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Hello, Mr. Major General

Han Wuji

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I’ve read the raw of this thru MTL (thanks google-sensei) since it’s always the top @qdmm so anws, I’ll just give u all some background on what I’ve read (stopped at ch60++) ▪️ML: Cold type of ML and only caring for FL because as a guardian/soldier it’s his ‘duty’ ‘job’ and ‘responsibility’ ... at first. 🔹Duty as a Soldier> FL, but definitely not the douchebag way. He just know his priorities lol. ▪️FL: Potrayed as a female with high IQ and FOR ONCEEEEE, I can say that “Yep! Definitely passable as FL with high IQ/genius” (academically) tho with the help of plot armor but compared to other FL ‘genuises’ hmmmm... 🔹kinda dense towards other ppl’s feelings towards her (idk about this) but is clear about her own 🔹has mysterious background 🔹likeable. ▪️The romance will slowly progress (fit for me) and not the overbearing type of romance ▪️story is hint with ACTION and CRIME ▪️ML’s FRIENDS: Definitely likeable and comedic troop. 🔹very doting towards FL and it’s cute It’s been so long since I’ve read this novel and thanks for picking this up! Anw, correct my reviews as u see fit since I ought to forget a lot of things.


Website : qidian china Views : 10.06million Rating : 9.1(231) Chapters : 2034 Rank : 26 Status : ongoing Word count : 6.09million author level : great No of works : 8 Comments : 12884 Year started : 2016 Chinese title : 你好,少将大人


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Soooo, how do you seduce a general? With guns? Knifes? Grenades? Rpg? Orrrrr? Hahaha, yeah I'm just going to read the whole story then!😂🤣. Soooo, how do you seduce a general? With guns? Knifes? Grenades? Rpg? Orrrrr? Hahaha, yeah I'm just going to read the whole story then!😂🤣. Soooo, how do you seduce a general? With guns? Knifes? Grenades? Rpg? Orrrrr? Hahaha, yeah I'm just going to read the whole story then!😂🤣.


New updates please and add more chapters for each day,,one chapter a day spoils the interest in reading, so if there is a possibility to add more chapters each day,please do so,,,thank you


I copied my review that I posted on novelupdates. Story: 5/5, translation: 4/5 I am surprised to find that the plot is fast paced and action packed right off the bat. Veteran readers of e-novels will know that many qidian authors love to drag out key story arcs excessively with mindless dialogue-padded scenes to increase their word count, such isn't the case for this story. The writing is solid and the plot pacing is very good too! I'll try my hand at summarising the premise and keep it spoiler free: ML is a high rank military man, he holds the position of General Major of the Empire's 6th division. 6 years ago, he was assigned to young, orphaned and amnesiac FL, and had taken on the role of her legal Guardian before she comes of age. FL's past and family background is a mystery that the government wants to unravel. I highly recommend this story for ppl who likes their romance sweet and steamy 🙃with a huge dash of blockbuster style action and political intrigue. Forget about low level face-smacking w a bunch of sheltered white lotuses, I'm talking about civil unrest, compromised state cybersecurity, cross border missions, lawsuits, etc. Core characters are all high society, influential elites and professionals with brains and/or money. The story is an ongoing series at 2K+ chapters now. It's pretty much a given that their romance is a slow burn. But I promise when the time comes... you'll explode The older, taciturn and self proclaimed war-machine ML insists the naive but intelligent FL address him as Uncle. Outwardly, he treats her as a mission he has to fulfil and keeps a distance from her, employing his trusted men to safeguard/ care for her while monitoring closely from afar. Lonely FL is dependent on ML for emotional/familia support but doesn't realise her romantic notion for him right away as she is young and inexperienced in matters of love. WARNING: There's a highly controversial and medically questionable scene at the very beginning, where FL was poisoned with a lethal drug that had aphrodisiac side effects and the only relieve was to have s*xual intercourse. The ML being the best and safest option did the indecent deed unwillingly whilst the FL is unconscious. I can see why many is turned off by this. Personally, I feel that the scene did contribute greatly and set the tone for the overarching story. For us readers, It revealed a layer of the disciplined and inexpressive ML that would have otherwise been left hidden and untouched forever. Perhaps that unpleasant incident was the catalyst/ turning point for the ML. If you're ok with the above, IMO try and read till the FL's USA internship arc to decide if you like it or not, as things are a lot more exciting from that point on. And from chapter 186 onwards, is where the main MCs' romance picks up! Yay Edit: In the end, I couldn't wait for daily TL updates and directly downloaded the Qidian app. I'm listening to the audio book! I can't read/write well but I understand Mandarin! Its my first audio book (听书)experience and it took time getting used to this format, but I'm totally hooked now! It's so relaxing. 😎 And the author has a way with words, her descriptions are so emotive. Her eloquence with the Chinese language flows like refreshing spring river.


