1 Gojo Starting Anew: Embracing a Fresh Life – 1


(Kaguya Otsutsuki POV)

─Minutes later after getting completely sealed by two annoying brats that were powered up by her own son Hagoromo in her own dimension

My eyes were still closed and feeling the ever-cold darkness embracing me again.

Emotions can be felt all over her Guilt, Sadness, Despair, Madness, Insanity, Betrayal and Anger

'Those Fucking Brats I swear─' she thought



My mind was clear and I was free from the emotions that were clouding me. To my surprise, I can open my eyes and couldn't help but state the obvious that I'm now in a different…. dimension?... World? I do not know how to describe this phenomenon. Looking around and walking on the new world I'm in.

Squinting my eyes and immediately opening my Byakugan. I looked at myself and was shocked.

'I still have the ten tails? How? No, more importantly my chakra reserves more than doubled. Well my dimensions are accessible but for some reason they are in here. Weird, but at least I'm no longer sealed in that disgusting thing.'

Kaguya Otsutsuki was overwhelmed with emotion once again, but this time the feelings were different. She felt a sense of liberation from the years of being trapped.

'I'm finally free!' Kaguya thought, tears streaming down her face. The weight of the chains that had bound her to earth and buried her under debris for so long had finally been lifted. The memory of the Sage of Six Paths' seals made her shudder, but now she was free from their grasp.

Finally, she could live life on her own terms. She couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy and relief─

Suddenly, I heard a click once again, and my mind was bombarded with a new projection. It was as if I had been transported to someone else's perspective, seeing through their eyes and overhearing a conversation with an old man, a spirit, or perhaps even a ghost.

As far as I could discern, he appeared harmless enough, with an air of humility and patience surrounding him. But deep down, I knew that these two entities I was witnessing were far from ordinary, and my gut instinct warned me to be wary.

'He doesn't look like Hagoromo and Hamura, they could take some notes about this man. I raised some shitty sons.'

While the two men conversed, my attention was focused on the old man who had just done something to the person I was observing.

"What is he? Is he also made of chakra?" I wondered to myself, trying to make sense of what just happened.

Suddenly, a shift occurred in the world around me. The old man emanated an overwhelming and inexplicable sense of danger that I had not felt before.

My instinct warned me that my existence was in peril. Before I could react, I felt a forceful connection, binding me down. It was too late.

As my view began to dim, my power drained away, transforming into the Ten-Tails.



A 25-year-old man stood completely exposed, surrounded by nothingness. As far as the eye could see, there was only an empty and boundless expanse of white, enough to make anyone doubt their own reality. In front of him, an old man floated effortlessly, both fixated on each other with intense gazes. It was clear that both were lost in deep contemplation, weighed down by the gravity of their thoughts.

The man's thoughts were consumed by the boundless possibilities of his current situation. After careful consideration, he came to a resolute decision: he would ask for something that would make him the most powerful entity in existence.

"Hey, old man," he said confidently, "make me beyond omnipotent."

He couldn't wait to get his hands on this power and start his journey to enjoy every world in existence. The thought of creating a harem of his own sent a shiver down his spine, and he couldn't help but chuckle at the idea.

'Let's get this bread quick and get out of here,' he thought to himself

[?] R.O.B. seemed taken aback by the man's bold demand, momentarily flustered, but quickly regained his composure.

[Impatient, aren't you?] The old man's eyes bore into the young man's, as if daring him to challenge his words. [You've barely arrived here and already you demand your wish be granted. Aren't you even a little curious about your current state? The fact that you're standing here naked in an endless white void should be cause for concern, don't you think?]

The old man paused for a moment, studying the young man's expression. Sighing [You're not the first to come here with such impudence. Still, I must ask: what makes you think I will grant your wish?]

"Is he not reading my mind or using his omniscience? Maybe he doesn't have it. He sounds like an annoying old man who cares too much, but I don't hate it. It's better to be cautious." I thought to myself as I observed him.

The void was suffocating, a vast emptiness that seemed to stretch on forever. I stood there, naked and exposed, feeling the weight of my own mortality and weakness. I didn't care about the specifics of my death, or the reason for my current state. I had read enough tales of wish-granting beings to know where this was going, and yet I couldn't help but feel a sense of hope. The man's eyes were shown to be dark and maddening.

He remembered his shattered life, filled with broken dreams and promises. The emptiness surrounding him was a constant reminder of his past, but this time he had a chance to escape into a new reality and start anew.



The figure before me was imposing, emanating an aura of mystery and power. His piercing gaze seemed to penetrate my soul, as if he knew the secrets buried deep within me. But I didn't care if he was able to read my life like a book. What matters a lot right now is that I had a hunch that this old man held the key to my escape. Taking a deep breath, I spoke, hoping he could grant my wish.

"Hey, Old man, how many wishes do I get?" I asked cautiously.

[Two. For the last time, call me God. Stop calling me old man and show some respect.]

