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Levin, who had experienced ups and downs in the entertainment industry in his previous life came to Hollywood in 1996 from 2014. It's a slow-paced novel. Unofficial translation of the novel by heracross. Raw version can be found at https://www.uukanshu.com/b/24330/. You can read advanced chapters on my Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/Sayonara816.

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"It's almost ten o'clock; why are you still making coffee?"

When Adam Levi saw the coffee machine working, he subconsciously raised his head and looked at the dial on the wall. The time was right; it was almost ten o'clock. Adam has always paid attention to maintenance since he thought he was getting old. His wife is still making coffee at this time. Could it be that he will not sleep tonight?

"Today is Wednesday. Have you forgotten?" His wife Vivienne glanced at him angrily and saw that he hadn't woken up before she spoke again, "Nick's TV series premieres tonight."


Adam also remembered that today is the second Wednesday in September. His young son's TV series is broadcast today.

This little son is also enough to make people worry. He refused to listen to his advice to go to USC in school but went to NYU. He made independent films. He changed his mind only after his attempted suicide. So, he arranged for him to shoot a TV series for ABC, but what he filmed was offensive and too obscure...

What a worry-free guy.

However, he has his ability and sent the TV series to CBS. CBS has not been as good as NBC in the past two years, and it does not have the big backstage of ABC, but it is still a big TV station.

He heard from Bruce that his TV drama is good. Could it be that he really has some redeeming qualities?

After pouring his wife a cup of coffee, Adam walked over to the sofa and sat down.

CBS's 10 o'clock file on Wednesday... It seems that CBS has a lot of confidence. Although Adam doesn't like crime TV series, at least he knows that his son's TV series is not scheduled on Monday or Friday but on Wednesday, which also represents the confidence of CBS.

Bruce says it's good, so let's see what's so good about it.

The TV series started. Adam raised his head, watched the slightly dark TV series, picked up the coffee, and took a sip.

With such a tone, the crime drama at ten o'clock in the evening is very good.

Compared with Adam's absent-mindedness, Vivienne seemed to pay more attention to how her son's TV series was filmed. When the first gunshot sounded at the beginning of the TV series, she became excited and asked her husband, "This is not suicide; is it homicide?"

"Be quiet and watch your TV." Adam patted his wife's leg.

Watching TV and talking nonsense, especially watching a crime drama and discussing the case, is too annoying.

TV drama is pretty good; at least, it's rare for a drama like this to start with a murder scene without any nonsense. Watching TV dramas is for relaxation. For older people, TV series which deal with too much drama and emotions are boring. This rhythm of shooting directly when they meet is enough to make people like it.

Adam found that his son was pretty good. At least he knew what kind of TV series older people liked. Such a crime drama is still worth watching.

"That fingerprint must be fake... That person removed his shoes, put them on, and kicked the door. The woman who crashed into the car is the Ecstasy party..."

Vivienne's voice was still ringing, and Adam didn't know what to do. He just nodded and echoed habitually to listen to his wife's nagging. Vivienne glanced at her calm husband and patted him hard on the leg, "How do you solve this case if you only know to agree? Haven't you read a lot of books like this?"

Yes, how to solve the case? Adam found that he didn't know what to say. It stands to reason that the suspense of a crime drama should be about who committed the crime, but in this drama, who committed the crime is clear at a glance. The real question is, how to find evidence to prove their guilt? If it was another drama, he might not be able to perform these things, but the drama's name is CSI: Crime scene investigation, and what they can investigate is in line with their identity. It's just that this is not a case to be solved. How does he know how it will be solved? It should be said that he has also read a lot of detective novels and some books on criminal psychology and knows how the police solve crimes. How does he know how to solve a TV series about finding evidence to solve a mystery? He didn't understand the investigations that solved the case.

Well, just cover it up.

"What's the point of me telling you how to solve the case? Don't you know after watching? If I tell you, will it still be interesting to watch?" Vivienne laughed mockingly twice; whether her husband was covering up, she couldn't be more clear, "I guess this episode will not solve the case, so let's watch the next episode. The TV series is not bad. Nick is doing a good job. You can watch it."

"You also watch the crime Drama?" Adam asked back.

