149 The Annoyed Jamison

In a spacious and elegant room filled with unique patterns carved into the ground, the cross-legged Jamison sat in deep focus, feeling the surging qi in the air flood into many channels and acupoints all flowing towards his center. 

Wisps and wisps of qi fluttered like butterfly wings within his dantian with every second that passed 

With time and patience, it grew stronger and stronger, transforming into a roaring tempest capable of shaking the room to its core. 

Breathe in, breathe out. 

Jamison felt the atmosphere around him charging with tension and growing extremely thick by the second. 

The winds seemed to hold their breaths, and even the passing chirping night kids fell silent as if nature itself awaited his next move. 

But it was never that simple. 

Jamison's brows were furrowed as countless beads of perspiration formed and merged on his forehead, rolling down like tiny rivers across the vast landscape of his haggard face. 


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