Her Double Trouble Book

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Her Double Trouble


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"If given a chance, who would you rather, Daniel or me?" Owen asked. "Now that's a tough one." Chugging down the leftover champagne directly from the bottle, she said, "I need some time to think." Refilling his shot glass, Daniel suggested, "Or you do us both together and save some time." …. The leaders of Anderson Enterprise, one of the top ten international companies in the world, Owen and Daniel Anderson are considered the most eligible bachelors in the country. They are heartthrobs every woman desires. Despite having a horde of women who are ready to throw themselves at them, the Anderson brothers have their eyes set on one woman who has managed to captivate their attention. Leaving home at the young age of fourteen, things have been quite rough for Emma Parker. Despite all the hardships she has faced in her life, Emma is very optimistic. She is a strong independent woman and somehow manages to find happiness in the small things she has. All Emma wants is to live a peaceful and comfortable life but her fate has different plans for her. After an unexpected eventful night with two strangers, Emma now has two new stalkers that follow her around: the millionaire brothers, Daniel and Owen. Caught in the middle of the two brothers who try to court her separately, will Emma ultimately figure out who she wants to be with… or both? And when she starts developing feelings for the charming suitors, will Emma’s heart be broken when she is reminded of the difference between their worlds? Or will the happily-ever-after bloom for Emma at long last? ….. Join my discord server: Discord username: Sofia05#2273


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