I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Respect? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Last time I checked, people prayed for useless things like pixelated characters from mobile games and you didn't even flinch. Respect has gone down the drain. I bet you're getting prayers from all over the omniverse for things like summoning fictional characters for mobile phones in real time. And don't get me started on the people who actually go to church to pray now." The MC rambled on.


[You don't even go to church.] R.O.B. retorted

"As I was saying R.O.B─"

<And that is as much as I'm getting out from him.> R.O.B sighing to himself

"I want to be omnipotent, old man, it's that simple," I declared, a sly grin forming on my face.

R.O.B.'s veins visibly bulged as he responded, "I cannot grant that wish."

Unfazed, I shot back, "Then I wish to use my 2nd wish for you to make me omnipotent."

R.O.B. sighed, "Think of something else. Even if you were granted that wish, you wouldn't be able to do anything with it."

"Why not?" I pressed, suspicion creeping into my voice.

"Why can't I use my wish to be omnipotent?" I suspiciously asked

[Listen carefully, mortal,] R.O.B. began, his voice carrying a tone of authority.

[I am not just an ordinary wish granter, but a being of immense power and knowledge. While I can make wishes come true, there are limits to what I can do. You see, omnipotence is not something that can be granted so easily. Even if I were to give you such powers, you would have to earn it with your body, mind, and soul. It is not something that can be obtained through mere wishing alone.]

[ However, there are some powers that can be artificially given, but even those will still require learning and practice until the person can use it at will. And let me be clear, there are no immediate power-ups here. Any power that you obtain will be earned through hard work and dedication. Of course, there are some special cases where exceptions can be made, but those are rare and only for those deemed worthy. Do you understand now why omnipotence cannot be simply granted with a wish?]

[First of all, let me clarify that becoming omnipotent is not something that can be achieved easily or quickly. It requires a tremendous amount of power, knowledge, and a deep understanding of the omniverse and its workings.]

[Secondly, the idea of omnipotence is not something that should be taken lightly. It involves a level of control and authority over the entire omniverse that is beyond the comprehension of mortal beings. Even with my permission and guidance, it would take at least 8 wishes and a ridiculous amount of time to reach such a level of power.]

[Furthermore, the process of gaining such power would fundamentally alter the very essence of your being, and would require the installation and control of omniverse energy. This is not something that can be done lightly, and requires a level of understanding and mastery that few mortals possess.]

[In short, I do not plan on granting anyone omnipotence, as the consequences and responsibilities that come with such power are too great for any mortal to bear. Instead, I suggest that you focus on more selfish individual wishes for yourselves. Considering your past, you deserve at least that much.]

"..." My eyes darkened, body shaking. But only to calm down as soon as R.O.B. placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed at my outburst. After all, I knew that R.O.B. was only trying to help.

[Look, I may be the one beyond omni, capable of granting many things, but I have to ask, why on earth are you so desperate to become omnipotent? Are you trying to become the next me or something? Keep in mind you won't be able to keep your memories unless you specifically wish for it.] R.O.B's tone was laced with curiosity and amusement.

Upon hearing that I had to wish for my memories to be kept, my face immediately contorted into a frown. Memories are an essential part of my identity, a constant reminder of who I am and the reality I once existed in. Losing them would mean losing a vital piece of myself. It could prove to be invaluable navigating any new worlds I might encounter.

And is he delusional, thinking that I would become the next R.O.B.?

"R.O.B., that sounds like the most boring option imaginable. Becoming the next you? No thank you. I want to explore endless possibilities, experience ultimate freedom, and wield the absolute power to shape the universe as I see fit. I'm talking about deleting, erasing, killing, and creating reality with a mere thought. I want the power to do whatever I please, whenever I please, without any limitations. And let's face it, with omnipotence, I wouldn't even have to worry about the consequences of my actions. And yet, here you are, trying to scam me out of my wishes and take away my memories. What kind of R.O.B. are you?"

"Let me tell you an interesting story," R.O.B. began with a glint in his eye.

"Someone in the far past actually used one of their wishes to remove the memories of all other reincarnates, just so that they could start fresh without the burden of their past traumas. Quite a noble gesture, don't you think? But in your case, it seems like you want to hold onto your memories. Well, you still have to wish for it, friend."

"I don't care. Also I'm not interested in the weak-to-strong trope. I want to start as the strongest." the Man said with his eyes maddening

*R.O.B. stared weirdly at the MC and read his mind*


R.O.B. Reading the MC's mind and thought process and what his desire is. ***

No, I never want to be one of those weak protagonists I've seen in countless stories and anime. I don't want to start off powerless and gradually grow stronger. No, no no. You see we don't do that here. If I have the opportunity to be the strongest right from the beginning, I would seize it without hesitation.

Where will be the next opportunity to start as the strongest from the start? I'm tired of those masochistic protagonists who have to work their asses off to become only decently strong. They never end up as the strongest.