"Let's see... I just want to know if Caitlin and her husband are divorced. It's not easy to be a woman. Her husband is an asshole. She works hard and has to care for the children when she comes home..." Adam is a little surprised but also more proud that it's not just an old man like himself who is attracted by this TV series.

"Look, there will be many people following this TV series."


The same dialogue also appeared in an apartment in New York.

"This TV show, I definitely have to keep chasing it. Brian, is this really a TV show written by your brother? The last time I saw him, he looked stupid. I couldn't believe he was the screenwriter of this series."

"My brother just doesn't want to talk to you." Brian complained to his roommate, but his heart was full of pride. He is a theater actor who has lived in New York for a long time. His younger brother Bob is in Los Angeles, working hard for his career. Bob's career has improved recently. He has become a screenwriter and has made more money. This TV series is his work as the primary writer. As an elder brother, he also recommends many people to watch this TV series.

To his satisfaction, these people watched with enthusiasm.

"The one who made the model might be the murderer. He made the model of his hand and used it as evidence to get rid of the crime. He thought it would be easiest to get a different model."

"What's the use of knowing it? I didn't even look at the one killed; I already guessed it was him. But we still have to find evidence to arrest people. It's impossible to arrest people without evidence."

"What are you in a hurry for? Anyway, the evidence has to come out later. It would be strange if it weren't a serial murder case. It's the girl from the Ecstasy party. I don't know if she will appear later."

"She will definitely appear again. That woman is gorgeous, and this kind of drugging technique where the drug is applied to the chest. Even if you know there are drugs, it is very difficult not to be fooled." Several people are still discussing this TV series. That said, the TV series left an excellent impression on them, and they also made a decision not long after watching it.

"Keep chasing, and see who the murderer is, and see if that beautiful woman will show up again. This TV series is very interesting and worth watching."

As young people, they don't have such strong tastes, and they don't care about family values. But the compelling case and detection of the TV series also make them like it very much. Compared with the detailed plot, the high-tech means of solving such cases and the various means of reversing the case make them like it more, and they are also willing to follow it.


The same thing is happening in many places at the same time.

"Can't this brother wait until after work to gamble? You have to throw a woman at the scene of a crime and gamble on your own. How can you do such a stupid thing? How can you lose to that white man? It's too shameful, brother." Seeing Warrick was dismissed, many black people who watched the TV series were furious: "Let's watch the next episode; if he doesn't come back, I won't watch it. Always acting like that makes us look stupid; black people are also good. Yes!"


And similarly, when some policemen watched the TV series, they also commented on the TV series, "That woman is not good at all. She is not suitable for this job. She was scared and screamed when she entered the morgue. What is this? The police job has never been so easy to do. This kind of stupid woman should die. This TV series is interesting!"


Different groups of people and audiences, as long as those interested in crime dramas and watched this TV series at this time, all showed a lot of interest in the TV series. And in Lynn's Bar, it's the same.

Today is the day when the TV series airs, and several people from Enigma Company are also here. Compared to watching TV dramas behind closed doors in the company, it is more in line with their ideas in a bar, drinking a little drunk, and watching with other people.

The TV series was almost over, and people were watching the episode's climax in Lynn's bar. The crowd surrounded Levi and the others in the middle, and people surrounded them. People kept coming to give Levi a thumbs up from the beginning to the end, saying that the TV series was doing well. Finally, when the TV show was over, everyone applauded. Johnny jumped onto the bar. After a loud whistle, the audience fell silent. People were staring at the bartender, waiting for him to speak.

"How about the show?" Johnny asked.

"Good job!"



Different voices rang out, but no one said it was bad.

"What do you think the outcome of this drama will be?"


No one gave a different answer this time.

"This TV series was born in this bar!" Johnny shouted loudly, "To Lynn Bar, the birthplace of a TV series! To Nicholas Levi, probably the youngest hit show producer!"

"Cheers!" cried another, arms raised, each holding a glass of beer. "Everyone, drink to your heart's content today!" Levi also stood up, holding the glass, and drank it down. He had never felt so comfortable, "It's all on my account; everyone has a good drink! The TV series has been a success!"


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