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Levin, who had experienced ups and downs in the entertainment industry in his previous life came to Hollywood in 1996 from 2014. It's a slow-paced novel. Unofficial translation of the novel by heracross. Raw version can be found at https://www.uukanshu.com/b/24330/. You can read advanced chapters on my Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/Sayonara816.

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Working Together

As the director of the movie X-Men, Nolan looked at the busyness of the people in his crew.

As a film producer, Levi came to the crew today: the purpose of his coming here is to adjust the conflicts in the crew. The contradictions have been easily adjusted, and Levi has done himself a favor by making the movie.

However, watching the actors in his film crew immediately gather around Levi and ask questions after Levi came made Nolan feel a little uncomfortable: After all, he is the director of the film; why do you ask the producer questions?

Of course, Nolan knew very well in his heart that he had no need to be hostile to Levi: it was Levi who promoted him, and to give himself enough power, he even seldom came to the crew, and he, himself, called him this time.

To meet such a producer, he can say that it is fortunate for a new director. It is too late for him to be grateful to Levi. There is no need and reason to hold grudges against him.

However, as a great director who wants to become Hitchcock, he also wants to know why others admire another so much in front of him. Watching the actors surround Levi, he also stood in the crowd, wanting to hear what they were talking about.

"Actually, acting skills are more about your own tempering than others' guidance. You are all very good actors and can understand the truth yourself..."

It turned out that he was talking about acting skills... Nolan understood a little. Indeed, he is not very good at directing acting skills, but Levi seems to be a big expert in this area. Is there any difference in directing the actors?

"Scarlett, your acting skills are very good - but you have to pay attention to that; when I say your acting skills are excellent, it is for your age group. This part of your performance is very good. This way of tilting your head and the shot with a confused look can be considered an acting skill beyond your age - but do you like this shot too much? A good actor can't live by one shot all their life; you should dig deeper into your talent rather than staying at the already good level."

Levi's words made Scarlett Johansson bow her head in embarrassment. And out of the crowd, Nolan was also thinking for himself: he had also seen the characteristics of Scarlett's performance. Indeed, Scarlett tilted her face, lowered her head slightly, and stood still with confused eyes. It can form a very good picture, and the sadness of a young girl can be expressed almost without acting.

However, Nolan also overlooked that she did perform more scenes like this. Speaking of which, she seemed to rely too much on this movement? This was ignored by him.

"Halle, I don't think I need to say anything more about your acting. Your acting is amazing; you just need a better chance... trust me, this is not a compliment. I can't give you more guidance. Your acting skills are very mature. You just need to think more, and when you perform, add more of your own thinking and ideas. Your skin color represents more of your own living habits and culture, let this culture be expressed through your acting skills; this is what you need to improve."

Levi continued talking to Halle Berry, which reminded Nolan of something: Levi did not say wrong. Black actors are different from white actors, and they design their own lines and actions for them. Most of them are routine movements used to perform for white people. What kind of action is more in line with the habits of black people? He hasn't thought about this himself. Does Halle Berry need more space to play independently to perform better? This is also self-evident.

"Hugh, your acting is a bit tough. Wolverine's grumpy temper doesn't mean he can only frown. Your performance doesn't reflect his inner world, so you have to study it again. Michael, your performance is not evil enough; you are Magneto and just finished being tortured in a concentration camp. At that time, you should be more distorted. Famke, you need to show another side of Jean Gray occasionally and play a little more multifaceted; it is of greater benefit to this role..."

Levi was still talking to the actors, but Nolan stopped listening. He is already very convinced. Indeed, people are different. Some directors are good at digging out the acting skills of actors.

Much of what Levi noticed was just small things. It is difficult for Nolan to notice these small and unspoken details: he prefers to make the movie majestic, and he hopes to show the dramatic and profound side of the film. These details are often ignored by him.

And this is what Levi noticed — it seems he is indeed behind him in this respect.


"Christopher!" Levi stopped him while he was still in a daze. The actors left at Levi's sign, giving the two of them space to talk.

There is no need for other actors to intervene in the discussion between the producer and the director.