Yeah, the reality of it isn't fun at all. Your life is at stake and you're at your weakest, trying to rush becoming strong while dealing with power-hungry scumbags who try to keep you in check. And let's not forget the politics happening behind your back. Ignoring it could end up biting you in the ass. It's a true loss when you're not the strongest.

Even with the help of the system, those characters still have to grind and train tirelessly just to make minimal progress due to its limitations. It's incredibly tedious, having to constantly improve their skills to keep up with stronger and unknown enemies. It's almost as if they've wasted their wish or simply failed to become truly strong.

How many more new bullshit characters that are more powerful. They keep getting introduced with a half ass hidden backstory. Surprising characters with their hidden abilities even though it's ass.

OH OH and the protagonist that was always "worried" about the future. Don't even get me started with them. If they aren't being resourceful enough or not strong enough, and they have their loved one or friends dead or something. Then that's on you! For not getting the power capable of omnipotence or related. Delete enemies before they arrived! It's simple, really.

What? People say starting off as the strongest character is boring? Of course even I would have to agree sometimes. But if you had the power comparable to omnipotent from the start, wouldn't you want to explore the world and pursue your interests without fear? No more worries about getting hurt, killed, or having your personal boundaries violated. It may sound like a dull story, but in real life, who wouldn't want that kind of power and freedom?

I know one thing for sure: starting off as the strongest is a must for me. It's the safest route available because, let's face it, I am dumb and stupid. I don't have the skills to plan, strategize, or manipulate. My thinking is one-dimensional: if I don't like you and you piss me off, I'll kill you. It's simple and efficient.

But even so, it's hard not to feel a tinge of envy when I see others putting in effort to improve themselves. I wish I had their drive, their determination, their discipline. I try to admire them for it, but it just reminds me of my own shortcomings. I know deep down that I am not like them, and it fills me with a deep sense of sadness and jealousy. After all, I was immobilized for my entire life.

What sets me apart from those crazy training junkies is that I'm a lazy ass who dreams of becoming the strongest without having to put in the effort. It sounds absurd and unrealistic, I know. Even so I dearly wish for it. But with the help of R.O.Bs and with my two precious wishes, it's not entirely impossible. The problem is figuring out the most efficient way to become the strongest with the limited resources I have. This is what constantly occupies my mind, as I struggle to find a way to achieve my goal.


[The issue with my wish-granting abilities is that they're a bit unconventional. I can only help you by forcefully altering your very being and ensuring that you learn to control your newfound powers naturally. Furthermore, you don't have many wishes to begin with, and you must be precise and explicit in your requests. Perhaps you should consider something else.] R.O.B enjoyed reading his thoughts

I immediately asked him this question after recalling some of the loopholes I had read about back then.

"Can you grant me multiple complex wishes within a single wish?"

[...I should be able to grant your wishes as long as you don't wish for omnipotence.] R.O.B. contemplated and considered.

A certain memory came to mind about a list in a document that I wrote back in college on a whim.

The man laughed while remembering some of the Chuuni stuff he wrote down back then, which he spent hours on.

"Alright, my wish is to have everything listed in my Google document, under the title 'The Dao Of Absolute,' granted in a single wish." The man grinned mischievously.


A/N: First rule of using wishes: Aim for omnipotence. It's the key to obtaining everything within your grasp.

Second rule: Always search for loopholes and ask questions. Don't settle for less.

Third rule: Acquire a system with shops that allow you to buy anything, and infinite currency along with it to purchase anything with them

Fourth rule: Make a list of your wishes and keep them written down or typed somewhere, and don't forget to remember them'


[The─What?] R.O.B. looked confused

[Let me take a look, it should be─]


R.O.B Speechless while reading the list.

[The fuck?]

"Yeah! I bet you didn't see that one coming! You even said that you could grant multiple wishes in a single wish. No take backs. With this, I can become the strongest," he exclaimed happily.

There's no way I can come up with complex wishes on the spot. I'm way too dumb for that, and honestly, I don't even remember everything I wrote on that document or wishlist. But I do recall that The Dao of Absolute had… a system with infinite currency and a lot of other things. I remember toning it down to ensure some balance, just in case there were any issues. It can't have many powerful attacks capable of wiping out the universe or multiverse, only the potential and capabilities.

[Do you know the word restraint?]

"What's that? Can you eat it?" I immediately replied

[....Are you insane? I can grant some items on your list, but both wishes are required for this. It involves the usage omniverse energy, and I'll need to reconstruct your soul and change your being to handle it. Forget about becoming omnipotent. Prepare yourself, it'll be extremely excruciating since it's your wish.] R.O.B calmly explained

"Fine by me. Though I don't remember much of what I wrote in that document, I'm sure only good things are going to happen to me," the man replied, completely shutting off R.O.B. when he mentioned that he could grant his wishes on the list.


<Young people these days absolutely reckless!> R.O.B thinking to himself and sighing

[Did you not hear me earlier? You know what? Don't worry about it. There will be changes to your body, soul, existence, mind, and conscience.] R.O.B. looking very annoyed

"That sounds rather ominous," I said, my excitement for an instant power-up and becoming the strongest

[...Oh boy, this is going to be quite entertaining for me for at least a few years.]

