1 While She’s A Human… He’s A…

"Kill me," she spat bitterly.

"If you really claim to be the alpha, then killing me wouldn't be a problem, would it?" She said, getting teary despite the fact something inside her told her it'd work.

"Don't just stand there, do something," Madeline continued, provoking him whilst wiping her tears off her face.

He remained rooted to the ground, unmoving and still as he stared at her glaringly, watching her every move. Strangely, he didn't seem like he was going to pounce, although his eyes flashed with malicious intent.

She huffed.

"I SAID KILL ME, XAVIER!" She yelled, spreading out her arms.

The werewolf that stood across her rushed towards her, his claw raised and ready to attack her. They were deep in the woods, there was no chance anyone else would find them.

Madeline shut her eyes.

'I don't want to die.'

Then... a blinding flash appeared out of nowhere!

In the werewolf's place, a man standing there shirtless, wearing pants that looked tattered and ripped apart.

Xavier, as Madeline called him.

Panting, he pulled her in a tight embrace, practically crushing her.

"Madeline," he whispered huskily, his voice dripping with lust and desire.

Madeline slowly opened her eyes. Was she in heaven now?

"Xavier?" She asked, her eyes going round.

Was she hallucinating?

"I'm sorry," he said in between gasps for air, letting her go.

Madeline's breath trembled, pulling him into another embrace.

"I almost lost you," she uttered.

The sky rumbled, and it wasn't long before rain began pouring down on the both of them, leaving them completely soaked. Not that Madeline cared. On her face were only feelings of unbridled joy.

She ruffled his hair; it was his moment of weakness, being asked to kill her. His weakness.

He captured her lips in his, kissing her so roughly to the point Madeline felt a warm liquid ooze out of her soft, rosy lips, losing himself in her as he did so.

Now, rewinding to the past...

"Step forward," he ordered, his steely gaze landing on her.

Madeline swallowed as a chill went up her spine.

Silence engulfed the crowd, Madeline heard a lady whisper to her friend, "Who is she to catch Xavier's attention?"

"I never saw her before, is she new to the pack? Why haven't I seen her before?"

"She's not even that pretty. Is she an omega? I really can't remember seeing someone like her here in the pack. Is she from another pack?"

"Probably, seeing as she's unfamiliar with the place," the lady snickered, unaware Madeline could hear every word she spoke.

Deciding the better idea was to follow this Xavier guy's orders and ignore whatever the lady had to say, she stepped up to the dais before turning to face him.

And that was the moment Madeline felt her heart sink to her stomach.

God, Xavier was… simply looking at him made her knees weak. To think, a couple of seconds ago, she'd stumbled into this cult-like place when she was looking for what she'd dropped.

And now, she was following this random yet handsome guy's orders?

His devilishly handsome face scoured hers. And strangely, Madeline couldn't get herself to meet his piercing gaze. It was as though he was waiting for her to do something. To bow or curtsy, perhaps.

And his aura… Madeline couldn't fathom how his aura felt evil. Did that even make any logical sense?

Xavier scoffed, tilting his head to get a better look at her, "And what… pray tell do we have here?"

Trying to get a sense of who she was, he sniffed her before his eyes widened. She leaned backwards.

"You don't belong here," he snarled, making Madeline want to run despite her intuition which told her not to.

Making a face, he narrowed his eyes and spat, "You're a human."

The way he said human… The disgust in his tone made anger well up in Madeline. Who was he to say that to her? This Xavier man sat on a throne, so what? Was he not human? What a hypocrite he was, talking to her like this.

Xavier demanded, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

Words were stuck in her throat, she couldn't get herself to speak in front of him. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind, it was a shame all she got out of herself was, "So I am."

"Aren't you all?" She questioned, taking a look around at everyone else to see people whispering amongst themselves, some of them laughing and ridiculing her.

Before Xavier could reply, another man stepped up to the dais, bowing before him.

Xavier nodded, and the man whispered something into his ear.

The second Madeline caught one of them looking at each other and then at a nearby pole, she wondered what would happen to her.

Would she be chained to a pole and burned at the stake? The way they looked at her, it was as though she was a delicious, steaming feast, and they were lions that'd been starved all this time. It was terrifying, being surrounded by starved lions.

Did they have some terrible fate planned out for her? Because it certainly seemed like it.

She quietly took a step back, and both men turned to her.

Beginning to panic, she wondered, 'Do they have some sort of mind link? Is that how they could communicate without even speaking to each other? And do they have super hearing; are they even human? I barely made a sound!'

Their auras… how their eyes glowed…

'Who am I kidding? Creatures like that don't exist, they're fictional. They're just strange.'

Xavier assessed her, as though waiting for her next move. He wondered how a human could have penetrated their barriers. No ordinary human could do so, she had to be special. Was she offering herself to the pack, was that why she wasn't leaving and screaming in terror? Or was she unaware of who they actually were?

She wondered if they could stop staring at her, both Xavier and the other man.

Was he going to let someone apprehend her? Would she be left for dead?

Wide-eyed, Madeline stared back at him, her eyes meeting him before she felt something tighten around her pinky. Her heart tightened and began pounding faster than it did before.

It flickered, but it was clear what it was. Everyone stared between them, back and forth in confusion. Whatever it was, it could only be seen by Madeline and Xavier.

That day, an eternal bond was created.

Xavier stared at it, his eyes immediately widening from shock. He flexed his pinky, making sure it was real and that he wasn't simply dreaming.

The look on his face screamed, 'THIS CAN'T BE!'

'With a stranger? Are you kidding me?' He growled.

Her heart raced, she was thinking the same thing.

Fate had chosen him? Their meeting couldn't have been just a coincidence now, could it?

Well, that must've explained why she could've penetrated their barriers, she was special after all.

After years of searching, he'd finally found her, although she wasn't who he was expecting.

The person he was tied to… his soulmate wasn't one of his kind.

She was a mere human he'd just met a couple of minutes ago. A human that had happened to stumble upon Eudora whilst they were celebrating the turning of new werewolves.

Whilst he, the alpha of the pack.

Of werewolves, might one add.

A creature that didn't exist!

It was then her knees then buckled, and black spots clouded her vision before darkness swallowed her whole.


Author's Note: All names, characters, settings, etc, that are mentioned in this book are all purely fictional and are from my imagination. Any reference to real events is used in a fictitious manner. Unnecessary, hateful comments and reviews will also be deleted,

Another thing: details might be unnecessarily mentioned in chapters since a novel always has to have its starting phase, it needs strong world/character/plot development to provide a better experience for all readers. I also sincerely hope you won't confuse this book with reality. That's all, I hope you enjoy the next chapters.

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