"Christopher, I've already read the script, and I've also watched the parts of the film that have already been filmed. You did a great job beyond my imagination. I really didn't expect that you would be able to make such a movie the first time you directed it. It's amazing to be able to shoot a blockbuster film with ease."

Levi's praise brought back some confidence for Nolan: he is not as good as others at digging out actors' acting skills, but he has confidence in himself regarding suspense settings, plot twists, and editing skills in filming.

His idol has always been Hitchcock, and these are naturally what he is good at. Describing a story with ups and downs is the essential quality of a commercial film director. Especially with the help of his younger brother, he has this confidence even more. He can write a script that suits him.

As long as he has a good script and enough power, why should he worry about making a bad movie?

Of course, he has to thank the producer for delegating power - a producer like Levi is also hard to find.

"You did a good job. When editing, I think I can also give you more power and let you do it; after all, without good editing, the movie's plot will be much weaker. It's just, in terms of the tension of the script, you need to redesign it. Have you revised the congressman's speech?"

The power given by Levi made Nolan even happier, but after the praise, Levi couldn't help but ask a few questions: He didn't pay much attention to the lines and design of the characters in the movie, and there was nothing he designed for the long speeches. Features, this is indeed changed by Bob.

"Yes, it has been changed. Bob found a speech by McCarthy, but it was not about mutants, but about the expulsion of the red forces in Congress... It can be used with a little modification; McCarthy's policy and the congressman's policy against the mutants can be said to be a perfect match."

McCarthyism was prevalent in the United States at that time, and Hollywood suffered from it. As an Englishman, Nolan didn't care much about these things and didn't immediately think of referring to McCarthyism to shape the conflict between the two sides.

However, after Bob reminded him, he immediately realized how ingenious this idea is — what can be better and more real than this reality?

He and his brother are good at describing ups and downs, while Levi and Bob are good at describing details, which is the difference between them.

"That's good. I'm satisfied with the rest of the movie. I don't have anything to add. You did a good job. I have only one thing to say. The X-Men can be regarded as soft science fiction. Don't just think of it as a comic work. Shoot it better; it can make more sense."

Levi's words made Nolan nod: what the movie looks like depends on the director, and Nolan is the director. As the director, he can really make a better movie.

This is not the era of Kubrick. Compared with the past, the golden age of science fiction can be said to have passed. When Asimov, Clark, Heinlein, and other giants were in power, it was the crazy space race between the United States and the Soviet Union from the late 1940s to the 1960s. The human desire for space exploration reached its peak, and the atmosphere of the golden age of science fiction was born in this environment.

It was that golden age that gave birth to countless science fiction novels, but after those days passed, they entered a period of decline. Novels have begun to compromise on sales, and more and more works have become operas dressed in sci-fi cloaks.

Those movies are all scum! Nolan never thought that movies of that level could be considered science fiction. There are very few sci-fi works that he can genuinely consider good. He believes that the films he shoots can completely surpass them!

This X-Men will become very different in his hands, with his own shooting standards, and with Levi's great help, he has no reason not to be successful.

He is responsible for controlling the rhythm and filming the story, and Levi is responsible for filling in the details and crafting meticulously - there is no reason for this film to be unsuccessful.

There may be one thing that could hold back a movie's success.

"Don't worry, I know all of this." He also made a promise to Levi's instructions, "Besides, I have another piece of good news to tell you: Do you remember the Disney team you hired? They succeeded. We have achieved a breakthrough in facial expression capture technology, and in this movie, it can be put into use!"

How could it be so fast, a technical breakthrough? This news could not be better.


After hanging up the phone, Levi was also very surprised. In his memory, the first use of this technology should have appeared when Andy Serkis played Gollum in the filming of Lord of the Rings, but who knows, this technology came out a year in advance!

"The question now is whether this technology will be put into use? You know, this will increase the cost..."

"That's not a problem; use it immediately! Come with me to the technical department now, and let's ask together!"

Levi's words made Nolan laugh again: Sure enough, as long as the movie can be made well, it seems, there is really no problem!


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