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Achievement of Others

'The Truman Show' tells the story of Truman, and the most important performance is naturally Jim Carrey, who plays Truman. The Truman he showed in the movie is quite different from before. Truman is a person with an extremely rich material life but a lack of spiritual life.

Unlike previous Jim Carrey movies, where he only needs to show his smiling side, in this movie, Jim Carrey needs to use his happy side as a mask. Behind the mask, you have to show your own thoughts and emptiness. Multiple different performances can be said to significantly increase the difficulty, and Jim Carrey can perform well, which also surprised the media.

"Jim Carrey's performance made people realize that he can also act in some different movies. He can still have good works even without the shell he is used to."

As an actor, he has performed too many purely funny scenes. Always pretending to be crazy and acting stupid also restricted his play. And this time, his breakthrough performance showed that Truman, flesh, and blood, has his thoughts and life. He's no longer just a crazy, neurotic code name, greatly affecting how the media treats him.

Comedians all live off laugh-and-tear tragic movies, and Jim Carrey is no exception. After 'The Truman Show,' his acting skills have officially jumped to a higher level. From then on, no one could treat him as an ordinary buffoon anymore.

"Maybe Jim Carrey won't be able to get Oscar's attention in his whole life, but I have to say that he is definitely the uncrowned king of comedy performance."

Regarding Jim Carrey's performance, the media industry has made comments. Everyone knows that Jim Carrey has always spoken and acted more casually and has often publicly ridiculed the Oscars. It is impossible for the Oscars to award him the award, but even so, people still cannot deny the excellence of his movies.

And when the media praised Jim Carrey, they also inevitably praised Levi.

"Levi's instruction on Jim Carrey's acting skills in this movie can be the key factor that improved Jim Carrey's acting skills greatly. Director Levi likes to cooperate with the top actors, and he can also make the top actors improve. In the previous two films, people may suspect that this is due to Kevin Spacey and Winona Ryder's acting skills, but this film can greatly enhance Jim Carrey's acting skills, which has to be said, it was due to his genius."

The improvement of an actor's acting skills, in addition to the actor's own efforts, of course, there are other people to thank. The most important of these, in addition to the agent who selects the script for the actors, the director who instructs the actors on their acting skills is naturally also an important factor. The acting skills of actors depend largely on the cultivation of the director. After all, very few geniuses are born to act well and know how to act.

Most actors are not the kind of geniuses who can fully comprehend all the director's intentions after reading the script and can create good enough actions by themselves after knowing the intentions — there are such top geniuses, but there are too few — Like Marlon Brando, there are very few geniuses who can play the old godfather well before the age of fifty.

At least the few so-called geniuses that Levi knows, whether it is Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or Robert Downey jr, can only pretend to be handsome and cool in the movies and can't go any further — top talents are not so easy to find, not to say that they are available.

And if you can communicate more with the director and let the director explain the meaning of the movie clearly, you can naturally perform better. And communicate with the director about your own movements; knowing how to do your own actions is the best way to have good expressiveness in the movie without destroying the overall composition, which can also make the movie better.

The shooting of a movie is a reflection of the director's intentions. As an actor under the director's story structure, if he can obey the control, his acting skills will, of course, improve.

Levi never thought that comedians were inferior in acting ability: after all, the acting skills of actors still have to be honed by the director. It is said that comedians can't act in real dramas, but in many cases, a word from the director can change an actor's acting skills.

A good director will always sharpen the actors.

The same is true for Jim Carrey; his acting skills also need to be sharpened. Suppose this movie decides to let him act in an allegory drama. In that case, the effect will definitely be exaggerated, but it is another matter to let him act in a serious drama and strictly demand him up. Levi's request has made Jim Carrey's current progress, and the media is also very clear about this.

"Levi is used to strict demands on the actors in the movie and lets each actor perform according to his own intention. The quality of the movie is inseparable from his requirements. In this movie, whether it is Jim Carrey or Ed. Harris has performed at an excellent level. Even Mark Wahlberg and others in supporting roles have also performed very well. Such a high level has to be credited to Levi. Undoubtedly, he is the best director in Hollywood who is good at training other people's acting skills."

Indeed, all the actors in this movie can be said to have performed very well. Watching this movie for the first time, people still can't see anything, but after watching it for the second time, people can see the clues: the actors need to show no flaws in front of Truman. Still, they need to show doubts in front of the audience: they all have to show two kinds of performances. Those advertisements needed to be seen through by the audience but not by Truman; To make Truman feel that it was unintentional - these performances are not easy.

It is not easy for the actors to perform well in this play. If you want to perform these well, every move, every action, and every shot must be carefully considered. And being able to shoot all of this well, arranging everyone's positions, movements, lines, etc., is the embodiment of the director's skill.

Success or failure can be seen in the details, and the smaller the details, the better the director's level can be reflected. Levi has always attached great importance to the arrangement of every detail, which is one of the reasons for his success.

"It's good for the media to say good things about me. However, it's really not easy for the actors." Levi is also very clear about the hard work of the actors. He also raised this issue when talking to Alexander. "After it's released, if the box office is okay, let's look at giving some bonuses to the actors."

Levi has never been stingy about giving extra bonuses to actors. Under the current Hollywood system, most actors and companies pay at once. This is especially true for a company that is not particularly large, like Enigma.

Give more money this time; finding someone to act in next time will be convenient. Only with a good reputation can you be able to do business. This kind of money is not a loss - anyway, the bonus is not much.

"The only regrettable thing is that there don't seem to be many comments on Naomi..." Flipping through the media's comments, this is the only thing that makes Levi unhappy.

Naomi Watts' acting skills were excellent in the movie, but after all, this is only her first public work, and the male stars in the movie are either popular superstars or golden supporting roles; everyone is more famous than her. Therefore, although her performance is very good, she doesn't get much attention. Everyone likes to pay attention to big names, but few people pay attention to unknown people.

Even her income from commercial brands outside of reviews is pitiful. Naomi herself is already a 30-year-old actress. As a beauty, this age is too old, and she herself does not have the charm of a successful personality. Therefore, her age and image are a bit embarrassing and caused her to not receive any suitable advertising contracts.

Obviously, if her career wants to go further, she needs to have new good works. Before that, she could only continue to act in some less important plays. This situation also made Levi a little depressed: Naomi deserved more praise.

"Gold always shines. Her acting skills are very good. There is no doubt about it. She will have a chance in the future."

Clark fully understood Levi's sigh. Others don't know about her, but he is Levi's assistant director and has always been interested in Naomi's performance. Even her cameo in CSI is quite good. In the TV series, the murderer she played was also well-received, and the screenwriters of CSI have always been reluctant to write this popular murderer to death.

This kind of performance surprised Clark: Many actors can only act well in one kind of play, but not others. Especially women; some are only suitable for comedies, some are only suitable for literary films, and some can only pretend to be intellectuals. It is very difficult for an actress to be able to play a variety of different roles. She is a good actress.

It is precisely because of this, like Levi, he firmly believes that she will succeed.

"Actually, if it's possible, why not assign her a role in the X-Men?" Clark has his own views on this, "Anyway, you are the producer of the X-Men, and you can use whoever you choose."

"No." To this, Levi could only smile, "Let her play the X-Men? Forget it. If she gets paid a lot in the future, how can I make a sequel? Don't forget, I plan to make many movies for this series well. For the work of the producer, you can't mess around."


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