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Ai's Group

Aqua darkly said, as he realistically thought of the situation they were in, "But Mom, if you don't comply, we're pretty much screwed."

Miyako's weary voice drew everyone's attention. "I totally forgot to mention this earlier, but I had to sign a stack of documents with Kaguya Shinomiya. They outline the conditions of our sponsorship and the support they'll provide to us. These have tons of confidential matters to be addressed, like preventing the leakage of information about Gojo and his companions regarding the supernatural phenomenons. And well, to top it all off, it seems we have no choice but to comply with this request."

Ai's voice tinged with concern and caution as she asked, fully aware of her limited knowledge in dealing with documents and contracts. "Is there any way out?" Her reliance on the former president Saitou for guidance in signing and understanding such matters was evident.

"Not really. It was an incredible deal too, but I had no idea about this one-night stand until today," Miyako said, shaking her head.

Ai sighed, reflecting on the circumstances that led to her resurrection. She just got back here and now found herself indebted to Gojo, thanks to her children's desperation and the assistance of Gojo's companion. The sheer absurdity and complexity of the situation settled upon her shoulders, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of resignation.

The price required for her return was for her to spend one night with Gojo. It wasn't out of love, but a transaction—something Ai felt confident she could handle, after all, it wasn't her first time with a man.

Ruby protested heartily, sobbing out, "No Mama! I want Mama Purity to stay pure!"

Ai kneeled down to her daughter's level, taking her hands in her own. Speaking in a comforting manner, she soothed, "It's okay, Ruby. It's just one night, and afterward, I won't ever see him again. So there's no need to worry."

"And that man is so fucking hot," Miyako whispered softly, a hint of envy lacing her voice.

Even Ai, too, found herself captivated by Gojo's presence, unable to resist his overwhelming charm. A playful smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she entertained the thought, 'Perhaps it won't be so bad after all. Maybe I can even ask for a favor or two?'

But in the back of her mind, a small voice whispered, asking 'Can she finally experience love in this second chance at life? Will she continue to lie?'

In fact, Ai was well familiar with the feeling of what it's like to fall in love. After experiencing it once, falling in love she got pregnant. That's why, even in the presence of someone as attractive as Gojo. She didn't get the same intensity of falling in love like she did the first time. However, her curiosity still lingered, to explore the possibility if she could come to love without lying.

Ruby's grip on her mother tightened, seeking comfort and reassurance. "Okay, Mama," she murmured, her voice filled with a mix of resignation and trust. "I trust you."

Miyako's voice contained a mixture of suspicion and worry as she confronted Ai. Her brows furrowed in confusion as she spoke, "Wait, are you going to leave and do it now? I mean it is getting late. Can't you postpone it?"

Ai waved her hand dismissively with a smile. "Oh, it's fine. Don't worry, I know how to handle these things. Besides, it's just a small exchange for him helping us out. I might as well quickly get this over with!"

Ai's mind raced with various thoughts and possibilities. She had made the conscious choice to spend the night with Gojo, considering that her resurrection was already a done deal and taking into account the information Miyako had shared about the signed contracts. However, a sense of uncertainty filled her thoughts as she thought of the intention behind Gojo's proposal of a one-night stand as payment.

Ai looked at Ruby and Aqua, who were clinging to her leg, smiles crept into her eyes. She took hold of their small hands on her own. "Don't worry," she said softly, "Mama will always love Ruby and Aqua, no matter what happens."

Ruby looked at her mother, her eyes filled with uncertainty and anxiety. But she knew that Ai had to go through with it. Aqua nodded solemnly with a dark face gently pulling Ruby out of Ai's embrace.

Ai stood up, straightening her clothes and took a deep breath. She could feel the tension in this room, and she knew that everyone was waiting for her decision.

Finally, she gave the signal for everyone to leave and so they went out of the room to talk to Gojo who was conversing with his friends and acquaintances.

She could feel the weight of Ruby and Aqua's gaze on her back. She wanted to turn back and comfort her children, but she knew that she had to be strong. For her children, and for herself.

On the other side of the room.

Gojo was talking about the meaning of wording and phrasing to the group (Kaguya, Shinomiya, Hayasaka and sometimes Flone). They were looking into how a common phrase like "Have a nice day" is universally pleasant, while the alternative "Enjoy the next 24 hours" can come across as more threatening. "You see," Gojo explained, "the meaning remains the same, but—"

Before he could finish his explanation, Ai's group suddenly emerged from the room, causing him to halt mid-sentence and shift his gaze towards them.