Are you guys really sure that you don't wanna add "Action" tag to this novel? Jinjaaaa??? Really?! 😂😂😂 I'm actually surprised with the unusual plot that involves interesting developments! If you're tired with usual cliché romance... This is the best for you! Actually don't just read the first 20 chapters and hit me for saying "Action"😂😂😂😂😂


😓 Sorry not worth the 7-14 ss. Way too expensive while other more intriguing, better written novels typically charge only 3-5 SS. Would rather spend my SS somewhere else.


I love the storykeep it up..is so awesome World background 4 Character design 5 Story development 3 Stability of updates 5 Translation quality 5


I started reading this story a while ago probably in its earliest publishing. Now I can guarantee that I can give an unbiased opinion on it. The story started from the struggle of a girl that being an orphan with no memory of her past, she endure the demeaning opinions of the people around her specially her peers. What seems to be a weak and alone in a world of people who tried to take advantage of her, lies a strong and intelligent person through the guidance of her uncle (not related) and their military friends. The development of the characters is impeccable. The background scenes are excellent from the military camp to the university to the scenes in the US to the Caribbean back to the city, it's seems like living in the pages of the story experiencing it personally. The description is awesome. It also covers the experience of human relationships well. What can I say?for me the writer is brilliant in covering this aspects excellently. Overall the book is a good read if your into romance with military background with a touch of drama and all in all covers mostly all aspect of human relationship and its struggles.


It's Actually quite nice up til now... No dragging plot!!! So it's worth reading and I'm anticipating how the title is involved... Like I'm waiting to see the FL seduce the Major General! Yup I'm shameless, alright? 😂😂😂


I dropped this nouvel because I couldn't put up with the FL's nonsense!!! Ok she is only 18 and it's her first love but how can she be so childish in her everyday life and supposedly mature and intelligent when it comes to study/professional life? I just want to slap her so hard sometimes as she pisses me off!!!!


I have read the Rae’s allll the way up to chapter 1428 and I have to say that this story is pretty good. The beginning premise is not the best, but the character and plot development is actually fantastic. Great twists and turns, and the author does a really good job of keeping the mystery going. Can’t wait for the rest of the chapters to be translated so I can stop reading MTL chapters instead Give the novel a chance! Or wait until there are at least 250 chapters before you start.


The characters are really good. But female lead is just sometimes stupid or she is super powerful.I was liking this story very much. But now it has started to bash other countries and that's really bad. This story is giving wrong opinion of other countries it's showing that only chinese are oh so powerful and amazing but other countries are do so behind them and there is no one who is greater, stronger or brilliant than them. It's showing that only chinese are always right.


A slow paced story with interesting characters But NOT WORTH 14SS It should be 4 SS like the other novels For this reason I am dropping this


translation is good but story is just so so. it's really not worth the high priced SS. imagine my surprise when 14SS got deducted for just 1 chapter. with this, until such time reasonable SS is charged, I bid this novel adieu. PLEASE THINK TWICE IF YOU GUYS REALLY WANT TO READ THIS.


Author should have sticked to fictional world after reading for some time it is clear author is being intentional in badmouthing, belittling and outright offensive towards other countries. while praising their own country, the author is countinuosly demeaning other countries.


The plot is unique. It's not the same dramatic vicious stepmother/stepsister and stepdaughter plot. BUT! I really felt uncomfortable with the romance. Everyone, open your eyes. The ML raised her for 6 years. The ten-year age gap doesn't matter that much. However, it's different when the man raised the girl. It could've been anyone else, no matter the age (unless the man was more than 10 years older). Not to mention she was underage when he had *** with her. At first, the romance in the plot wasn't as prominent, so I didn't mind too much, but it just got worse as I read more of the book. Then, he clearly still treats her as a child despite already establishing that they are in fact in a relationship. This is just....no.


One of the best novel I have ever read , both ml & fl very sure abt who they want & made sure the other half know abt it. A bit of mystery, romance & action , all combined in one book ! Never regret picking up this book . Everyday vote for this book & everyday ask author for mass release 😅!!!


You can’t wait for the next chapter. Author, please release more chapters .. the storyline is getting more and more exciting.. hope Brother Li is well