Help! The Seductive Villain Chases Me Everyday to Expose My Other Identities!

# REALANDFAKEYOUNGLADY Shi Ran encountered an accident and transmigrated into a novel. She became a small-time cannon fodder supporting character in the story and was also a fake daughter who was not as good as the female lead of the plot. It was probably easier to just stop trying so hard and let herself go. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei’s skills are killing it!”The next day, Shi Ran’s first drama was released, and her seven-second appearance in the clip became viral on the internet, overshadowing the female lead, Shi Wenfei. It was smooth sailing for Shi Ran after that, and she even won the best actress award in one fell swoop. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei can sing and even write her own songs. What can Shi Ran do?”Elite Emperor: I won the Best Golden Song Award this time, and it’s all thanks to my awesome composer @ShiRan!Anti-fans: “!!!”One day, when a live stream was ongoing, anti-fans poured into the channel frantically, abusing the bullet comments and cursing in barrages. Anti-fans: “Our Feifei has gotten engaged with Young Master Zhou! Her fiance is tall, rich, and handsome! He pampers her, unlike you, who's unwanted!” “Babe, where are my things?” A man’s deep, magnetic voice silenced the barrages of comments. In the next second, a man with an enchanting look appeared in front of the camera. Everyone was shocked! It was the Chu family’s future head, Chu Jinchen! The man’s black eyes swept across the barrage of comments flying on the page. Pretending to be puzzled, he said, “The Zhou family? Who’re they?”Shi Ran looked at him, who was obviously humblebragging, and said, “I’m live streaming now.” “Why don’t you live stream something more interesting?” Saying that, the man leaned closer and behaved intimately. Everyone watching broke out into indulgent smiles. Then the camera went black, and the live stream ended. Everyone slammed their keyboards frantically. No! Continue the live stream! Come on! The next day…#Actress goes public with her relationship# was on the hot search. Chu Jinchen: “You’re finally willing to go public with me, Baby!”Shi Ran: “...Are you sure you didn’t pay to put that headline in the hot search?”

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Transmigrating Into A Book

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"As expected of a female celebrity, her figure and face are really top-notch!"

A man's obscene voice entered Shi Ran's ears, and her mind buzzed.

"I'll go first. I've never tasted a female celebrity before!"

His rough palm crept up her waist.

Shi Ran suddenly opened her eyes in confusion.

'What is this place?'

The next second, a cold glint appeared in her eyes.

She grabbed the man's hand, which was groping upward, and folded it in reverse. The crisp sound of bones cracking echoed in unison with the man's screams.

The man knelt on the floor, clutching his palms as cold sweat poured down his face.

She casually wrapped the white towel on the bed around her body and kicked the dumbfounded man beside her.

The man couldn't dodge in time and was kicked in the lower abdomen.

Then, with lightning speed, she grabbed the man's neck and threw him over her shoulder.

Shi Ran staggered and put her hands on the bed to steady herself. Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing had begun to quicken.

She had been drugged!

She was about to get up when her head throbbed. Unfamiliar memories that didn't belong to her began to flood in, hurting her nerves.

By the time she finished sorting out her memories, she was already lying on the bed exhausted.

She was originally the youngest Patriarch of the Imperial Alliance's number one combat family. She took office at the age of 19 and threw everything to her brother at the age of 26. She retired in glory and began to travel the world to enjoy life.

But unexpectedly, she perished in a plane crash on the way to an awards ceremony.

Shi Ran thought that she was dead, but in reality, she'd transmigrated into a book called "The Arrival of the Movie Queen, Young Master Zhou's Daily Pursuit of His Wife" that she had read before and took over the body of the book's supporting character who coincidentally had the same name, Shi Ran.

The original owner of this body was an 18th-tier female celebrity in the entertainment industry. However, due to her stupidity, she became embroiled in all kinds of scandals. Hence, she was not famous and had many anti-fans.