"Hey," Ai said, gesturing with determination. "Gojo, um, can we go outside and discuss something in private?" Gojo's face lit up, and he nodded in agreement. "Sure. Cool. What is it that you want to talk about—?" He stood up from his seat, ready to accompany her.

His eager anticipation to finally learn about her Hoshigan. However, just as he was about to ask for more details, something unexpected happened.

Flone abruptly interrupted, shouted out "The fridge is empty!" This unexpected shout caught everyone off guard.

"Flone, what the hell?!" Gojo exclaimed, clearly taken aback by the sudden shift in conversation. Definitely not expecting Flone to finish someone's fridge.

"Wait, WHAT?!" Miyako interjected, shocked by the sudden intrusion of Gojo's acquaintance raiding their food supply. That also really shook Gojo to the core. Consuming someone's entire food stock went beyond mere rudeness; it was an act of sheer audacity. 'Is there any way out of this?' Gojo quickly thought.

Just as the confusion settled in, Shinomiya Kaguya, appearing utterly exhausted and on the verge of sleep, spoke up, "Gojo, can you teleport me back? I kind of need to sleep early to get ready for school." Her request hinted at a pressing need for sleep. Since Shinomiya usually sleeps at 10pm on the dot. This extension of continuously staying awake after 10 is taking a toll on her.

A/N: Please note and remember Shinomiya Kaguya has a crazy strict schedule. Has a curfew at 10pm. This entire scene here seems rushed I know, but it kind of makes sense considering it's technically night time. The twins were done with school which probably ended at 5 or 6 pm and possibly work. The gang were waiting for Shinomiya to be done with her after school activity and that took a good amount of time.

"Oh! Can you teleport all of us back home then? And let's bring the Hoshino family along with us too! We can show them the wonders of Flone's home and eat good!" Flone's eyes gleamed with excitement, eager to share the marvels of their abode.

'Great, the excuse came to me naturally. Let's just teleport everyone besides Ai and me, I still need to learn about the Hoshigan,' Gojo thought, a sense of relief washing over him.

"You know, I actually like that idea, let's wrap everyone in one go. Hayasaka, could you prepare their guest room? And try to compensate Miyako if you can. I'm coming back later." Gojo suggested, confident in his approach to resolve all the confusion at once. Hayasaka replied with an understanding nod.

"Wait, we don't get to voice our opinion?—" Aqua asked suspiciously but he was cut off.

He teleported everyone but himself and Ai to the Shinomiya household.

Ai felt a mix of confusion and shock when she saw an entire group suddenly teleported. However, since she had been listening in, she knew they were safe. She reconsidered her original plan of asking Gojo to accompany her to a hotel. Instead, she thought it would be more suitable to stay in this apartment for the night. After all, she realized that she didn't have any money with her.



Gojo followed Ai as she led him into a private room. A private bedroom. It was kind of small in it. There was a bed there. But that's besides the point.

When Gojo went to take a look at Ai, he couldn't help but notice the sudden shift in Ai's demeanor. Confusion washed over his face as he tried to make sense of the change. 'Uwaaaa, what a drastic change in personality,' he thought, as his mind tried to understand what could have caused this sudden shift. 'What the fuck happened to all the happiness from just a while ago? Her star eyes are pitch black.'

"So, about that favor, I would like to repay it now." Ai declared, her gaze locked with Gojo's. Her starry eyes were now tinged with a deep, dark hue.

"Oh, well then, show me," Gojo exclaimed with excitement, brushing off her behavior. The mere thought of learning a mind-blowing, reality-bending new doujutsus intrigued him. Perhaps he could even replicate it with his Sharingan.

A/N: In the modern world, the only supernatural abilities that could potentially exist would be related to hypnotism, mind control / influence, illusions, and psychic powers.

However, when Ai started undressing, Gojo was left dumbfounded, unsure of how to react to her sudden actions.

'Wait, so the technique and its usage require... nudity?' Gojo pondered, his thoughts filled with curiosity. The concept of an activation requirement that involved revealing one's self seemed strange and unusual to him.

Gojo, being knowledgeable in various anime and nonsense fantasy, was aware that certain skills or abilities had unconventional or absurd activation requirements, such things can include nudity. While it was certainly uncommon, he couldn't deny that such practices existed in the realm of the anime verse / fiction verse.

