5 Her Previous Life

"Today is your last day in the house so I will just let it pass this time. I just hope I don't have to see your useless face again…" With a shake she let go of Chao Xing's arm.

She was just about to go away from there when suddenly Chao Xing extended her foot in front of her foot and she stumbled making her fall down on the floor.

Not caring about her, Chao Xing went straight to her room.

With a huff she angrily sat on the bed.

"I don't want to stay here." Feeling miserable at her current situation she added, "I want to go back to my old life."

"After my parents left me I was alone, after many struggles I finally started to have a peaceful life and now this happened."

Some tears appeared in her eyes as she remembered her parents. Wiping her tears by herself she got up a little and then sat on the bed with her knees hugging her chest, her arms around her legs. She put her head on her knees as she asked her,"Would I ever be able to find a peaceful life?"

"How am I supposed to go back? How am I going to get the answer to all my questions?"

Suddenly the thought of the talking book hit her mind. She remembered she found a talking book in the morning.

She hurriedly pulled out the book from the back of her waist band. Opening the book she started reading certain pages from the books to get anything about the girl's life in whose body she was.

She didn't get all the memories of the previous owner of the body. She only got the most recent ones.

Opening the first page of the book she started reading.

[ 1572 - 22 March -

I found this diary today in my mom's box. There wasn't anything written on it but it had a bookmark like someone was reading this book.

But all the pages were blank. Don't know but whenever I write in this book I feel like I am talking to my mother. I feel like she is close to me. ]

"This might be her mom's book then."

Chao Xing turned the page.

[ 1573 - 18 October -

Today my father married someone else. I don't like her. She is rude to me.

I don't want to see her at my mom's place. I told father not to do so but he didn't listen and brought this evil woman home. She always insult and scold me. ]

Chao Xing felt pity for the girl reading all this. She realised that girl suffered too much in her life.

Reading the book somehow made her think about her mother, she remembered her own mother's words.

"Nothing is perfect in this life. Nobody's life is perfect. The more you victimise yourself the more you feel burdened. You aren't the only one suffering in this world."

Remembering these words of her mother she felt some motivation building up in herself. She again started to have some positive thoughts and started to think about the solution of how she will be able to get herself out of this situation.

She opened the back of the book where those blank pages were and asked, "I want you to help me and tell me how I can go back."

Nothing came up. Chao Xing narrowed her eyes, "What happened? Why is this book not replying to me now?"

She vigorously turned around the pages feeling annoyed.

"Was all that my illusion?"

She wasn't sure now whether it was her dream or whether the book really talked to her.

"I bet it was!"

"Stupid book! Why don't you talk now?" She was just about to turn the page again when suddenly some words started to appear on the blank page.

[ What happened? ]

Chao Xing felt relieved seeing those words which appeared just now in the book but then angrily said,"You are asking what happened? Why weren't you replying earlier?"

[ I can only talk to you on this page of the book. ]

"What why?" Chao Xing hurriedly asked. Her eyes longing for an answer.

[ Don't know. ]

She rolled her eyes at that book and then asked, "Can you help me a bit and tell me how I am supposed to get out of here?"

[ Riddles are the way. Find the path by unlocking the doors. ]

"I am so bad at Riddles." Chao Xing added rolling her eyes.

[ First riddle: I may seem real yet I am not. It all depends on how you think. ]

She read everything two times to understand but still couldn't get, "What the? What does this even mean?"

[ Find it out yourself. You will find the word which will take you the your first destination. ]

Chao Xing closed the book and laid down on the bed not before putting the book under her pillow. Her arms were open as she laid straight on the bed looking at the roof.

"What could it even mean? It's real yet it's not! What could it be? Is it a thing?" She tried thinking quite deeply but even after many efforts she wasn't able to get anything.

"Ahh! It's so frustrating. I am too stupid for this." Chao Xing held her tightly in frustration.

She turned here and there for some time when suddenly she heard a sound from her stomach.

"Aah. I am hungry too." She again sat on the bed, "That witch didn't give me anything to eat all day. I am so hungry."

As soon as she said that she saw bread flying through the window and it came just right on the bed in front of her.

She hurriedly got up from the bed and went towards the window. She looked down who gave her the bread and saw two little kids standing there waving at her.

One was a boy and one was a girl. They waved at her and then ran away from there hurriedly. Chao Xing smiled at them and started eating that bread.

Her stomach didn't get full by just that bread, she was still feeling hungry but at least she got some thing to eat. She ate that feeling blessed and slept peacefully on the bed thinking about that riddle which she had to solve as soon as possible and collect those words which would take her back to her home...

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