"What does that have to do with anything? Are you going to be watching me? I will have you know I don't swing that─"

[You misunderstood. Your idea of using a list for the afterlife is actually quite ingenious. It's rare to see someone come up with such a creative way of using a wish. It shows that you must have been quite a unique and creative person in your previous life.] R.O.B explained, shaking his head and smiling.

"Why do you sound sarcastic and amused at the same time then? It almost sounded like an insult to me," the man asked, questioning R.O.B's tone.

A/N: Because it is.

["Let me clarify something for you. Your wish list is certainly unique, but it won't grant you an instant power-up. You'll have to naturally learn and acquire these powers yourself, and it won't be easy. It will take about 200,000 years of pain and effort just to acquire most of it. After that, you'll undergo a transformation and evolution of your soul, existence, body, and mind, but don't worry, I'll be there to guide you. Just be aware that once the process starts, I will be controlling your body to make sure it's done as efficiently as possible. Lucky you, you will be asleep the entire time.]

"Wait, no─" And the man was knocked out cold.

─Time skip 9 years ─

As I gradually regained consciousness, I noticed that my body was experiencing a strange phenomenon - my senses were being forcefully stripped away and then returning, and the very fabric of existence seemed to flicker in and out of view. At one moment, I found myself transparent like a ghost, and then I was solid again. Before I could fully process what was happening, I lost consciousness once more.

Upon waking up again, I realized that I had a new sense that I had never experienced before. Was this the fabled "sixth sense" that I had heard about? I recalled reading that intuition and instinct were two different types of sixth sense - one for the mind and one for the body. There was also a novel I had read about a spearman who deliberately lost all five senses to develop a figurative and literal sixth sense. It seemed like I was starting to understand what that meant.

─Time skip 99 years ─

When he said I would be sleeping for 200,000 years, why am I waking up momentarily? And what's with this new sensation? It's not in my body or my soul, it's my brain and my conscience that's hurting. Could it be my soul that's being reconstructed? I remember reading about this process before. It feels like my whole being is itching uncontrollably, even in places that can't be scratched, like my balls.

But there's something else too. I have a feeling that someone is watching me and it isn't R.O.B.. It's a new sense, something foreign, but also alarming. My intuition is telling me that there is someone inside me. I'm starting to appreciate this new sense of mine, and I can't understand why people would ignore their intuition and instincts on things like sensing people like that. But before I could process my thoughts about who is watching me I was knocked out cold again.

─Time skip 599 years ─

I'm becoming increasingly frustrated as I keep waking up and experiencing memories that don't belong to me. Wait a minute, these are Gojo's memories! LOL did I wish to become Gojo? That's awesome. It still feels strange to receive these new memories in such a rapid and overwhelming manner.

The sensation of foreign memories is like a liquid or substance seeping into every crevice of my brain, filling it up to capacity. It's as if the gods themselves are responsible for this. I can only assume that this has something to do with my infinite mind capacity. These memories span over 28 years and potentially more, but my mind is capable of processing it all due to my unlimited memory capacity and ability to edit my memories. As I transformed my body into Gojo's, I designed it to handle an infinite amount of information processing, and now I have the capacity to match.

Before I could even process the foreign memories, I lost consciousness again. This time, my body was contorting in unnatural angles, assaulted by telekinetic attacks and tormented by various afflictions like diseases, curses, and petrification. I was a mere spectator, unable to control my own body. The pain was unbearable, as if my insides were being burned, frozen, poisoned, electrocuted, and dissolved all at once. The sheer magnitude of the suffering was overwhelming, and I couldn't help but wonder how I was able to perceive all of it.

The supposed quick process promised by the god was nowhere to be found. Instead, I kept waking up to these sudden moments, feeling like I've been enduring the agony for years, even though it only lasted a few seconds. I couldn't even scream, as I was plunged back into unconsciousness. It was a nightmare beyond words, and I couldn't wait to put it all behind me.


The pain is relentless, a never-ending cycle of agony. Just when I think I've gotten used to it, a new wave of torture comes crashing down, hitting me like a truck. It's like that infamous line from Spongebob, "Do you feel it now Mr.Krabs?" But through all this suffering, I can see the bigger picture. It's all for a purpose, a greater goal. It's building up an immunity and other things. Those lists... filled with descriptions of the insane things I must endure in order to achieve my goals. It may seem like pure madness, but every torture I am enduring is building up my absolute immunity and my other powers.


I'm starting to hear voices from time to time. But this R.O.B. guy was really thinking he is fast…

[I believe there's a term for what I'm doing - power leveling or speed leveling. I'm rapidly accelerating and strengthening your soul, body, and existence to the point where you'll be able to expertly control omniverse energy. I'm quite skilled at this, and since you requested that your abilities, skills, and techniques not deteriorate, I'm ensuring that the feeling you have now becomes ingrained in you.]