'Wait, no, something doesn't really check out.' Gojo arched his brow as he thought of the situation in hand.

"Just making sure... You're gonna demonstrate your eye ability now, right?" Gojo asked.

Ai didn't understand what he meant by that, so she took it as Gojo wanted to be stared at while she undressed. So she stared at him while proceeding to slowly remove her clothes, assuming it was his kink. After all, no one had informed her about anything except Gojo's request for a one-night stand.

'This is kind of off. Why isn't she saying anything?' Gojo thought to himself as he closely observed her body. As he meticulously committed every detail to memory, eagerly awaiting the manifestation of her abilities.

But it never came.

'Yooooooo, doesn't this make me look like a bad guy? I'm basically filming this in high definition with my eyes. This feels like I'm looking at something I'm not supposed to right now.' Gojo horrifyingly thought

"You know… I heard you guys found out a lot about me." Ai said darkly with an emotionless tone. As she finished undressing, bringing up a topic of conversation.

Gojo turned to look at Ai's dark gaze, sensing the heaviness in her words. He understood this is a bit of a serious discussion. The weight of being constantly scrutinized and exposed to the judgmental eyes of others. There was a vulnerability in Ai's look as she tried to cover her private parts.

"It was Hayasaka who found out. I just did some interpreting for her. It wasn't much, I was able to come up with an assumption and made some analysis based on what we found." Gojo explained, his voice filled with a mixture of curiosity and intrigue. "But when I watched the video that was intended for your old co-workers from B-Komachi, I sensed there were some deeper meaning behind it, something you wanted to share openly but were afraid to. But that video message was an S.O.S. right?"

Gojo's words conveyed his understanding of the gravity of the situation and this really shook her to the core. She had wanted someone to notice her hidden SOS message. But it came to a shock that he found out almost everything.

Ai looked at Gojo, her eyes filled with uncertainty and vulnerability. "You don't hate me? Even though I'm a liar?" she asked, shaking a bit, her voice laced with a hint of self-doubt.

Gojo's expression was that of confusion, and he shook his head. "Huh? Hate you? Why would I do that? This is my first time meeting you," he reassured her. "Besides…the majority of everything in the media is nothing more than an illusion, a distorted reflection of reality. The people who buy into the crap are just trying to escape from the truth and immerse themselves in delusion."

His voice is firm but compassionate. "Indulging in content after content, they create their own fantasy world, using it as a means to avoid facing reality and overlooking the bigger picture. This addiction leads to a judgmental, desperate, and egoistic attitude towards the media and its influence on their lives. Aside from all that, your tendency to lie is just one form of communication you've become accustomed to and find comfort in doing. And that was supposedly your job, since you worked as an idol."

Gojo's words carried a depth of understanding, acknowledging the complexities of Ai's situation. He saw beyond the surface, recognizing that her lies were a defense mechanism, a way to navigate her world that had often been harsh and unforgiving. She was someone who wanted to love but couldn't be due to her upbringing.

However, he also sensed the self-destructive nature of her behavior, as relying solely on lies to communicate was taking its toll. It was a tightrope she walked between protecting herself and isolating herself from genuine connection. While her lies served as a shield, they also hindered her from fully embracing the authenticity and vulnerability required for deep connections and personal growth. That's not adding on how she had a limited number of people who she could truly talk to.

As Ai listened to his words, the weight of his understanding washed over her. She felt a sense of relief, knowing that Gojo saw through the facade and accepted her for who she truly was. It was a rare and precious connection, one that offered her an acceptance and understanding she had longed for.

As they stood there, their gazes locked, Ai couldn't help but feel a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe, in Gojo's presence, she could learn a form of genuine love and find a path forward where lies were no longer a necessity. She was starting to look a little more hopeful and expectant for this night.

"So what are you doing here naked? Is this a requirement for the Hoshigan to work—?" Gojo arched his eyebrow trying to understand the situation still unfolding in front of him. He still couldn't wrap his brain around how being naked is a requirement for the Hoshigan to fully function. He did witness a sudden shift in her mood, accompanied by her starry eyes flickering and alternating between dark and light.

Before Gojo could finish asking, Ai eagerly leapt forward, wrapping her arms around him in a tight embrace.


"Just for today," Ai whispered cryptically as she embraced Gojo, her body completely bare.

