Her Dark Royals' Desires Book

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Her Dark Royals' Desires


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"A vampire and a demon— the love of two beings I cannot reject." Reverse Harem (Warning: Mature Content)! Skai Jayden, a project assistant at Sterling Enterprise has her heart racing twice in one night. Meeting her boss, Damien Raphael, on a night out with her friends, she is instantly drawn to him and finds herself unable to forget him. Before then, Skai only knows Damien as a ruthless, cold-hearted monster of the business world. She hadn't guessed that Damien was truly a demon in disguise. On the same night, she is attacked and saved by a man lurking in the dark. But shadows often house people with ill intentions. The accident entangles her fate with Jared Drake, a business tycoon by day, and a blood-sucking vampire by night. And that's only the start of Skai's spiral into danger. When she discovers the men's true identities, Skai is forced to deal with their intertwined fates, sandwiched in between them as their fated mate. In between pleasure, secrets, and fantasy, how will Skai face this drastic turn in her life? Will she be able to survive in a world that she once thought only existed in fairytales? ************* Disclaimer: Cover Not Mine Read-only on WEBNOVEL ––––––––––– Discord server: http//discord.gg/BH666ZK Instagram: baevidaa Discord: BaeVida#7167