9 09. Journey

Hearing this Lucius turned to look at Albert with a slight frown.

Facing Lucius's gaze, the old man quickly bowed his head.

"Young Leader please forgive me but it had to be done. Usually, when you take on missions you like to do them by yourself to reduce risks faced by other members of the revolutionary army. I knew that if I recommended that Camila enter The Sanctuary along with you, you would have definitely rejected it, that's why I acted at my own discretion."

"You can punish me however you see fit but no matter what, Camilla must accompany you to ensure your Safety!"

As Albert said this the old man kneeled down ready to accept Lucius's punishment not even trying to defend himself

When Lucius heard this he was shocked.

He wasn't shocked by Albert's actions but instead by the actions of the original Lucius!

The original Lucius is such a useless guy!

Love taking risks? Always risking his life?

What the hell! Why would he have such a brainless idea?!

This must be the Legendary low IQ of the villain! No wonder he died young in the original story.

Despite having the perfect resources and background to act as a true endgame boss and live his life with minimal risk, this guy goes running around like some low tier thug!

Now that the old Lucius was long gone and he was now in charge he could never do such a thing.

Forget about using a few high-tier thugs, Lucius didn't have any scruples in shamelessly summoning an entire army to directly smash his enemy to death!

Looking at Albert who was kneeling down, Lucius secretly nodded his head, pleased at Albert's actions.

Fortunately, Albert was clever enough to find out his mistakes or else wouldn't he be finished if he ran into some unreasonable high tier monster? If his new life ended just like that, it would be too tragic!

With all this considered, how could Lucius punish Albert?

"Albert, quickly get up."

"Although I don't find it good that you kept things secret from me. Since it was for my sake I can overlook it, besides, after losing my powers due to the after effects of the poison, I've started to realise a new fact. You can't just rely on yourself for everything!"

"After all, even my father, a powerhouse at the peak of the world, founded the Revolutionary Army because he knew it would be impossible to change the world alone. How could I be so arrogant to think I could take in all the major responsibilities by myself? Trusting my members to take on risks and not trying to shoulder them all by myself is something I must learn to do as a capable leader."

As Albert who was hearing this looked up, he damn near cried!

Finally! Finally, the Young Leader has seen the truth!

In truth, the one who had to suffer the most from the previous Lucius's crazy antics had to be the old man Albert.

He was supposed to be looking after and guarding Lucius but what kind of guard could tolerate it if their Young master kept running around doing life threatening missions that would have him brutally tortured and killed if he even made the slightest slip up?

Even with Albert running after Lucius all the time there had been many occasions where the last bloodline of the Vexx family nearly went up in smoke!

Although Lucius' reckless and risky behaviour lightened up after he became the head of the revolutionary army, what left Albert the most speechless was that there were still a few occasions in which Lucius would sneak off to do extremely dangerous missions spouting nonsense like 'I'm the only one who could do this.' And other such nonsense.

Fortunately for Albert, such days seemed to be nearing the end.

If it wasn't for the inappropriate occasion, Albert would defiantly jump up to celebrate!

"Young Leader… I'm just glad that you've finally started to take your safety seriously. With things like this, I guess there's not much left for me to worry about."

As Albert said this he turned to Camilla, the softened and fondness in his eyes completely evaporating.

After all, Camilla and he didn't have that much affection. She was an assassin trained to live and die for the revolutionary army.

"No matter what happens in Sanctuary, protecting the Young Leader is your top priority. You must ensure his safety at all costs, even if that cost is your life, are you clear."

As Camilla heard this a stern appearance appeared inner face as she made a salute.

"You don't have to worry, I won't hesitate to shed every drop of blood and give my life to ensure the safety of the Young Leader!"

Looking at the two extremely loyal helpers Lucius just shook his head. By now he knew that when two of them got into a mood like that there was no point in trying to calm them down.

He just waved one last goodbye to Albert as he stepped inside the luxurious carriage shortly followed by Camilla.

Sitting in the Luxurious carriage, the fever completed one last check to make sure that everything was okay before they slowly set off on the road.

Looking at the carriage getting further and further, Albert couldn't help but get a little emotional.

"Young Leader…. Please be safe. You are the only hope of your father's dream, and that of our entire revolutionary army…"


Several hours later.

A luxurious new carriage could be seen trudging along an official road towards the capital.

Lucius and Camilla had been on the road for at least several hours now.

At first, there was still the initial excitement of exploring the new world and travelling on roads hard to find in his past life but after a while, Lucius quickly became bored with it.

You could only look at a new set of forests before you start getting bored if not just outright annoyed by them.

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