[Also that crazy "absolute peak performance" in your list, that ensures that your memories of skills, techniques, and instincts will never degrade or stagnate. It's a smart move. Normally, mortals inevitably experience degradation and decline in their abilities, but with this "peak performance," you can eliminate those issues and maintain your skills at their maximum potential.]

What did that old man say again? I lost consciousness as soon as I tried to listen to him. But watching R.O.B. controlling my body is nothing short of terrifying. I've never seen my body move so fast and contort in such strange ways. Despite the pain and discomfort, I'm relieved that my immunity and resistance are at their peak. Even though I'm unconscious, the memories of the techniques are being forcibly ingrained into my brain. It's as if I can use them instinctively now.

In my opinion I still think I am essentially getting instant power up just the traditional Hardway. Apparently due to the amount of things in the list I was being diamond spoon fed based on his wording. Most of the time I'm unconscious screaming and have my body being controlled to forcibly move in ways my body would never dared consider. Well, to acquire power does come with a price. But never again do I want to go through this shit. Am I still even human? I do remember seeing my body blowing up a couple thousand times. Is my body Gojo's? Or I'm still on my original? Why am I still sane after all that? Wait, am I forcibly being calmed by the R.O.B seeing how I didn't question myself enduring the insanity and shocked at my own bodied decimated ─

The process of gaining power is like an instant power-up, but it comes with a price. I'm pulled out of my body and watching everything from a third-person perspective as R.O.B. takes control, performing crazy stunts I never thought were possible. It feels like I'm paying the ultimate price for this power. My body has been blown up countless times, and sometimes I wonder if I'm still even human. Am I in Gojo's body or my own? These thoughts make me question my identity. Despite it all, I'm somehow managing to keep my sanity intact. I can't tell if R.O.B. is forcibly calming me down or if I've just become desensitized to it all. Even so I still get forcibly knocked unconscious after a moment.

─Time Skip 6969 years─

I take back what I said earlier. Holding on to my sanity seems impossible now. How long can I keep myself unconscious? Even with his supposed calm mind ability, fear keeps creeping in with each passing moment. I can't take this anymore. Where is that damn R.O.B.? Why am I still awake? Has it been a day or five? I can't even tell anymore. The void around me is a white abyss, endless and terrifying.

It's almost like being in that hospital all over again. And to make it worse, an old man is still controlling my body, leaving me feeling helpless and vulnerable. My instincts and intuition are ringing nonstop, annoying me to no end.

I want to be free from this control, but I know it's pointless. It's disheartening. I used to think that I could endure anything, but now I know what true despair is. I just witnessed a monstrous spawn emerging from my ass, and it keeps going back. To add to that, my body is releasing black smoke, and I can feel my sanity slipping away into the void from watching this happening.

[The black smoke coming out of your body is just getting rid of impurities and keeping your body pure. As for the monster, it's not important, so don't worry about it.]

"Did he just say, 'don't worry'?" I muttered in disbelief, my anxiety skyrocketing. I knew better than to trust anyone who brushed off my concerns like that. "And why was there even a monster spawning from my ass in the first place? I haven't eaten anything for who knows how long." I tried to recall the creature's appearance, but my memory failed me. All I could remember was its massive size and the writhing tails protruding from its body. As I pondered my situation, a sense of dread settled in the pit of my stomach.

Ahh when am I getting unconscious again I can even feel myself disintegrating and reintegrating at the same time, is this the result of faint immunity and resistance even mitigating god's skills.. Though seeing it happening in front of me I couldn't help but think maybe I should end my li─

Ah, when will I lose consciousness again? I can feel myself disintegrating and reassembling itself simultaneously. Despite witnessing this phenomenon, I couldn't help but contemplate ending my life─

[Oh, right she was there too. I think your body is also ready to adjust the ten tails right about now. I wasn't so sure when your body was starting to get adapted to the ten tails inside you, since it was still capable of breaking out your personal dimension. Not like it matters anymore since your soul & body is evolving in real time which also improves your personal dimension. Your endurance and body are pretty near indestructible now. Can probably hold that ten tails with wits]

[Oh, right, she's part ten tails too. I believe your body is now ready to handle the power of the Ten-Tails. I wasn't sure when your body was starting to adapt to its immense power, especially when it was still able to break out of your personal dimension. But now, with your soul and body evolving in real-time, your personal dimension is also improving. Your endurance and physical strength are nearly indestructible, and you should be able to control the Ten-Tails with ease.]

"Hahhh?" I responded in disbelief

[And with that, I have bound her soul to yours. Your new body has been set as that of Gojo Satoru, along with his innate abilities. However, there was one odd description in your request of having a...bigger penis? I believe Gojo already has a large penis. Why do you even need a bigger one? As for the Ten-Tails, it was quite energetic and kept trying to escape. I had to discipline it whenever it emerged, but there should be no further problems.] R.O.B. said with a smile

There was a lot of information to take in. Did he just say that he put the ten tails inside me? And is it breaking out? Is it like what happened to Obito when he had it and was being ripped apart from the inside out? Did I even put the ten tails in my Dao Of Absolute? As I tried to process all of that...