A while ago, it was even suddenly revealed that she was just an adopted daughter of the Shi Family.

She was not favored to begin with, and after that, she became a marginal figure.

On the other hand, the biological daughter was obedient and outstanding. Her acting skills were also praised by everyone in the entertainment industry.

In contrast, the original owner of this body had only graduated from high school and liked to dance in nightclubs, an act that was heavily criticized by netizens.

Of course, she was unwilling to be outdone like this, but she always failed when she tried.

As it was the night of the biological daughter's birthday, everyone came to celebrate.

Shi Ran was dressed to the nines but was still mocked and ridiculed for trying to steal the limelight. Everyone then seemed to have forgotten about her.

Looking at the harmonious families on stage, she could not help but feel down. Without thinking, she took the wine from the receptionist and drank it.

When she woke up again, she was already in the hotel. However, the soul in this body had already been swapped…

"Knock, knock—"

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

It's a reporter!

In the book, the character Shi Ran was drugged and knocked out before she was gang-raped by three men. Reporters would then break in shortly after, causing her reputation to be ruined overnight.

After that day, the original owner of this body had no choice but to leave the entertainment industry. Her adoptive parents even began to threaten her, forcing her to hand over her shares.

In the end, they chased her out of the house like a dog which made her a trending topic again!

At that moment, a beautiful yet sad female voice came from outside the door.

It was her sister, the biological daughter, Shi Wenfei of the Shi family. She was also the real female lead in the book.

"I just got a call from my elder sister. She seemed to be in despair. She hung up before I could finish and she's in this room. Something must have happened! Can you please open the door for me?"

"No problem! Those of you who are strong come help me. We'll break the door down together."

Shi Ran's eyes narrowed as she glanced at the messy bed and the three unconscious men in the corner.

"I need a few more people to help."

The banging on the door grew louder.

Shi Ran frowned.

The door won't hold for long!

If a reporter broke in, she would never be able to explain what had happened even if she had three mouths.


The door burst open.

"Where is she?"

People poured into the room, only to find it empty.

"My sister said that she was in this room. Is she hiding?" Shi Wenfei walked in, pretending to be worried.

Gritting her teeth to herself, she began to search the room until she found only the three men lying unconscious in the corner.

… .

Actually, Shi Ran had already found the exit the moment the reporters broke in. She had flipped over the balcony and entered the next room.

The drug was getting stronger. She could feel her consciousness slipping away.

She took a pen, pinned up her dark hair, opened the bathroom door and stepped inside.

In the bathtub was a man whose hair was wet and dripping water. His thin lips were pursed, and his eyes were fixed on her like a cheetah whose territory had been invaded. The clear water could not hide the man's strong figure.

Shi Ran pulled off her white towel and stepped into the bathtub.

The man's eyes darkened. He grabbed her arm and was about to throw her out of the tub.

In the next second, Shi Ran twisted her body to break free from the man's grasp and pressed a sharp and cold object against the man's neck. Her long black hair fell like a waterfall and her cheeks turned red, but her eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

"Third Young Master, are you alright?" The assistant's voice sounded outside the door.

The pen in Shi Ran's hand pressed harder against his neck and she threatened in a low voice, "Don't make a sound!"

The man looked up, those deep eyes meeting hers.

Drops of water from his hair fell onto the man's pink lips. His lips curled up as he leaned against the bathtub, looking quite pleased.

The water vapor in the bathroom condensed as the man placed his hands on both sides of the bathtub. His muscles were prominent, and his broad shoulders and narrow waist were even more shocking.

Especially that muscular waist, it looked very strong…

Shi Ran felt that her body was getting hotter and hotter, and the effect of the drug in her body could no longer be controlled.

Her grip loosened as her body leaned forward.

Before the man could react, her hot lips had landed on his slightly cold neck.

It was as if a lost traveler in the desert had finally found an oasis and was frantically gulping in water.