Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria

Author: crazy1324
Anime & Comics
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What is Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria

Read ‘Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria’ Online for Free, written by the author crazy1324, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering VAMPIRE Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What happens when you take a guy who wants to be a vampire, loves Hellsing Ultimate, and reincarnate him into that world...


What happens when you take a guy who wants to be a vampire, loves Hellsing Ultimate, and reincarnate him into that world as Seras Victoria? Current Schedule: Once A Week On Sunday’s At 11:59PM

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Awesome story. Does anybody else realize that without context, half of the reviews where people are trying to reach the character count look like they were written by sociopaths?


Hello everyone and sorry for my disappearance. Certain events a month ago made it necessary for me, well let’s say change my life. I had to break my lease, move out of my apartment, quit my job, drop out of school. Find a new job, find another apartment and enroll in a new college. As some of you know, that takes time and I was so angry I needed to do it. I won’t go into why it had to be done, just that it involved my family. Those less understanding should know that this is a hobby, it will take a back seat to my life. I was offered a contract by Webnovel but the terms put frankly, were abyssmal. If I missed a single deadline, I would need to pay exorbitant fees to pay back For ‘advertisement fees’ and so forth. The pay I could have earned was totally not worth that drawback. I thank everyone who didn’t complain or get angry and hope you will continue to enjoy my Fanfiction. Also, I’m back baby!! Next chapter dropping 1/19/20


Hello everyone, I'm sorry I haven't updated these last couple weeks, I became sick after spring break. Caught it from my parents, anyway I couldn't go to college because of how serious it was. Also I had to catch up on my classes after I got better. So, I have just caught up and I'll be releasing again this Sunday on March 31st. Please accept my apologies for not updating you about this. Thank you for not becoming angry at my disappearance.


thanks for great novel ......... continue please and don't drop it .........................................................................


This is a masterpiece, Wow. The character and the plot is so amazing i cant help but to be addicted in this. Keep up the good job I wish Master Alucard fall for Seras


Reveal spoiler


Well well well. Is Seras Victoria. I don't think i have to say anything else.


Love it so much, so please tell me your not dropping it. Please, unless you are. :( ................................................................


Amazing story so far and got to say i am looking forward for when the Author comes back to this currently at chap 95 definitely read this if you enjoy hellsing.


not writing anymore? love this story. miss it.


I'm still hoping for an update I've been waiting over a year now. author if you're reading this please tell me you at least have access to this account I know a few authors who have not updated because they lost their account


Honestly most of the good points of my review comes from how faithful the author stayed to the hellsing universe and the personality of the characters there but that's about everything good I have to say about this novel. The story? It's literally just a retelling off the hellsing universe but from Seras' perspective. She may know the future but it still just flows down the normal plotline because she wants it to which circles back around to the entire issue with it just being a retelling. Powers? The authors gives Sera an ability to ask any question she wants and get the answer to it and this power is woefully underused. Not only that but he has Alucard forbid her from using her teleportation ability just cos hurrr durrr. Circling back around to the story. Whilst Alucard is fighting Icognito the author gives Incognito some bs ability to teleport the mc to the avatar world and has him disable her ability to teleport citing some bs about how he disabled her system when this just doesn't make any sense at all because even tho the power gives her a user interface she should be able to still teleport back to the Hellsing universe just by willing it. This plotline was extremely forced this in conjunction to seeing when the last update was made me decide to drop this novel. To summarise: This is a retelling of the hellsing world from Seras' perspective with some arbitrary bs nerfs that don't make sense and when the author strays from accurately doing this he brings in very forced plotlines. 3/10 would not recommend and I feel like I've wasted my time reading this.


This story have good plot , easy to read , intriguing , well basically i really love this story , so i hope the author don't drop this story, and keep writing , because we as a reader always support you author, btw thank you for your wonderful story.


Reveal spoiler


Really love the story and storyline but, can use more updates knowing how hard it is to make a chapter it will be great if you added some filler in the story to write the main


Reveal spoiler


Great story just wish there were more chapters


Just looking back to some of the stories that I really enjoyed. Hope you are doing well author where ever you may be.


hey do you know when you will update this story it's amazing but just been awhile since you've updated it so that's why I was asking you sorry if this is bother


this is amazing I have never seen or read something as amazing as this, this is the best I just wish they would be writing more but because of the covid and stuff they probably can't.


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