80 Woman Like Her

Chao Xing opened her eyes slightly, groaning with pain. Opening her eyes completely she realized she was in some kind of dungeon as she could see other chains kept there too at a distance away from her. 

"Where am I?" She asked herself as she tried pushing her body up from the ground. 

But as soon as she tried getting up she realized her arms were in a tight grip. 

Pushing her head up she saw two chains holding her hands up as she was sitting there on the ground. 

"What the?" 

She was tied in the centre of the room with both the chains being held by two pillars on her side. There were other chains too which made the room look like a dungeon but it was quite big from a normal dungeon. 

"How did I get here?" As soon as she asked herself that suddenly the scenes from earlier started to run in front of her eyes with those wolves dragging her there. 


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