Help! My Husband Is A Grim Reaper

"I fucking hate you, my dear husband!" "Same here, my dear crazy wife!" ++++ When a rebirth deal was proposed, Ziana accepted it without hesitation. All she needed to do was marry a Grim Reaper and be his wife until he completed his mission on Earth. It was that simple. But wait, did she mention that this Grim Reaper was not just handsome but also rude, sarcastic, and arrogant AF. Mischief and menace were his middle names and he brought nothing but chaos to her peaceful life. What's worse? He loved playing with her and she wanted to get rid of him soon. But now that her blood was strangely attracting demons, would she still push him away? And perhaps end up dying again? +++ Excerpt: "I hope you drown in your bathtub!" Ziana fumed in frustration. It had only been a week, and she was already aching to kill this damn creature. "We can try it together, sweetheart." Zayden smirked and leaning closer, he whispered in her ears, "Preferably naked." ++++ If you find it interesting, please add it to your library. Votes, comments, and reviews are much appreciated ^.^

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I need a handsome rich husband


The young woman's voice reverberated through the glass palace as she glared at the lady who had brought her to the magical realm called Afterlife. "No, I'm not going!" she declared adamantly.

"You need to understand, Miss Ziana."

"Understand my foot! I died in a car accident at twenty-four. At such a young age," Ziana ranted in anguish. "And instead of pitying my condition, you ask me to go and live in the wilderness?"

"Is it fair to turn me into a raccoon just because I look like one?" she cried, but the woman remained silent.

"It's not because of your looks, but your traits and past actions," the reaper corrected her with a neutral expression.

Ziana felt a pang in her heart, though she no longer had one. So she didn't just look like a raccoon, but behaved like one? That was harsh!

"Where is your boss? Let me talk to him!"

'No! Anything but a raccoon!' Ziana thought desperately. She needed to negotiate a normal human life, at the very least.

"What do you want to talk about, Ms. Ziana?"

Ziana turned around at the husky voice. She gasped as a handsome man clad in a white shirt and black pants walked towards them. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and a few buttons were left unbuttoned, revealing a glimpse of his bare chest.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to his strong physique, accentuated by the way his shirt clung to his body, highlighting his masculine curves and contours. As he drew closer, she couldn't help but gape at his flawless face that seemed to emit a celestial glow.

And his lips—oh, those tempting lips! They slowly curved into a knowing smirk that hinted at a hint of danger and mischief.

Did the deity of seduction descend from heaven? No, he must be the real version of Lucifer! Ziana thought as the man stopped in front of her.

And when he raised an eyebrow, waiting for a reply, Ziana, who was almost drooling, snapped back to reality. With a determined look, she straightened her posture and declared, "I don't want to be a raccoon!"

"What do you wish to be, Ziana?" Zayden asked with a sweet smile.

Oh, God! No one had ever called her in such a sensual way! No, it was not the right time to indulge in romantic fantasies! Shaking her head, Ziana quickly refocused her thoughts.

"A supermodel? Oh, you can even turn me into an actress if that's difficult."

Her assisting grim reaper frowned while Zayden lightly laughed at her reply. This was getting interesting.

"We cannot do that, but I have a better deal." And when her brows twitched in wonder, Zayden continued, "I will help you get back into your past life, but under one condition." As he spoke, the air crackled with anticipation, hinting that this deal was about to take an intriguing turn.


"You need to marry a grim reaper and settle with him until he completes his mission." Zayden explained with a serious face.

"And what if I decline it?" Ziana asked, crossing her arms. Marry a dead creature? Nah, he better give her some good choices!

Zayden couldn't help but smirk at her reply. Undeniably, she was a suitable candidate to be his mortal connection, he thought, marveling at her boldness.

"You are free to go with your destined rebirth pattern," he said, a smile playing on his lips. "And perhaps live as a raccoon."

Ziana's face crinkled at his words. The image of herself scurrying around in search of nuts in the forest flashed in her mind, causing her to shudder in displeasure. Clearly, marrying a dead creature sounded better than living like a raccoon.

After giving it a quick thought, she reluctantly nodded. "Okay. But I have a condition too."


"He should be handsome and rich!"

Her words fluttered the grim reaper's eyelashes, and he burst into laughter. Shaking his head in disbelief, he smiled at her. She truly was a wild raccoon, full of surprises!

"Oh?" Zayden's eyes sparkled with mischief as he smirked. "I think I have just the right person for you."

"Who?" Ziana asked, her delight evident.


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