[It was only a matter of time until you built up your immunity to soul pain. The ten tails were consuming your soul from within, and I won't lie, it wasn't a pretty sight. It took some time, but now your soul regeneration is an innate ability, and you're sure to be a natural at it. With this new ability, you could even consider yourself a cursed spirit, as soul regeneration has some crazy perks.]

I'm at a point where I feel like I want to go back in time and strangle my younger self for not thinking clearly. I can't even remember the reason why I added ten-tails of all things on that dreadful list. Now, I'm racking my brain trying to recall what was exactly in my list.

"Wait a minute. What the hell? You're saying Kaguya Otsutsuki is also inside me? And for the ten tails, can't you just give me the Rinnegan and Senjutsu to help me contain it? And come on, you can never be too sure if you need a bigger penis. It's just common sense," he exclaimed.

[Actually, you don't have to worry about containing the ten tails anymore, since it's Kaguya Otsutsuki who is in control now, not the ten tails. And yes, you do have Kaguya Otsutsuki inside you. By the way, she's been quietly observing you this whole time with her Byakugan activated and a cold gaze. It's kind of creepy. But what's really concerning me is something in that document list about Kaguya.]

'What the hell did I put in there? Did it have something to do with Kaguya?' "Hey Old man tell me─"

─Time Skip 20000 years─

"Oh, I blacked out again, you really need to stop doing that. Before I finish my line."

[I'm almost done with implanting your king's treasury, 'What's yours is mine,' and configuring it to work with omniverse energy. This process is quite annoying since it wasn't yours to begin with, but we're almost there. As a Jinchuuriki of Kaguya, she can see, hear, and even read your thoughts. But don't worry, she can't hear us or your thoughts at the moment. I've also slowed down time in your personal dimension where she's sealed. For every 5000 years that pass here, only a minute will pass for her. It's kind of amusing if you think about it.]

"Yeah that's rough to say. I'm going to call it an 'armory' from now on."

"I still can't believe I'm a Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails. So, what did you do with Kaguya and what about that list? I think I need to remember what I wrote down now." Expressing my thoughts.

[Hahahaha, no promises As for Kaguya, you wrote down that you wanted to become the perfect Jinchuuriki for her, but I won't be helping you with that. Good luck with that. I purified her from the impurities and insanity caused by consuming the chakra fruit. Right now, she's in her own form instead of the ten tails, and she's staying quiet.] R.O.B replied, with a hint of amusement in his tone.

[Well, she's definitely not happy about being sealed again, but I'm here to ensure she doesn't escape, and she knows better than to mess with me. As for what you wrote down, you wanted her to be tied to your existence and have infinite potential or whatever. That eventually led to granting her equal authority in your dimension.]

"Wait, hold on a second. What did I write down about tying my existence to Kaguya's with infinite potential and equal authority? Was I really thinking about my dick? And how is she so powerful that she could escape from my personal dimension which I can only control?"

'Why did I even bother giving her infinite potential? Sure, she's not a natural fighter, but her raw power and abilities displayed in Naruto Shippuden were impressive. If she ever decided to train, she could be absolutely devastating. I mean, she did abuse the hell out of her innate abilities. It would have been a real concern if she was capable of fighting like other Otsutsuki with their Karma. Not that she's stronger than me, but I'm worried about whether or not she'll even want to talk to me.' I sighed, lost in thought.

[Oh, shut up. When I'm about done, I'm going to wake you up. Stop thinking too much. You overthink a lot, I'm putting you to sleep.]

"Wa─ "

─Time Skip 170,000 years─



Name: Unknown

Age: N/A

Race: Outer God

State: Healthy


Health: ∞

Strength: EX

Agility: EX

Dexterity: ∞

Mana: ∞

Luck: EX


"Hah, Infinity. Nice. But wait, what did I write in that damn document? System, where's the description? Where are the skills and other information? And where is my shop?" He yelled, growing increasingly frustrated.

"You know what, forget it… Hey R.O.B. If Kaguya can break out of my personal dimension or seal, doesn't that mean it would kill me? I mean, I'm a Jinchuuriki now right? And as for that list I wrote, can you show it to me, old man? I barely remember a quarter of it, even with my infinite memory capacity scanning through my memories."

[If you are worried about dying, don't. You can't die. Literally. It's actually quite amusing that you don't even remember your own wish list or your abilities, but we can discuss that later.] R.O.B gruntly replied

[I'm working on the eyes now.]

At first, I was surprised by the loss of sight. However, I soon realized that my eyes were in the process of regenerating and disintegrating simultaneously. As a different energy began to slide in and mix with the omniverse energy within me, my perception, vision, and sight were rapidly enhanced. In fact, I could even feel the sensations of my new eyes being created.

