Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet Book

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Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet


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With a different identity, she has entered in the enemy Kingdom. She wanted to bring back Wan Hu Shang. The Crown Prince is ignorant about her real name and identity. He invited her to live in his Palace for a month and celebrate the Event of Winter since she saved his life from the angry crowd of wild sambars. The time comes and she is able to reach Wan Hu and free him but she herself got trapped by the enemy and fell in his personal prison. Will she be able to free herself and reach her father? The sparks those initiated between Prince Wan Hu and Henan, could she be able to understand her heart? Will she ignore him again? What would be her choice either to fulfill the wish of her father or fell in love with Wan Hu Shang, what would be her destiny? A Queen or an Army General? A quite unique and strong female lead is meant to shine in history. Join me author on this journey. The above is the synopsis for second volume. ... "I don't need another life to prove myself. I have this one. let me see if I lose or win. I am Henan Zhong." "Stay with the story and each and every chapter will be a new revelation for you readers." The opening first volume is the setting of the great story ahead. The story revolves around deception, untold emotions, newfound passions, strong characters, and many more. The daughter of General Zhong becomes General by way of chance in an era where girls were not allowed to wield weapon or study Martial Ways. This story is not for those who like to read weak female lead stories. Chapter release rate: 2-3/daily ... Photo Google courtesy, not mine. Just edited


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