'Did those stars in her eyes turn into a heart shape? How the fuck does that even work? Is this a fucking genjutsu? Did I already get caught in it?—' He was completely taken aback by Ai's sudden action.

Ai clasped both her hands onto Gojo's cheeks and kissed 💋 him passionately. She was going to give this sex thing one last try and go beyond passionate about this.

For Gojo, he felt that this was strangely realistic, but he decided not to question it. In fact, he thought it might be more interesting to go along with the flow. After all, this is a 'Hoshigan dojutsu' and his FIRST EXPERIENCE dealing with a 'REALISTIC' illusion.

A/N: This is no illusion. Just force plot convenience. I apologize if this is not to your taste.

~~~~~~~ After approximately, idk, eight hours? The sun rose, accompanied by the cheerful songs of birds. The room was filled with passionate sounds, merging grunts and moans from both genders. But those noises in the room are finally coming to an end.

The night spent with Gojo passed by quickly, and before they knew it, it was over. Ai couldn't help but feel a sense of relief washing over her. She had fulfilled her part of the bargain. However, her mind still wandered to the man she had spent the night with. The memory of that night would forever be etched in her mind.

Despite knowing it was wrong, Ai couldn't deny the overwhelming attraction she felt towards him as they passionately spent the night together. It felt real, almost as if her love for him was genuine. She was dangerously close to falling for him, but it didn't matter anymore. She is now finally free and truly alive.

As the sunlight illuminated the room, Ai found herself filled with a swirl of emotions. She turned to look at Gojo in bed next to her, gratitude shining brightly in her eyes. "Thank you, Gojo, for giving me a second chance at life. I'll never forget this." Lying in bed,Gojo lay in bed, unmoving, his eyes fixated on the ceiling. A tired but confused smile emerged on his face, clearly showing his exhaustion. With little to no energy in his voice, he replied, "You're... welcome… Ai..."

Ai feeling content about all this felt like everything ended on a good note. The favors have been repaid. Her long-held and hidden pent-up sexual frustration had finally been fulfilled and satisfied.

Feeling satisfied, Ai rose from the bed and decided to indulge in something fun. Out of curiosity and for the sheer fun of it, when she noticed Gojo's outfit lying on the ground, she couldn't resist the temptation to try it on. The idea of wearing clothing belonging to someone of the opposite sex, especially from someone who she was just intimate with, had always intrigued her.

She dressed up in Gojo's Jujutsu High uniform, slipping into the outfit with a feeling of satisfaction and approval. Completing the look, she put on his sunglasses, adding a touch of her own style into the mix.

As Ai playfully moved around in Gojo's uniform, she happened to notice his phone accidentally slipping out of his pants that she was wearing. Her interest was peak, she stole a quick glance at Gojo, who remained motionless, seemingly oblivious to her actions.

She picked up the phone and was surprised to find it unlocked, without any password at all. With a mischievous grin, she cheekily added her phone number to his contact list, while naming herself "[My Favorite Idol] (Oshi No Ko)" as she left her mark. To her surprise, Ai discovered a very limited number of contacts in Gojo's phone.

Upon inspecting Gojo's phone, Ai made an interesting discovery. Among the contacts stored in his phone were only three names: Kaguya Shinomiya, Chika Fujiwara, and Ai Hayasaka. As she scrolled through the interactions, she noticed that the majority of the activity was between Gojo and Hayasaka, with little to no activity shown for the other contacts.

She then checked the time and noticed it's pretty early in the morning. 'Time really flies when you're having fun,' Ai mused.

After cleaning up and dressing properly again, she went to wake Gojo up.



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[A glimpse of the future.]

It's been a week or two since Ai Hoshino returned to the world of the living. Gojo and his gang recently departed to return to his own world or personal world, whatever the hell he called it. Everything has been going well.

Well, Ai Hoshino was still in the process of reconciling with Ichigo Saitou. She was also unemployed. But that was also due to everyone's opinion saying she no longer needs to work. They had assured her that they would take care of her from now on. She couldn't help but feel that life was great.

With the support of Shinomiya Corps' sponsorship, she no longer felt financial burdens and could focus solely on being a loving and devoted mother. However, Ai began to feel off and noticed unusual cramps, which led her to impulsively purchase medication for abdominal pain and, out of curiosity, a take-home pregnancy test strip. But to her surprise, when she took the test, it revealed that she was...




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