1 Heaven or Hell?

1581 Saint Hua Land…..

"How long are you going to continue this drama of yours? Get up already."

Chao Xing could hear faint voices. She was lying on a bed when her eyes opened and she peeped at the angry middle-aged woman standing in front of her.

'Who is she? Why is she getting angry with me?'

'Wait a minute…..Am I alive?'

'I remember getting shot.'

Opening her eyes properly she encountered unknown surroundings.

The room looked shabby and cramped. There was only a single bed kept in the room with a table on the side. A thin blanket was kept over her body.

Chao Xing was stunned and involuntarily moved a bit when a stinging pain shot into her neck, and her head also started to ache badly.

What was going on? She couldn't get it.

'Did I die? Is this heaven?'

Her eyes fell on the room which was in a quite bad situation. She was disgusted seeing the room. The room looked old, there wasn't even a little window in the room.

All she could see was darkness and dirt everywhere, "Definitely not heaven." She rolled her eyes.

"Then am I in hell?" Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard that angry woman's voice again.

"Do you think after this drama I will let you stay here? Well let me tell you, you will still be going away from here very soon my dear little daughter." Sarcastically she threw those words at Chao Xing.

Daughter? Going away?

What was she talking about?

Chao Xing was just about to say something when suddenly a burst of memories that didn't belong to her started to appear in her head.

Chao Xing realised that the real owner of the body shared the same name with her. She was a twenty-two year old girl. A daughter of a poor man living in Saint Hua land and the woman in front of her was her stepmother.

Her father was a farmer and wanted to sell her off in exchange for some money.

Tired of this situation the previous owner of the body decided to end her life and hanged herself using her bedsheet but her father came in her room on time and tried stopping her from killing herself.

She realized that these were the recent memories of the previous owner of the body.

'So this means I got transmigrated to this world like those in the movies!' Chao Xing was shocked to learn about her situation.

Never in her life had she thought that a person could be transmigrated to the past.

"I.... I can't believe it. This can't be happening."

She was just in her thoughts when she heard the woman yell again, "If you are done daydreaming. Get up now and start doing the chores now. Don't think that you won't have to do the housework after this drama."

She further added as she smiled, "Today is a good day so I don't want to ruin my good mood."

'This means this ugly rude woman is supposed to be my stepmother.'

She didn't like her at all. One look at her and she knew she was the evil lady of this story. "Why? What happened?" Chao Xing couldn't help but ask. She asked rather quite rudely.

"You, going away from here. What can be better than this?" The woman laughed sarcastically.

Chao Xing felt somewhat bad for the real owner of the body. How can someone be this cruel and sell off their daughter for some money?

Well even if she is her stepdaughter she could still have some humanity.

Giving her stepmother a glare she asked, "How cruel can you be? You are trying to sell a girl for some money?"

Before she could even reply to her, Chao Xing again added, "Well I wanted to say your daughter but then I thought I would just embarrass myself, addressing myself as your daughter."

Her stepmother was taken back a little, the innocent little girl who never even dared to talk back to her how did she get the guts to say that.

"I see you are getting more bold now. You will be still going away no matter what you say."

Chao Xing gave her a cold glare, "Do you hate me that much?"

"Actually... I do but I hated your mother more.."

Disgusted by that woman's words, Chao Xing got angry yet she let go of the idea of saying anything anymore.

"Get out of here! I don't want to talk to you and lower myself."

"I am warning you for the last time, don't mess with me. Let things end nicely." Her stepmother warned.

"Did you let the things end nicely?" Chao Xing gave her a daring yet cold glare.

She was taken back but nevertheless seeing that cold glare of Chao Xing she didn't find courage to say anything anymore nor she found words to say anything anymore.

"Whatever! I want you to get up and come out soon." Yelling at Chao Xing she finally left from there not before banging the door as hard as she could on her way out of the room.

Chao Xing rolled her eyes at that cruel lady. All she wanted was to rip off her hair.

'Maybe these are the feelings of the previous owner. Don't know how much she tortured the poor girl.'

After she went out Chao Xing touched the strangle marks on her neck. It was a deep mark making her believe that the original owner of the body might be dead.

The girl's father would have actually thought that he had saved her on time.

Well not like he cared much. He was going to sell her anyway.

"Looks like I would have to take her place here until I could find a way to get back to my home."

Pulling the the quilt off of her, she got up from the bed. Only then her eyes went toward the ragged clothes which she was wearing.

A look at those clothes and she could guess how badly they treated the previous Chao Xing.

Dragging her feet she went out of the room and started looking around the house when suddenly her stepmother came again.

"If you are done lazing around, start cleaning the house. Then after that do the dishes and go collect some wood sticks from the forest. Start working now. Don't let me see you lazing around."

'The witch is here.'

Chao Xing rolled her eyes as she folded her hands,"Who do you think you are to order me like this?...."

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