26 26. Lucius's sacrifice

It seemed that the first time he had sex with a heroine he would gain a lot of love points like some double XP bonus or something but after that it wouldn't be all that special.

But that made sense. If all it took to gain Love points was just mindless sex then it wouldn't be called the Heroine capture system.

Regardless Lucius was still extremely satisfied with the number of Love Points he had gained from the whole ordeal

[Love Points: 1230]

His stock of love points had finally managed to break through the 1000 mark thanks to Reina.

He had actually managed to earn over 900 love points in just one sitting.

Although it could be deemed as a special event with the first time sex bonus it was still a large amount.

This was still enough to hit some low-tier talents or items that could be extremely helpful in the shop.

Although Lucius wanted to search the shop and buy something now that he had earned his fat paycheck, Lucius knew that now was not the time to look for such things.

Lucius could see Reina looking at him with some expectant eyes as if she was waiting for him to do something, but Lucius just snorted.

After nearly draining him last night this vixen still wasn't satisfied.

Although Lucius secretly also wanted to have some more fun time, he still knew there were definitely a few important things left to do.

If he left them all to Camilla whilst he was there fucking it would be too shameless, even for someone as thick skinned as him.

So with that in mind, Lucius could only suppress his desires and get changed into a new uniform.

As for his old one? After such a messy, wild night yesterday, it could only be put out of commission.

Within just a few minutes, a handsome black haired man with ruby red eyes was standing in a white academy uniform.

Now that he was dressed and ready, Lucius didn't waste much time admitting himself and stepped out of the room.

As steepled out he could see Camilla waiting attentively at the door like always.

"Good morning, Young Leader."

"Good morning, Camilla." Replied Lucius

Although he greeted Camilla like he usually did each morning, for some reason he could feel a cold chill hidden within Camilla's eyes as she looked at him

Seeing this Lucius wasn't dumb, he knew the exact cause and could only just sigh.

'Ahh..' thought Lucius

'The consequences of my own actions…'

Although Lucius knew the exact reason Camilla was like this he still had to play along.

A slightly concerned look appeared on his face as he looked at Camilla.

"Camilla, for some reason you feel strangely off today, is something the matter?"

The face of the cold beauty made a slight movement before she just shook her head.

"No Young Leader, I'm certain that nothing is wrong."

Hearing this Lucius still pressed on.

"Are you sure?" Asked Lucius

"Camilla you're still my closest confidant, if something is wrong you can always speak to me."

As Lucius spoke like this he could finally see the cracks starting to form in her appearance and Lucius knew that he had achieved his goal, all that was left to do was deal with the Young woman's anger

"Young Leader, you just said I'm your closest confidant so I ask you anything so tell me, tell me why you, with such a vulgar and disgusting woman.. why did you do such a thing!"

Hearing Camilla's words, Lucius just scratched his head awkwardly as he said.

"Originally I was only planning to tease her a little but I'm a man you know I've got needs so…"

As these words left Lucius's mouth Lucius watched in real time as Camilla's gaze got colder and colder in real time.

If it was possible this would definitely be a -LP moment, fortunately his system didn't have such a harsh requirement or else Lucius would be heartbroken.

"It's just a joke, Camilla. I won't lie, there was a bit of list and desire in my actions, but who am I? I'm the head of the revolutionary army. How can my vision be so short sighted and myopic? Behind it all was a grander purpose!"

As Camilla heard this she was a little doubtful but she still listened on. After all, Lucius was still the charismatic leader she had admired and he had not let her down until now.

"Camilla, you know that we are going to the capital and whilst we're there it would be hard to use the support of the revolutionary army too often in case we get exposed.

The forces and the powers in the capital have just been entrenched there for so long so with their power if they investigate there is a high chance we would be discovered.

But Reina is different.

Although her background is rather grey and murky, it's not enough to be persecuted like a revolutionary. In addition to her strength, she could be of great use to us.

With a strong talented fighter like her, it would only take a little effort for her to go into the capital and form a small force we could use openly.

But for such a vital position their loyalty must not be in question and Since ancient times the easiest way to tie someone to your boat has always been through the bedroom.

If the price paid for this has to be my body then so be it!"

Hearing this Camilla's eyes widened

"Young leader… you.."

"Yes, I sacrificed my innocence for this!"

As Camilla heard this she was stunned.

Although it was shocking, the more Camilla thought about it, the more it made sense.

This was the Young Leader she was familiar with!

The one who wouldn't hesitate for the Revolutionary cause no matter the price he had to pay.

The one who had no scruples in sacrificing his body when needed to!

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