9 Run!

In the morning Chao Xing along with Lin Qin was standing outside in front of the shop with all other slaves. She was feeling embarrassed, standing there to be sold again.

'What has my fate gotten me into? I am being sold again and again in exchange for some money.'

Some tears came in her eyes realising her current situation. Lin Qin noticed her sadness and said, "Don't worry. These days will pass soon."

They stood outside for the whole day along with other girls. They didn't give them food nor water for the whole day.

A cup of water was given to them in the evening which they drank like their life depended on it.

Chao Xing was getting weak, even though her stepmother used to do this too with her but her stepbrother and sister would always bring her something and she didn't have to starve for this long.

She fell down a couple of times but the men there forced her to stand again.

It was now night and Chao Xing finally asked Lin Qin, "How much more do we have to stand here?"

"I guess they will take us inside any time by now."

"I can't stand here anymore. I am losing the only strength which I have left inside me." Chao Xing said miserably.

"Wait just a little more until anyone buys us and takes us with them. Then we would not have to stand here and wait for our fate all day." Lin Qin replied feeling helpless too.

"And? Who will buy us?"

Chao Xing had a worried look on her face. She was getting a good feeling about this.

"Just pray that it would be someone kind. Otherwise we don't know what will be happening to us after this."

She looked down again and got more worried.

At night they were given a piece of bread along with a bowl of soup. They ate it feeling blessed.

It was time to sleep, Chao Xing and Lin Qin both laid down in their places.

Chao Xing asked Lin Qin to run away from there with her but she disagreed, telling her that they won't be able to get out of that place easily.

"If they got their hands on us while we were running we would be dead meat."

"But what's the harm in trying once?"

Chao Xing gave her a pleading look but nevertheless she didn't agree.

"I still don't want to die. Sleep already." Saying this Lin Qin laid down and closed her eyes trying to sleep.

Chao Xing too laid down closing her eyes, she pretended to sleep for sometime but she wasn't able to with the thought of escaping from there, she got up again.

Getting up from the floor she lightly tapped her foot on the floor so that no one could hear her walking away from that place. From the window she got out of the room. The window wasn't too high so she was easily able to get out. As soon as she got out she bent down and sat on the floor hurriedly behind the long box which was kept on the side hoping that no one would see her.

She kept sitting there for some minutes and when she was sure that no one else was going to come here she got up trying to climb the wall.

'It's not too high, I can easily climb it.'

Happily, she put the box near the wall and climbed on the box she was trying to climb when suddenly she heard.

"Someone is trying to get out!" A man screamed from a distance gathering another man too.

Chao Xing got scared hearing those voices, she lost her balance and fell down.

"Take her."

Two men came and held Chao Xing from both sides and started to drag her.

"No! Please! Don't!"

Hearing Chao Xing's shouting, other girls also came out of the room and started to gossip and looked at Chao Xing with pity in their eyes.

"Tie her to that pole and wipe her so she could get some sense."

She was made to tie with the pole again and wiped for an hour. Everyone was told to get back to their places and sleep while Chao Xing was left there tied.

Lin Qin wanted to come to her but she wasn't allowed too so she too went inside not before giving a last pitiful look to Chao Xing telling her to stay strong.

Chao Xing's whole body was aching badly. Blood was oozing out of her wounds. Her tears were coming out of her eyes non stop.

'Why me? What have I even done to deserve all this?'

She cried the whole night tied to that pole. She just slept in the morning but then the men came to take them.

"Wake her up too." A man said pointing at

Chao Xing.

A bucket of water was thrown on her. She yelped and hurriedly got up. They untied her and one of them said, "Take her outside with other girls."


She hissed in pain as she went and stood with other girls.

"Chao Xing!" Lin Qin called out worriedly, "I told you not to do something stupid. Why did you do that?"

Chao Xing started crying more badly, hugging Lin Qin.

"Move already."

The man behind them pushed them forward and they started walking again.

A girl came near Lin Qin and said to her, "This girl is trouble, stay away from her otherwise you will also end up in trouble."

Lin Qin ignored her and still supported Chao Xing, so they went out.

Chao Xing was standing outside the shop again. She was hissing in pain from all the beating she got yesterday night and was really weak.

She was just in her thoughts when suddenly two carriages stopped in front of the shop. A man dressed in royal clothes came out of the carriage.

He approached the shop along with two men who were following him. The old man who was head of the shop hurriedly ran towards him with a smile on his face.

"Welcome! Welcome!" The old man was bent down a little in respect and with a big smile he welcomed that man who just got out of the carriage.

"We would like to buy some...…

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