137 Agnus's End

Angus and the others looked to the heavens as if asking for help.

This... This... This...

Who can save them now? 

[The heavens]: No One. 

Pah! Pah! 

Julianna smashed her fists together like a boxer after keeping her weapon aside. 

No way. She made a special VIP reservation for them.

Claude and 2 others also followed, with Claud targeting Edith's father, another targeting Lotto, several others also followed, another targeting both Edith's mother and Agnus' mother, Beatrice. 

As for Julianna, she decided to take on both Edith and Agnus himself. 

Hey... Both of them owed her too much. 

"Sis--" Edith's legs shook so hard that she stuttered. Agnus, though scared, tightened his group on his dagger, holding onto Edith in hopes of using her as a shield while waiting for the right moment to make a strike. 

Julianna disdained Agnus' attitude but said nothing. Edith had herself to blame for her fate. 


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