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An Actor's Preparation

The request made by Nolan is very normal: the movie script is still being written, and no matter how it is written, the character of Rogue in the movie is very important...

Although in the movie, in Levi's memory, she was a pretty quiet girl, a large part of that was due to the fact that Wolverine's character was changed when the movie version was filmed, and Rogue was changed for the sake of character interaction.

Moreover, in the original comics, Rogue has a deep relationship with Mystique and Gambit, but the first movie of X-Men weakened Mystique, and there is no Gambit at all. So naturally, there is not much role for Rogue. This also makes the Iceman, who fell in love with the Rogue in the first three parts, have to fall in love with the Kitty later, making it inconsistent.

When Levi was filming the movie, he wanted to emphasize the role of Mystique more, and at the same time, he was planning to let more characters appear. Therefore, he also hoped that Rogue would be closer to her character in the original comics. And if you want to play this role well, you naturally have to find a good actor.

As for the age issue... Since Levi plans to shoot multiple films, he will naturally find someone younger when shooting the first film. Otherwise, wouldn't it be a hassle to shoot if she looks older just after filming a movie?

There are only a few child stars in Hollywood who are about the same age. Natalie Portman's acting skills are passable, but she has just acted in the prequels of Star Wars. No matter how her image has been fixed on Queen Amidala, she will not come to shoot another heroic film now.

As for actors aged 14 or 15, there are not many actors who have some acting skills. Levi knows a few that are not bad. But if you really consider the image and growth of the characters. Scarlett Johansson is more appropriate.

As for asking Levi to find her, Levi nodded and agreed. Scarlett Johansson is also a good actress, and she is also very suitable. Levi can do this job - in fact, this is the producer's job; use your connections and fame and find better actors in the circle to perform movies, which is what the producers must do.

A commercial blockbuster requires the coordination of many people and many times. The director is not the person in charge, nor does he have enough connections to find people from all walks of life to act. The one who comes forward is usually the producer.

Compared with a pure director, a producer has a wider network - for example, Levi has his own company, and any actor he invites to act in a play, he dares to promise to help other actors make movies in the future or work in his own film.

He can help promote other people's movies or let people come to guests in the TV series. These things require the producers to come forward. There are many characters in the X-Men series, except for these more important ones, Phoenix, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, White Queen, Gambit, Sabertooth, and even Quicksilver, Deadpool... these characters also have stories. The first movie didn't revolve around them, but Levi asked them to appear in the background.

"These actors, so be it. I don't think it matters." Nolan didn't quite understand why Levi paid so much attention to these actors who only appeared once.

He didn't understand, but Levi was clear: it's not bad for them to make a small appearance in the movie, purely like an easter egg. The use of easter eggs in the film is of great significance to the next step of the story, and Levi will naturally not ignore it.

This is for the shooting of sequels. Commercial movies differ from literary films, which rarely have sequels. However, as long as commercial films make money, they will continue to be filmed. The context of commercial films is very important, and the easter eggs are for this purpose.

It seems that whoever plays the minor role is the same now, but when he wants to shoot more extended ones in the future, these little people may become big people.

Nolan did not realize their significance for these; his experience is still a little less. But in this regard, Levi is very clear about the meaning. He knows that a few stars can be promoted from these minor roles if the arrangements are suitable.

"If that's the case, then I will make arrangements." Levi smiled.

In fact, even if you don't consider the other actors, the current cast is scary enough. Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, plus Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, as well as James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, who appeared in the film in a small amount... This credit list, it is enough to be described as luxurious.

What makes Levi even more satisfied is that such a luxurious lineup does not cost much. The actors with relatively high salaries are Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry. The two are relatively well-known, and their salaries can be more than one million. The salaries of other actors are generally very low. For example, Beckinsale, who plays Mystique, only has a salary of 10,000.

During the film's filming, the actors' cost is a very small part. And more money is used for other aspects of film production. After the actors are found, Nolan can design scenes and shoot shots according to these actors and the film. In other parts, he has to wait for Levi to coordinate.


"Okay, Hugh, that's it for today. You've done a good job, trust me; follow your progress in the movie. When you start shooting, you can definitely have muscular lines that anyone would envy."

In the gym, the fitness trainer patted Hugh Jackman, who was dripping with sweat, and praised this man who worked hard. Hugh Jackman moved his body and smiled at him. Another day of training has passed, and as the coach said, he is also very satisfied with his progress.

At this stage, filming has not yet begun. However, before the movie was shot, he also had his own preparations to do. Many movies sometimes make various demands on the participants. Sometimes the participants are asked to change their body shape, sometimes, they are asked to read books, and sometimes they are asked to watch some movies - these preparations must be completed early.

The main thing he needs to do is to exercise his body and increase his muscle mass. American comic fans prefer muscular characters. Almost all American comic heroes have strong muscles.

In fact, as long as the American market is considered, muscles must be drawn not only in American comics but even in Japanese manga. The change of painting style in the later period of Dragon Ball is a very typical example. In the later period, Goku's muscles were drawn very strong to take care of the North American market.

It is easy to draw muscles in comics, but it is not easy when it comes to movie actors who want to perform. Of course, there are indeed some actors who are not too particular and dare to play Batman with a slight belly. However, most actors still have to consider increasing their muscles.

Recently, Hugh Jackman has been constantly exercising his muscles: this is not an easy job. Although Hugh Jackman used to be in good shape, he is not a muscular man after all and needs temporary strengthening.

Three hours of training per day, a large amount of nutritional intake, and drinking a lot of water daily are used to stimulate changes in his body.

Even with a professional fitness trainer, specially designed fitness equipment, and a very detailed fitness plan, it is not easy.

However, the lives of the actors should be like this. Compared with those who have to read popular science books when shooting sci-fi films, it is not difficult to just increase their muscles.

"Hugh, you seem to be very tired from training?" After leaving the gym, Jackman saw Levi, the movie's producer. Seeing this old friend, Hugh Jackman also laughed, "It's not bad — it's just that I never thought that I'm so far from a good figure."

"If you still can't meet the requirements, you can use other means and make it up." Seeing Hugh Jackman sweating profusely, Levi couldn't help but say.

Hugh Jackman also knows these statements. For example, in Hollywood, some prop masters invented muscle suits - you can look strong after wearing them. It's just that Hugh Jackman is not very satisfied with these methods: it is a bit embarrassing for men to wear muscular clothing for filming, and he still hopes to develop better-looking muscles.

"If the muscles really don't meet the requirements, I also asked what to do. The coach told me to cut off the water 36 hours before the shooting, and the dehydration method can make the muscle fibers very obvious..."

"I don't agree with this method." Levi immediately interrupted him.

Hugh Jackman smiled and didn't say anything. As an actor, you have to make up your own mind about these things.

"I'm here to tell you one thing: Your stand-in actors have already studied your combat routines, and our custom-made Wolverine claws have arrived. Starting tomorrow, you have another task: to learn fighting skills. Can you do this?"

Since it's filming, of course, you have to practice fighting skills in addition to your muscles. Hugh Jackman knew that although the crew hired four substitutes for him, it was to prevent his injury from affecting the progress of the filming. He still had to do many fighting scenes by himself. Moreover, he has to learn how to use his claws to fight.

"I have no problem, as long as you have enough claws." Hugh Jackman said with a smile, "Don't order too few. If I break it, it will be gone."

"Don't worry, I ordered a thousand." Levi nodded and said a number that surprised Hugh Jackman, "Plastic, wood, and iron are all available; you don't have to worry about breaking them. And, trust me, your martial arts instructor won't let you break them."


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