[Well, let's set your new eyes' appearance to be the same as Gojo's Rikugan. The eye implantation can only be done towards the end of the process due to the special circumstances surrounding those eyes]

"Hey, I'm guessing the body is complete? Does that mean I can control the ten tails or use its chakra? Also, can Kaguya Otsutsuki regenerate her chakra? As far as I know, Otsutsuki can't regenerate their chakra. And, is she supposed to be my wife?" I asked, rubbing my eyes as my vision gradually recovered.

[Oh, you talk a lot of shit, and I would love to show you how the ten tails were breaking your ass.]

"I did not need to know that." He scoffs back at him

[Yes, you do. As for Kaguya, she can regenerate her chakra though I'm not sure about you using those ten tail chakra forms and transformations' or becoming sage of six path transformation.

[She isn't your wife; she is a widow and a virgin?] R.O.B looked visibly confused.

[How does that even work?] He muttered to himself,

[You are a weirdo through and through. Good luck with getting along with Kaguya, she is a wild and quiet woman. You didn't mention anything romantically about her except getting stronger.] R.O.B smirk

"What!? What the heck is the point of putting her in the list if she isn't one of my women? Ah well whatever."

[Oh, I should mention in that weird document list of yours, you ask for that in the Narutoverse or whatever, the Otsutsuki clan and gods should be killed off. I personally deleted them as per your request. I telepathically informed Kaguya, and she seemed quite surprised.]

"Wow, I had no idea there were Otsutsuki gods," Gojo's eyes widened in surprise.

[Yeah whatever. Anyways your body is almost complete, but it still needs some final touches to learn how to adapt, fight instinctively, and master its combat prowess and capabilities.]

"Wait a minute." I suddenly remembered that my wishlist had something to do with learning.

"Didn't I put down 'absolute talent' in my wish? Shouldn't I be a genius and prodigy at anything right now? Shouldn't I be able to pick up fighting relatively easily and learn techniques like ultra-instinct effortlessly? And what about social skills like flirting and romantic relationships? Why am I not feeling the effects of this talent?"

[Well, well, well. It seems like fate has its own agenda. Looks like you'll have to work for your abilities just like everyone else,] R.O.B. said with a mischievous smirk.

I felt a wave of disappointment wash over me. I had hoped that my wish would grant me incredible talent and make things easier for me. But apparently, this wish of mine didn't carry over.

"So much for being one beyond omni," I muttered sarcastically.

R.O.B. chuckled. [ You may not have exceptional talent, but you have something now. Gojo's talent was absorbed by your non-existent talent, giving you a bit above average talent. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.]

I let out a sigh of resignation. "I suppose it's better than no talent."


─Time Skip Done─

It's been 200,000 years, or at least that's how long it feels like my body, soul, and existence have been trapped here. But now, I'm finally awake and free from the grasp of some crazed god controlling me like a puppet. The relief I feel is indescribable. No longer am I forced to do unspeakable things or have knowledge injected into me without my consent. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I was moving around myself and initiating ultra-instinct and getting used to that addictive transformation along that trance-like feeling with R.O.B's guide. What? I always wanted to go super saiyan. But this one is better. I can feel that my mind, body and soul is complete as I am now capable of becoming one at will. Tested Weapon mastery along with ultra-instinct transformation. Being able to use both at the same time, R.O.B decided to just fuse it together. Though it has been a long time since that happened, I can confidently say I don't need to train anymore.

As I moved around, I felt a surge of power as I initiated ultra-instinct, reveling in the addictive transformation and the trance-like feeling that came with it. With R.O.B.'s guidance, I was finally able to achieve something I had always dreamed of - going super saiyan. But this was even better. My mind, body, and soul felt complete as I learned to become one at will. I tested my weapon mastery and my ultra-instinct transformation, and with R.O.B.'s help, I fused them together. Though it had been a while since I had first arrived, I feel like my time here is coming to an end.


[All your skills and affinities from that peculiar wishlist of yours are now maxed out, and I'm just adding some artificial parts to complete the process. I might need to cut some out since the omniverse energy can fulfill some of those roles. But always keep in mind that trance-like feeling. It is an uncommon technique even by my standards. And while it may not mean much to me. The grand priest isn't someone you can scoff off at.] R.O.B explained, detailing the progress of the upgrades.

"Are you finally done controlling and destroying my body? I have to say, R.O.B, you're pretty messed up. I'm surprised I'm still sane after going through that hell. Do I not deserve compensation for having my body used as an experiment and ragdoll for who knows how long and how many times? And speaking of compensation, are the absolute immunity training and soul pain immunity maxed and mastered level now?" Gojo stretching his body casually chatting with R.O.B.

[Funny enough you got stronger by mentally enduring all those. Yes, You should know that soul pain immunity and resistance are incredibly difficult to obtain and cannot be artificially gained. And yet, you have both.]

"Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if I no longer exist after going through that crisis quite literally." I mocked

[This is a rare and refreshing experience for me. Most humans or mortals would go insane if they experienced any type of soul pain. Those who manage to survive often become cursed spirits or worse, turn into Cthulhu-like creatures and vanish into the void. But you are a special case, and that's only because of me. After all, very few have learned soul pain immunity and resistance naturally.]

"Wait, I could have become a fucking alien?''

[Yes, most likely.]

"You just dropped a lot of information on me, I think I'm sick and tired of getting power ups now."

[Ah, let me clarify something about your wish list. It's actually quite well thought out, but a bit underwhelming. You've tried to balance what you perceive as absurd, focusing on instincts, close combat, and building potential. Taking Gojo's body and Gilgamesh's noble phantasm were good foundations. However, some of your wishes are still ridiculous, no matter how I look at them. While I also couldn't help but notice that you don't have many destructive abilities, but instead, focus on survival, adaptation, freedom, and immunity. Did you exchange destructiveness for these abilities? You still have much to learn."]

"I'm hurt. And what do you mean I still have much more to learn? I possess god-like authority and power now! I have no doubt my instincts and intuition will work in perfect harmony with my affinities and abilities." Gojo replied while rolling his eyes

["You're more like a perfect god of cockroaches, with ridiculous immunity and resistance towards everything in existence. It's technically safe to say that you're the safest being in existence, capable of surviving anything. Your soul cannot be touched or harmed. You're the literal definition of a nightmare for anyone who wants to kill you. Despite having above-average talent, you still have to 'grind' and put in effort to learn new abilities. Authority doesn't work like magic, and you still have much to learn."]

"Can't I just imagine magic and instantly blow people up or something? I mean, why bother with learning new abilities if I can just will them into existence?" Gojo asked, sounding hopeful.

[As I already mentioned, some wishes weren't granted and true magic is one of the wishes that wasn't granted, so no, you can't just use magic from your imagination to blow people to bits or anything like that. Also, I had to make sure your resurrection has a cool down. At least a week. I don't want you to spam this skill or abuse this skill too.] R.O.B. sighed

"What makes you think I'm going to abuse Pure World Resurrection though? I now understand the meaning of "with great power comes at a great price" after experiencing death so many times," Gojo retorted.]

"Ah shit. Are you really nerfing me right now R.O.B?"

[No, I have never done that. However, you should be aware that there are some things on your list that I cannot grant you. Your list is quite complex, and it doesn't help that you want everything in just one or two wishes.]

"What the fuck are you on old man? That is a nerf!" I complained

[Your being now transcends that of the outer gods, and you're a unique existence that cannot be killed or harmed. The fact that you've managed to retain your sanity is a feat in itself. No other outer god is comparable like you. In fact wishes are no longer applicable to you. As an existence evolves and becomes more complex, it can no longer use or get wishes. They were meant to fulfill mortal desires, but even they have a limit. Every existence has a limit that dictates how many wishes can be fulfilled. So, to put it simply, I can no longer fulfill your wishes. To begin with, mortals were never capable of attaining omnipotence or having eight wishes.]

I clicked my tongue, disappointed that my wish for magic wasn't granted. The ability to create anything would have been incredible.

[I can understand your frustration, But let's move on to the next subject.] R.O.B. replied calmly, unperturbed by the outburst.

He continued, [What will be your new name? It's a common practice here for people to take on an anime name. Oh, and here's your Akatsuki cloak, as requested on your list.]

I put on the Akatsuki cloak.

"I haven't thought of a name yet" The man said

[Well that's fine. Anycase I wanted to mention the things that haven't been granted. I completely removed all aspects that are related to a cheating system along with that ridiculous infinite currency system from you. You don't need it. I did at least put a shop for you. If you wanted to, you could buy temporary power or weapons only available for a limited time as they are one time use or with duration.]


"The fuck? Explain to me how this isn't a nerf? Can I sti─" trying to think positively

[No, I'm not taking anything away from you. You still have access to the system and its world travel features, it's just a standard system showing stats and information. Don't expect too much from it. Oh mhmm, here's the list you didn't get.]

"...This is a nerf no matter how I see it. You're taking away my powers and strengths!"

A/N: [Not Granted: Absolute Duping/Creation/Magic, Multiverse System & Infinite System Currency, Absolute Talent, Absolute Yeet Laws, Absolute Dao Of Plot, 'Users is free to choose to travel any worlds and any timelines']

"This limits me in many ways. I can no longer duplicate or create anything at will, nor can I manipulate reality to my whims. This is harsh…" Gojo narrowed his eyes

'I couldn't help but think I got myself a shitty god.That's really underwhelming but I still think I can create─'

[The reason why certain limitations wishes weren't granted was to enable your limited existence to attain the level of omnipotence or even surpass it. It was not meant as a nerf in any way.]

"Even if all my wishes aren't granted, it doesn't matter because I'm already the strongest," he tearfully said, trying to remain optimistic.

[Not really.]

'Whatever. Status.' He said in his mind

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