it to the old lady, but she doesn't mind and still goes off to marry the old man.

As time passes, the old lady's parents die in a fatal car crash that causes them to lose their lives.

The old lady was devastated at the news, which put the old man in charge of the Lion Company.

Until the old lady fell ill, as soon as Xiaowen turned 10.

But she managed to stay alive for a lot more years because she still saw how Meixiu and Xiaohui got married.

Her husband doesn't like Meixiu, but Grandma Zheng approves of her because she can feel that she'll take good care of her granddaughter.

The Jia family cut ties with the Zheng family when Grandpa Zheng was the one running the company.

They knew something fishy might be going on, and they didn't want to get involved, which is why Grandma Jia did something that hurt her heart.



The mentioned girl looked at her side and saw Mingxia crossing her arms over her chest.

She sighed before walking away, but the girl followed behind her and grabbed her arms, spinning her around to face her.

"Why did you let my brother get beaten up?"

"I don't know what you're saying."

"Huh! Why are you still lying?"

Xiaohui shakes her head before removing Mingxia's hands away from her.

"I'm not lying; I'm telling the truth."

"You tell me!"

"Then why is he at the hospital!? Isn't it your fault?"

"Why are you accusing me?"

Xiaohui said.

Mingxia huffs before she messes up her hair.

"Are you telling me Qiang is lying?"

"He never saw Lijuan; don't just accuse someone who's with her."

"How did you even know he was supposed to be with Lijuan?"

Mingxia asks, looking at Xiaohui as if she caught the younger one lying.

Xiaohui smiles as she realizes that she said something wrong and thinks of a way to escape Mingxia.

"I was there when Lijuan told Xiaohui about it."

Xiaohui felt arms around her shoulder, and she looked to her side and saw Meixiu.

Her wife looks at her and smiles before removing her arms from Xiaohui's shoulder.

"Baby, can we go out and eat?"

Meixiu said.

Mingxia huffs and looks at Meixiu.

She pointed her finger at her, making her look taller, then turned back down.

"Qiang said you let him get beaten."

"I never saw him."

"You didn't tell that guy that it was your box!"

"What box? We just ate somewhere cheap."

"I don't believe you."

Meixiu sighs before she grabs something in her pocket.

She gave it to Mingxia and sneered.

"That's the receipt; you can see the date and time."

Meixiu looks at Xiaohui and smiles before offering her hand.

"Let's go?"

Xiaohui smiles and nods.

She grabs Meixiu's hands as the taller woman intertwines their hands and walks away from Mingxia.

As the two enter the elevator, Xiaohui looks at Meixiu and asks her a question.

"How did you manage to get a receipt like that?"

"A friend gave it to me."

"Why would he give it to you?"

Meixiu smiles and shakes her head.

"He asks me to throw it, but then I forget I still have it in my pocket."

Xiaohui nodded her head and didn't ask for anything.


Xiaohui and Meixiu sat in front of each other as they enjoyed lunch.

Meixiu has wanted to spend time with Xiaohui for a long time now, and this is the first time they have ever sat down in front of each other with just them.

Meixiu wanted to talk to her wife and know her problems to help her, but she didn't know how she was going to start the conversation.

She can only sigh in her head and enjoy a peaceful time with her wife.

Xiaohui, on the other hand, has been wanting to ask Meixiu about things she saw that are a bit foreign to her.


The said girl looks up from her plate and sees Xiaohui looking at her.

Xiaohui puts down her utensils.

"Who's the guy who kept fetching you into our house every night?"

Meixiu stops, her mouth opening like a goldfish as Xiaohui waits for her answer.

"Oh, wait, let me rephrase that. Who's the guy that kept on fetching you in our neighborhood?"

"What? I don't know anything."

Xiaohui sighs and shakes her head.

"Meixiu, you can tell me everything. I wanted to trust you."

I wanted to trust you.

Xiaohui's words repeated inside Meixiu's head.

The entire lunch went quiet, it became awkward for Meixiu as she couldn't seem to think straight afterward.

She's starting to doubt if she should have told Xiaohui the truth about her identity, but then, she didn't want Xiaohui to be in danger.

Meixiu sighs before she holds Xiaohui's arms.

"What is it?"

Xiaohui's eyebrows furrow as she asks Meixiu.

Her confusion grows as she notices the girl's complicated expression.

"Is there anything you wanted to say?"

"Do you trust me?"

Meixiu asks as her eyes look at Xiaohui's.

The girl in question stopped for a while at what Meixiu said.

Did I say something wrong for her to question that?

"I do; why did you suddenly ask? Is it because of what I said earlier?"

Xiaohui asks her.

Meixiu sighs and nods her head.

"I'm sorry."

"No, I know I'm not being honest with you."

"You don't have to say anything if you're uncomfortable."

Meixiu's heart started to flip at what Xiaohui said.

One of the reasons why Meixiu likes Xiaohui is because the girl is so understanding.

Like she knew something was wrong or happening and would ask if she dared to do so.

And she'll be saying something within the line as a warning.

Of course, Xiaohui wouldn't push someone to say something she badly wanted to know but would instead let them speak and tell her the truth.

But unfortunately, Meixiu couldn't bring herself to tell Xiaohui the truth because of things.

Firstly, she doesn't want Xiaohui to know that she's capable of everything because she's the successor of the Ren Clan.

Secondly, she still has the mafia clan running.

Thirdly, she might get in trouble if she did tell her.

And lastly, she doesn't want the hungry Zheng family to know everything.

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